Rectifying Nuclear Imbalance with Israel should be a strategic priority for Egypt, SA and Turkey



Thanks to America’s dark embrace of Israeli fascism and Lebensraum policies, the Israeli nuclear arsenal continues to represent an existential strategic nightmare to hundreds of millions of Muslims in the Middle East and beyond. This is why responsible Muslim leaderships must explore every conceivable option to deliver our people from this gargantuan peril.

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Israeli officials, addicted to bamboozling gullible Western media by saying Israel wouldn’t be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East, would not spell out the real goals of possessing at least 90 nuclear warheads. It is certainly not to prevent a recurrence of the Holocaust or as an ultimate insurance policy against a prospective destruction of Jews by an extremely powerful enemy.

Sinister Goals

A picture taken on March 8, 2014 show a partial view of the Dimona nuclear power plant in the southern Israeli Negev desert [JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images]

There are several sinister goals Israel is trying to achieve or has already achieved by virtue of possessing a sizeable nuclear arsenal,  along with the required delivery systems. These goals include the following:

1. Achieving perpetual strategic superiority over the entire Arab world as well as regional non-Arab Muslim countries such as Turkey and Iran. Which amounts to forcing the Arab-Muslim Middle East into a  strategic inferiority vis-à-vis the apartheid Jewish state.

2-Fortifying the Zionist scheme by adopting unprecedented draconian measures against Palestinians in Israel itself and the Occupied Territories (already over 50%  of the total population). 

Such exceptionally harsh measures might involve, inter alia, a partial genocide,  carried out under the guise of a disingenuous civil war, concocted by the Zionist leadership as a pretext, which would trigger a massive flight by  Palestinians similar to the Syrian or Ukrainian scenarios.

This is not a fantastic scenario as some observers might be tempted to think. Israel has already decapitated all remaining possibilities for the establishment of an independent and territorially contiguous Palestinian state.

Moreover, the US seems either utterly unable or unwilling or both, to force a recalcitrant Israel to dismantle or abandon its illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Hence, Israel might eventually reach the conclusion that ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, even one carrying the hallmarks of a real genocide, is the only solution for the worsening demographic crisis facing the Jewish state.

A few years ago, Jewish settler leaders expressed their hope that Palestinians would flee without a lot of bloodshed!

“But in case they don’t, we will have to do the job by hook or crook.”

This writer heard one settler from the settlement of Kiryat Arba near al-Khalil saying “ I wouldn’t mind killing a few thousand Palestinians if that would trigger the departure of a million or 2 million Arabs.”

In his Book ” Revolt”, Menachem Begin described Dir Yasin massacre as a miraculous breakthrough since Israel would not have been created without it

Menachem Begin; a former terrorist Prime Minister of Israel, in his Book, the “Revolt, ” described the expulsion of the bulk of Palestinians following major Jewish massacres of Palestinian villagers in 1948, such as Dir Yasin,  as a miraculous breakthrough since Israel would not have been created without it.  Hence, present Zionist leaders pray that the “miracle” be repeated and millions of Palestinians would leave, admitting though that “no feat like this would be bloodless.”  

The reason I specifically mentioned Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey has to do with Israel’s Talmudic ambitions to occupy large chunks of these countries “when the opportunity arises.”

Israel’s Talmudic borders according to Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand years” by Israel Shahak

According to Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand years” by Israel Shahak, Israel’s Talmudic borders are as follows: “In the south, all of the Sinai Peninsula and a part of northern Egypt up the environs of Cairo; in the East, all of Jordan a large chunk of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, and a large part of Iraq up to the Euphrates; in the north, all of Lebanon, all of Syria and a large part of southern Turkey up to Lake Van, and in the West, Cyprus.”

Jewish History, Jewish Religion; the Weight of Three Thousand Years, Israel Shahak, Pluto Press, 1994,  p.9
Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand years” by Israel Shahak. It’s one of the best books ever written on Orthodox Judaism. The author is Israel Shahak, a historian, human rights activist and Holocaust survivor who was subjected to persecution by the Israeli intelligence establishment for his progressive and anti-racist ideas which constituted a kind of antithesis of the prevailing zionist discourse ever since the creation of Israel in Palestine in 1948.

