The fanatic Zionist and me: Truth versus arrogance of power



The following is a heated debate between a Palestinian journalist and a Zionist Jewish supremacist who obviously believes that Jewish lives are worth more than non-Jewish lives and Jewish pain supersedes the pain and suffering of other people!

Mr. M. M: “There have been many persecutions throughout history – the Armenians by the Turks was one example, which Hitler learned from”.

“However, you speak of intellectual honesty, and I challenge you to elaborate on any holocausts inflicted by Jews / Israelis on the local Arab population – and I don’t want to get into debating tit-for-tat attacks on villages in the years leading up to 1948. We would never emerge from that discussion, other than my referencing the Farhud, Hebron and others and you countering with Deir Yassin and other places. I’m talking about a holocaust”.

“Slander by association as you attempted to do with your example of Stalin poorly reflects on you. People who may be born of a certain race but then totally discard the teachings and ethos of that race cannot be used as characterizing that race. To argue that way is dishonest.I also take exception to your use of the term ‘mostly’. The fact that he had some does not imply they were in the majority. If you have evidence to substantiate this claim, produce it please”.

Khalid AMAYREH: You use the word holocaust tendentiously to serve your whims as if  everyone  took the  Jewish-Zionist denotations and connotations of that charged expression for granted.

Sorry, my definition of the word holocaust is not identical to yours. To you, be your way, to me mine!

Besides, there are various forms of a holocaust. The Ukrainians call the Russian invasion of their country  a Holocaust. The Armenian  called their plight of 1915 a holocaust. The Gulags were called a holocaust. Andrew Jackson’s  campaign against Native Americans  was called a holocaust. According to the Old Testament, the Israelites carried out a series of holocausts against Canaanite towns and tribes “Don’t leave a breathing thing!” Can you deny that disgraceful legacy  of yours. It is in your Bible.  Read it! Indeed, we can safely claim that the first holocaust ever  in history was committed by Jews. Your Bible says so.  Read the following passage from Deuteronomy   as an:


Deuteronomy 20:16-18 (16) But in the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes17 but vyou shall devote them to complete destruction,1 the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, as the Lord your God has commanded. 

Indeed, how else can any honest person view and interpret the total extermination of entire tribes and entire nations, along with their cattle, beast of burden, fields, groves,  orchards, dogs and cats and everything breathing? IF these genocidal campaigns were not a holocaust, what were they?  Acts of Jewish love, altruism, charity and self-abnegation?

Don’t tell me savagery was the norm of that time. Nay! The Israeli army today adopts this Old Testament savagery, especially targeting innocent civilians, as an “Instruction Manual ”  used in dealing with Palestinians, particularly children.  This Manual makes it abundantly clear that in times of conflict, there is no such thing as enemy civilians. Such people should be exterminated without any hesitation. Did you see that recent Y-tube featuring an Israeli soldier saying quite candidly that there is absolutely nothing wrong or objectionable about killing a two-year Arab child? lest he grows up to become a soldier that would fight Jews?  Wouldn’t Hitler have used the very same rationale to justify his genocidal treatment of Jews during the Second world war?

You can also read Tom Paine’s Common Sense, which contains some interesting comments  on these genocidal campaigns of the Old Testament.

More to the point, in light of this evil, genocidal and cannibalistic mentality, I don’t blame the Iranians at all for seeking to acquire a nuclear deterrent. Indeed, If I were the leader of Iran, I would seek to acquire a thousand nuclear weapons, especially in the absence of any guarantees that recalcitrant Israel wouldn’t use its huge nuclear arsenal to incinerate the tender flesh of Iranian children just as the evil entity has been doing to the children of Gaza as we saw recently!

You also resort to linguistic gymnastics and sophistry to evade and circumvent the truth and delude readers. This is an expression of poor intellectualism and lack of rectitude.

Of course, Jews have been carrying out a slow-motion, low-combustion holocaust against the Palestinian people. Seventy years of unrelenting, uninterrupted  massacres, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, repression and expulsion do constitute a real holocaust whether you like it or not. It is our ordeal, our suffering, our calamity,  our pain,  and we are free to relate to it the way we deem fit. And just as you rejected lectures from outsiders on how you should describe your pain, we, too, reject,  with utter contempt,  anyone, including Jews, lecturing us on how we should relate to our ongoing holocaust.

Having said that, I have no intention to downplay or underestimate the enormity and monstrosity of the tragedy your people went through during WWII. But I simply have zero trust in Zionist Jews, their words, their stories, tales, claims and DNA tests. Indeed, if they do lie unhesitatingly about Sherine Abu Akleh and the daily atrocities they are committing now before our eyes, they could easily lie about controversial events that took place more than 70 years ago.

And in order to maintain “the integrity and sanctity of the big lie,” the professional liars are bullying gullible westerners and social media organs to ban all non-conformist views on the holocaust.  Well, if you are so sure of the veracity of your holocaust narrative, why are you trying constantly to incriminate or even criminalize non-conformist voices?

Finally, You should be a little humble and modest in your vitriolic discourse. In the final analysis, I am not really saying much more than did Jewish intellectuals, including holocaust survivors,  like Zeev Sternhel,  who made audacious comparisons between Israel and Nazi GERMANY.

So, do you suggest that we keep mum until the Number of Palestinians murdered and incinerated by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the holocaust reaches the  6 million figure?

Mr. M.M : “your words “Seventy years of unrelenting, uninterrupted massacres, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, repression…” are stated as an opinion without truth or substance”. 

Amayreh: We are not discussing astronomy or the dark matter in outer space. We are discussing your people’s slow-motion genocide against us.-and you are telling me there is no truth to my opinion, what truth!? Our very understanding and definition of truth is different from yours. This is why there can be no peace or even modus Vivendi with people like you.  Does truth have to be endorsed by Zionist Jews in order to be accepted as truth? In the final analysis, your view,  not mine, is a minority opinion imposed by way of coercion and bullying, whereas the bulk of humanity support my “opinion”

Mr. M.M: “I turn the tables and say that in all that time, it is Arab terrorists who have constantly massacred Jews through their homicide bombing of buses, markets, restaurants and other gathering places, who have sent armed gangs on mass murder missions, who have massacred families in their homes and committed other unspeakable crimes”.

Amayreh: you are reverting to stale, classical and sleazy  Jewish hasbara, which is a definitive sign of intellectual bankruptcy and moral dishonesty. It would be beneath my dignity and moral integrity to dignify your regurgitated mendacity by commenting on it.  Just tell the Ukrainian fighters who are resisting the Nazi-like Russian aggression they are terrorists! You are a shameless people who have the Chutzpah  to call Judeo-Nazi terrorists “victims of Arab terror” while dismissing the true freedom fighters as “terrorists”

Indeed, your fornication with truth is quite explicit and graphic, it is also a  filthy- cheap commodity.


To be continued ….

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