Israel having free season on Palestinian civilians including Children and Journalists



Gestapo-like Israeli occupation soldiers have significantly stepped up the killing of Palestinian civilians. Most of the victims are children and youngsters throughout the occupied West Bank.

It is widely believed that the occupation troops have received tougher instructions to adopt a shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians. Israeli soldiers are killing stone-hurling children and confronting crack-Israeli soldiers. This policy includes carrying out daily or nightly rampages in Palestinian civilians’ villages and refugee camps in the West Bank.

During these nightmarish episodes, Palestinian civilians are thoroughly savaged and humiliated. Even young people are beaten up or arrested and property is vandalized. Very often, parents are assaulted in the presence of their kids.

Last week, Bennet told the Israeli media that he granted the army complete freedom to crack down on Palestinian resistance.

Moreover, Bennet accused the Palestinian Resistance Movement (Hamas) and other resistance groups of inciting the Palestinian civilians to “violence.”

Hamas leader in Gaza Ismael Haniya retorted to Bennet. He said” you know that your criminal and evil occupation of our country is an act of rape and terror and has a boomerang effect. This boomerang effect is what we call resistance, and it is going to continue as long as your evil occupation continues.”

Bennet hails from an extreme strain of orthodox Judaism known as “religious Zionism, ” which teaches that in times of conflict, the lives of enemy civilians have no sanctity and shouldn’t be spared.

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On 1 June, Israeli occupation soldiers shot and killed 31-year-old Ghofran Harun Hamed Warasneh near the entrance to the Arrub refugee camp just north of al Khalil in the Southern West Bank.

Palestinian medical sources said Warasneh, a former resistance prisoner, was hit by a bullet in the left part of her chest which exited from the right side of her upper back.

Israeli soldiers have strict orders to shoot Palestinian civilians either in the head or left side of the chest to ensure death.

The Israeli army issued a terse statement, claiming the woman tried to stab a soldier who shot and killed her.

The occupation army didn’t say how far away from the soldier the woman was walking or standing when he shot her.

More to the point, the occupation’s spokesperson didn’t say why the soldier didn’t shoot at her lower body, which would neutralize her but not cause her a mortal injury.

Many Israeli soldiers are graduates of Talmudic schools which teach that the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity.

The murderous killing of Warasneh occurred only two days after thousands of Jewish hatemongers carried out a provocative parade in predominantly Arab East Jerusalem.

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During the march, which received ample media coverage, participants shouted “death to Arabs.” They also shouted insults and obscenities at   Palestinians as Israeli troops looked on.

“Israel kills Palestinian civilians in cold blood”

On Saturday 28, May 2022, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 14-year-old Palestinian boy at the village of al-Khadr just south West of Bethlehem. The victim was identified as Zeid Muhammed Said Ghunim. Palestinian sources were quoted as saying that the young boy was hit by two bullets, one in the neck and another in his back.

An Israeli occupation army spokesman claimed the boy was hurling stones on Israeli troops who shot and killed him.

However, an eyewitness disputed the Israeli account.

“The soldiers were more than 200 meters away. The boy at no point posed any security threat to the safety of the occupation soldiers. They simply killed him in cold blood” Said Muhammed Y. Alkam.

“Stones hurled by a little boy from this distance wouldn’t even reach the soldiers, who apparently came here to spell our blood as they always do.”

Another boy from the Jenin area was shot and killed last week, in similar circumstances. As many as 20 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians, have been killed by Israeli occupation troops since the beginning of April.

 Normally, Israel doesn’t carry out genuine investigations of these murderous “incidents, ” contending with the usually terse statement by the occupation spokesperson.

Only when a given murder drew widespread reactions or stirred an international outcry, do the Israeli military authorities carry out an inquiry. And even in such rare instances, like the murderous killing of Palestinian journalist Sherin Abu Akleh two weeks ago, the main purpose of the inquiry is never to find the facts and establish the truth, but rather to exonerate the murderous soldiers and calm down international criticisms.

This is why statements by the IOF spokespersons following such crimes are not usually taken seriously by international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, or even by Israel’s own human rights organization,  B’tselem

Everyone is saying Israel murdered Abu Akleh

Meanwhile, the famous American network  CNN pointed out last week that the fact that several bullets were fired and found at a small narrow spot suggested that a sniper did the shooting.

Earlier, the Palestinian Attorney-General Akram al-Hatib told a news conference that the investigation carried out by the PA left no doubt as to the Israeli responsibility for the crime.

Israel continues to claim that it was still unclear who killed Abu Akleh.

Meanwhile, the  United Nations has announced that it will be naming the annual training program for Palestinian broadcasters and journalists after Al Sherin Abu Akleh, who was murdered by Israeli occupation soldiers during a military raid in Jenin in the northern West Bank on 11 May.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric, who made the announcement, said Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American, “had a distinguished career in journalism for over 25 years and was  a role model for journalists in the Middle East and  the world.”

 Earlier, the Palestinian Authority (PA) appealed to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a letter on May 11 ” to honour this brave and iconic woman journalist” by renaming the training program for her. The PA had refused to cooperate with Israel in carrying out a joint investigation into the killing of Abu Akleh, saying it didn’t trust the Israelis

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