These ambitions are not abstract or far-fetched notions that belong to the realm of the impossible as far as powerful Talmudic circles are concerned.

According to Shahak,  “an enormous body of research and learned discussion, based on these borders, embodied in atlases, books, articles and more popular forms of propaganda is being published in Israel.

Jewish History, Jewish Religion; the Weight of Three Thousand Years, Israel Shahak, Pluto Press, 1994,  p.9

What can be done to rectify this unbearable anomaly?

The US is committed to Israel’s military superiority in the entire Middle East.

I think treating this matter begins with renewing and reinforcing our realization that this strategic aberration cannot be allowed to linger forever since its continuation is tantamount to perpetuating and consolidating  Jewish hegemony and supremacy over one-third of the world’s Muslims. 

Yes, we do realize that without a submissively pliant America, Israel is a little more than a Kosher idle wind. But for the bulk of the Zionist clique effectively controlling the American government, Israel must always come first, even before America itself.

I don’t believe in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and I absolutely despise the silly antics of anti-Semites, past and present. None the less, we as Muslims must have enough rectitude and moral honesty to call the spade a spade.

Moreover, we shouldn’t go too far by indulging in infinite absurdity like babbling about defeating “American imperialism!” as a prelude to defeating Israel. In fact, destiny and history are evidently more able to defeat America.  True, America is not a lame duck yet, but it is no longer the omnipotent superpower it once was as we have seen the limitations of its powers ever since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis.

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We certainly are not seeking to achieve the Mutual Assured Destruction equation with America. We, too, have to be aware of our own limitations.

However, in a world where brutal force has the loudest voice, we can’t be like helpless orphans awaiting rescue from a bunch of thieves, rapists and child killers. After all who will help us if we don’t help ourselves?

I am not alluding to the little men reclining in Israel’s lap!

Two major quislings in the Arab world, Sisi of Egypt and MBS of Saudi Arabia

“When I say “We,” I am not thinking of this Sheikh, or that king or Emir. These mentally-retarded “little men” are more than just part of the problem. They are the problem itself. They are a huge burden upon themselves and their peoples as the strategic preoccupation of most of them doesn’t really exceed a woman’s underwear. They are a cancer upon the collective conscience of the Muslim Umma.

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In the Muslim world, there are success stories and the overall strategic outlook is not that gloomy.  None the less,  I believe a close nuclear cooperation between certain Muslim countries must be ensured and cemented.

It is really shameful and quite embarrassing that a country such as Egypt, with a population of over a hundred million people, remains without a nuclear deterrent. But Egypt has only itself to blame.

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The ruling Arab dynasties are a medieval kind of tyrannical dictatorships whereby the unelected king is viewed, de facto at least, as a sort of god, with absolute and unlimited authority

In the final analysis, a country whose masses cannot freely elect their rulers cannot really be independent and truly sovereign.

But we are talking about contemptible rulers who value the “legitimacy” that comes from the powerful Jewish lobby in America more than that which comes from their own peoples’ acceptance of them.

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Unfortunately, this is the case in virtually all Arab countries from Manama to Casablanca. We all know that rectifying the nuclear imbalance with Israel is a paramount duty, though an exceptionally arduous task.

However, if a duty cannot be carried out unless certain requirements are secured, securing these requirements becomes a paramount duty itself.  I can only say that much about this extremely sensitive subject.

I do care about my Umma, which ought to be one Umma, not 55  states,  Sheikhdoms and fiefdoms with conflicting loyalties, depending on the mood of their mostly unelected ignorant leaders.

A few weeks ago, I was asked about my happiest day in life and my sadist. The happiest day was when Pakistan, a country I love but have never been to, succeeded in detonating its first nuclear device. And the Sadist day was when Israel’s man in Egypt, Abdul Fattah Sissi, in a bloody coup backed by Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE, and, of course, the US,  toppled Professor Muhammed Mursi, the first ever and last democratically-elected president in Egypt’s 7000-year-history.

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