Is Iran really the enemy?

Joe Biden’s visit to Israel was hailed as historic, as it aimed to further perfect Israel’s ability to wage aggression against Arabs and Muslims in the region.

But it is increasingly clear that the main purpose of the much-heralded visit was to mobilize certain Arab states against neighbouring Iran,

while carefully ignoring the gargantuan perils posed by the belligerent Israeli apartheid entity.

joe Biden in Israel
President Joe Biden speaks after arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, Wednesday, July 13, 2022, in Tel Aviv, as Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, second left, and President Isaac Herzog, left

 Israel prepared a list of greedy requests and demands which the apartheid state insisted that a pliant Biden fulfil.  

These include inducing or even bulling the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cordially and unconditional normalize relations with the occupiers of Palestine and tormentors of its people, the Palestinians. 

The other chief goal of Biden’s visit was to instigate Arab dictators against Iran by portraying her as the Arab’s chief and ultimate enemy.

 In this context,  there have been several reports that the  US is contemplating the establishment of an Arab NATO, which would likely be led and dominated by Israel.

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The target is Iran!

Israeli leaders do not hide their happiness with Biden’s visit  because it achieved many of the demands and goals that Tel Aviv had sought to achieve,

According to Israeli political analysts, Biden’s visit sent several messages: with the most prominent, message being Washington’s affirmation of its iron-clad commitment to protecting Israel’s security, as well as expanding the circle of regional normalization and launching a regional defence alliance against Iran, with the conspicuous absence of the Palestinian cause, the core root-cause problem in the Middle East.

joe biden tours in israel
U.S. President Joe Biden, Israeli caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stand in front of Israel’s Iron Dome defence system

In an indication of the absence of any clash between the two countries over the Iranian nuclear file, the Biden administration alluded to a total harmony between Tel Aviv and Washington’s position against Iran, and the two parties’ agreement on the need to prevent Tehran from acquiring weapons of mass destruction or a nuclear bomb. 

This is in addition to stressing  Washington’s commitment to limit Iran’s influence in the Middle East Through the establishment of a regional defence alliance led by Washington under, the pretext of confronting “Iranian threats”.

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Contrary to its approach to an Iranian file, which Washington seems to be dealing with mainly diplomatically, Israel believes that Washington is pushing to expand normalization agreements between Israel and more Arab and Islamic countries,  at the expense of the Palestinian issue.

Signing the “Jerusalem Declaration”

Joe Biden and interim Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed a joint agreement called the “Jerusalem Declaration”, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Biden and Lapid signing the Jerusalem declaration
Biden and Lapid signing the Jerusalem declaration

The declaration also underscored  Washington’s commitment to Israel’s security and maintaining Israel’s qualitative edge over all Arab and Muslim countries in the region ,

and not to allow Iran to possess a nuclear deterrent and to confront Iranian activities in the region, whether directly or through resistance groups such as the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, according to the statement.

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The statement also condemned what it described as the “unfortunate terrorist attacks” that targeted Israelis in recent months, stressing President Biden’s support for the two-state solution.

Iran is more determined than ever

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian affirmed that his country has become “more determined” to preserve its interests in any revival of the nuclear agreement after Biden’s visits to Israel, where he signed a security declaration entitled “The Jerusalem Declaration” directed primarily against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

iran foreign minister
Iran Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian

“With strength and logic, Iran continues its efforts to cancel the embargo,” the Iranian foreign minister wrote in a tweet, referring to the sanctions that Washington re-imposed on Tehran after the first unilateral withdrawal from the agreement in 2018.

Abdollahian added, “We will never overlook the inalienable rights of the great Iranian nation. Achieving a good, solid, and sustainable agreement is our goal.

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Undoubtedly, the puppet show between the White House and Zionism makes us more determined” to achieve this.

Iran is the first supporter to the cause

There is no doubt that what America is doing and the path it is working for is to divert attention from Israel and coax  the Arabs that their real enemy is Iran, not Israel which occupies the Aqsa Mosque, arrogates Palestinian land and savages Palestinians around the clock.

DIGNIFIED Arabs must no allow Israel and its guardian-ally to realize their nefarious goals of fanning the fire of Fitna between Iranian Muslims and Arab Muslims.  

Iran is not perfect, but war between Arabs and Iranians to please Tel Aviv and Washington, would be infinitely stupid, to say the very least.

In short, Muslims must not spell each other’s blood to place their common enemies.

 There is no doubt that this alliance will do a lot of harm to the Palestinian cause, as Iran is one of the few remaining supporters of the Palestinian people.

Palestine, whether moral or material. This will push many countries to normalize with the Zionist entity even to the extent that Israel might one day join the Arab League.

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