AI technology and human rights
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Impact of Technology on Human Rights

We are living in an era of disruptive technologies, witnessing incidents of human rights violations with the use of technologies. History always changes itself with the introduction of revolutionary technology. Introduction of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and IoT are such technologies that are changing the way societies are behaving, people’s Read More…

Arab world and America
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Is America embracing dictatorship in the Arab world?

When Syria’s sectarian tyrant Bashar Assad was facing a hard time, as rebel forces were marching toward Damascus, Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak flew hastily to Washington to warn the Obama administration that the Assad regime must not fall down under all circumstances. Barak, who became Israel’s 10th Prime Minister, told his interlocutors from the Read More…

Rasmus Paludan burning Quran.
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Rasmus Paludan is racist, Ignoramus, provocateur,and liar. Muslims shouldn’t  get entangled with such a person

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem 25, April 2022 Seeking to become a publicity hound before contesting elections in Sweden, scheduled for September,  the right-wing Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Baludan has apparently decided to recruit supporters and fans by resorting to an unlikely and un-classical method: Setting copies of the Holy Quran on fire. The racist Read More…

Hindu Extremists
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Will the second most horrible Holocaust in history take place against the Muslims of India?

The attention-grabbing title of this article is not meant to sensationalize or hyperbolize an otherwise normal or even quasi-normal situation. Quite the contrary,  It could be a realistic and timely prognostication of the end game of the fast- metastasizing Hindu fascism against the Muslims of India. Also Read: Religious Fascism in India & Israel: Tweedledum Read More…

rohingya muslim plight

The Plight of the Rohingya Muslims; An Overlooked Tragedy

Myanmar is a small southeast Asian country bordering India, China and Bangladesh. It is home to one of the most discriminated Muslim minorities in the global south. The ongoing discrimination perpetuated by the Rakhine Buddhist communities, sectarian violence against the Rohingya Muslims.  A military crackdown on Rohingya civilians by Myanmar’s security forces displaced hundreds of Read More…

AI technology causing racism.
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Techno-Racism: Technology Automating Racial Discrimination

Humans are flawed decision-makers. Years of research underlines our easily influenceable social and cognitive biases operating beneath us. Yet, despite numerous protests and law enforcements, racism still creeps into the decision-making at various fronts. Also Read: The psychology behind racism in the Americas That’s why tech giants are embracing digital technology to make the decision-making Read More…

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The Plight of Uighur Muslims in China

Just because China names it different doesn’t mean “concentration camps” are “re-education centers.” Uighur Muslims are being tortured in detention camps, and it is evident that the Chinese government wisely denies the claim. The Xinjiang province of China consists of Uighur Muslims, and they are the minorities, so it’s no wonder they are being inflicted Read More…