The Myth of Israeli Democracy



Israel, the racist apartheid entity, doesn’t stop bragging about being a flourishing democracy. Many Westerners in Europe and North America swallow the mendacious claim without batting an eyelash or asking any questions as to the veracity of the claim,  repeated ad nauseam as if it were an axiomatic logical truth.

They do so out of gullibility, or because they have a compulsive propensity to believe anything the Zionists say or both.

The truth of the matter, however,  is that Israel is not a real democracy at all, at least according to western standards of democracy. I studied the American constitution, including the Bill of Rights, which includes the first 10 amendments of that Constitution, as well as the British Parliamentary system,  but didn’t find the racist garbage and toxic venom permeating through the Israeli democracy, rendering it an inherently inequitable system that breathes racism and racial hatred as often as we breathe the oxygen of life.

Yes, Israel holds elections, has a relatively free press and a dynamic Knesset or Parliament. But Israel discriminates by law against non-Jews and maintains a 55-year-old Nazi-like occupation of more than 5 million Palestinians who are deprived of basic human rights and civil liberties. Israel also has a duplicitous justice system that discriminates against non-Jews while treating Jews leniently.

If you are not Jewish, you are a lesser citizen with lesser rights

The problem is not one of Semantics or having to do with the linguistic choice. It is rather an intentional, deliberate and malicious effort to legislate racism in its most obnoxious forms.

Consider Israel’s Nationality law as an example. The law divides Israel’s citizens into two classes according to religion and “ethnicity”: Class A, the Jews,  and class B, the Arabs.  The manifestly racist law states that only Jews (it doesn’t define Jewishness) have the right to self-determination. In other words, only Israeli Jews have the final say in deciding the strategic and existential issues facing the country.  This is akin to the US Congress passing a law barring Jews  (who are US citizens) from strategic institutions like the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, or the Justice Department! Hence, the only inevitable logical conclusion in this regard is that Israel, which gasconades day and night about her democracy, views nearly a quarter of its citizens as lesser or only nominal citizens! So what sort of democracy is that which is so proud of a manifestly racist law while claiming to be a flourishing democracy? No other country under the sun does something so-embarrassing and ignominious like this except Israel.

 In fact, the most appropriate analogy that props in one’s mind in this regard is that of a notorious whore insisting that her townspeople build at town centre an exquisite monument to celebrate and immortalize her chastity?

Hostility to Arabic

The Nationality law also downgrades the status of the Arabic language which until 2018 was an official language in Israel, along with Hebrew.  The openly racist law designated the language, spoken by more than 25% of Israeli citizens, as well as by more than 350 million people in the  Arab world and widely understood in variable degrees by the world’s Muslims, as having a special status.

The Zionist hostility to Arabic emanates from the Zionist Jewish aversion to Islam which debunked the Jewish myth of “the chosen people mantra.” Many Zionist Jews harbor feelings of hostility, jealousy, malicious envy and deep inferiority vis-à-vis the widespread proliferation of Arabic, especially in comparison to the less developed Hebrew.

The demotion of Arabic from an official language in Israel into a secondary language should be viewed therefore as a racist allegory epitomizing the Jewish establishment’s hateful discrimination and ill-will against its large and growing Arab Muslim minority.  More to the point, the Zionist state seeks always to minimize the real demographic size of “Israeli Arabs” by classifying them into numerous sub-categories, like Muslims, Christians, Bedouins, Circassian, etc, while presenting Jews as one solid bloc despite the numerous profound differences among them.

Israel: Embracing illegal colonies as National priority

The Nationality law also considers the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank a paramount national priority. Needless to say, these illegal and illegitimate colonies are the forbidden fruit of Israel’s decades-old Lebensraum policies.   This criminal policy is tantamount to Germany annexing the eight European states that the Nazis occupied during WWII and transferring millions of German citizens to settle there after claiming that the occupied lands were disputed rather than occupied.! This is exactly what “democratic” Israel has been doing in the West Bank and also in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. More to the point, the settlements are considered one of the main obstacles impeding the conclusion of a just peace in the region.

It should be taken for granted that an apartheid state cannot be a democracy. True, Israel holds regular elections, considered generally transparent and fair, has a generally free press and has a stringent policy against corruption. But Israel has no Judicial equality between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.

Israel: Brazen apartheid in broad daylight

For example, if a Palestinian kills an Israeli soldier even during a clash, or paramilitary settler or civilian, the “first order of business is to demolish his family home.

 This form of harsh collective punishment is reserved only for Arabs and Muslims. However, when a Jew, say a settler, murders a totally innocent Palestinian civilian, no such measure is taken against his family. Thus when the American Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinian worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil (Hebron) on 15 February 1994,  the Israeli justice system refused to demolish his family home. On the contrary, the Israeli authorities allowed Jewish charities and donors from Israel and Jewish communities abroad to give generous financial donations to the murderer’s family. So, what sort of democracy discriminates against subjects and citizens like Israel does?   This is a clarion testimony to the fact that Israel is more of a “shamocracy” than a real democracy.

Israel: Number-1  blocker and impeder of democracy in the Arab World

Facing numerous damning evidence exposing the utter moral bankruptcy of their democracy, Zionist officials, apologists and propagandists just shrug off their shoulders and switch to verbal gymnastics and preposterous polemics. They argue that no democracy is perfect! Sometimes, Zionist interlocutors try to outsmart themselves by making remarks like this: Just give me one Arab democracy. But the Zionists easily forget that Israel is the number-1  blocker and impeder of democracy in the Arab world. Let them ask the Mossad, who toppled Muhammed Morsi, the only democratically-elected president in Egypt’s history in 2013? Who convinced the Obama administration to keep Assad in power in 2013 despite his decidedly evil credentials? Who is having warm relations with the most virulent dictators and fascist rulers like Modi of India and the corrupt rulers of the Arabian Gulf? and Who is providing dictators around the world with cyber spyware gadgetry to spy on human rights activists and peaceful political opponents?

In fact, Israeli behaviour in embracing despotic regimes not only makes the Jewish state criminal par excellance but also immensely Immoral. This is the very country that claims to be a light upon mankind. The truth of the matter is that Israel is more of a curse than a blessing for humanity. This is a testimony of someone who has been living under the Israeli rule for the past 55 years.

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