Israeli soldier pointing a gun at Palestinians
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Israel murders more innocent Palestinians as world attention is focused on Ukraine crisis

By: Khaled Amayreh With the world’s attention focused on the Ukrainian crisis, the Israeli occupation army has been murdering Palestinians in droves, including absolutely innocent civilians. Palestinian sources have described the latest Israeli escalation as the most ” brutal and ferocious” since the devastating  Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip last year,  which left hundreds Read More…

Palestinians leaving their home after massacres of the Zionist gangs in Palestine in 1948
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The continuing refugee crisis in Palestine: from Nakba of 1948 to Sheikh Jarrah in 2022

The continuing refugee crisis in Palestine: from Nakba of 1948 to Gaza  to sheikh jarrah in 2022 According to the data of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Palestinians remain one of the largest and longest-suffering groups of displaced people, and they are the second-largest refugee Read More…

Man holding a banner that says Muslim Lives Matter.
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Islamophobia in India: The Hostile Treatment Against Muslims

In the diverse multi-religious and multicultural nation of India, over 204 million Muslims live in panic and fear due to the Islamophobic hate crimes committed by the followers of the extremist Indian right wing, who see Muslims as economic hardship. In addition to blaming them for crime, violence, and Islamic radicalism.  Also Read: Religious Fascism Read More…

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MP Puts Everyone at Risk by Travelling With Covid

Margaret Ferrier-a Scottish MP, tested for coronavirus, then travelled Glasgow to London to attend Westminster. What was she thinking? Margaret Ferrier will be contemplating the past week with careful trepidation. She has been suspended by her party because she decided a trip down to the House of Commons-despite symptoms, was a really good idea. Margaret Read More…

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UK Government Make Decisions On Travel without Covid Data

Scotland and Wales heed advice and put Portugal on the restricted travel list, whilst the UK government make decisions ahead of time ‘Overwhelmingly, the UK is proceeding as one’ says Boris Johnson. This is Johnson’s perspective, despite Scotland and Wales marching ahead with a different agenda. Where Art Thou in Europe? Scotland and Wales have Read More…