Khalil Awawda continues the battle for freedom



Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawda has no choice but to go on a continuous hunger strike since March 3, 2022 to end his administrative detention, which inflicted him the pain of being far from his family, as he insisted on the strike until he gains his freedom.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Awawda on December 27, 2021, after turning him on January 5, 2022, into administrative detention for six months without any charges being brought against him. The occupation authorities put him in the cells of “ofer prison”.

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Awawda’s condition is deteriorating

Awawda’s health condition has deteriorated in the current period, he suffers from pain in his side, dehydration, joint pain, constant headaches, and blurred vision.

He suffers from wasting, as well as continuous vomiting daily, and sometimes vomiting blood in addition to his suffering before he was having cartilage pain in the neck and the back, which increases his suffering.

Despite his suffering, the occupation authorities did not pay attention to khalil Awawda’s strike and held an appeal session for him last week, and he attended it remotely via a screen due to his poor health condition.

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However, Khalil refused and confirmed that he would continue the strike and refused to eat subsides until he was transferred to an Israeli hospital due to the deterioration of his health.

Administrative Detention after the Palestinian Nakba

Administrative detention is one of the tools of the usurper occupation, and it’s based on the emergency laws established by Britain in 1945 that the British practiced against the Palestinians.

According to international laws, it is considered an arbitrary arrest carried out by the “executive authority”. One of the reasons for administrative detention is “the detainee poses a threat to the security of the region”, but there was no refund evidence.

The detainee was subjected to psychological torture, along with his family and as soon as the detainee approached the end of his detention period, he was renewed without any reason.

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The organizations confirmed that the administrative detention without any reason and its extension is a flagrant violation of human rights. Psychological toture played an important role in the hands of the enemy , the argument was that they were “political” or “social” reasons.

Over the years, many activists from movements were arrested the reason is considered plotting against the colonizer. It is worth noting that supporting “Oslo” was considered a condition for releasing the detainees.

One of the most important reasons for the arrests was opposition to the “Oslo” agreement or affiliation with Hamas

Forced deportation after administrative detention

After the administrative detention of some detainees comes the forced deportation outside the occupied territories. After the detainee spends many years in the prisons of the occupation, the decision to release may come, but outside the occupied territories, far from his family and his lovers, before the decision is issued in the administrative detention in a short period, the accused are presented with “reasons” To arrest him, the interrogator begins a few questions, and the detainee answers everything that is stated in detail and responds to him, “Your decision issued this is a clear scenario.”

Then the interrogator asks the detainee to sign statements condemning him, and the detainee refuses and says I will not sign anything attributed to me, because I have nothing to do with anything you are talking about. about him.

The detainees are boycotting the courts

About 500 administrative detainees are continuing their “our decision is freedom” campaign of boycotting the occupation courts for the 90th consecutive day.

In early January, the administrators announced a comprehensive and final boycott of all judicial procedures related to administrative detention as a judicial review, an appeal.

As part of the efforts to internationalize the issue of the prisoners, a delegation of institutions concerned with the conditions of detainees is visiting Egypt, which included holding meetings with officials in the Arab League, and giving a speech there at a seminar attended by several officials, as well as a meeting with the Lawyers Union.

In his speech during the symposium titled “Supporting the rights of prisoners in the face of Israeli violations and abuse,” the head of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, Major General Qadri Abu Bakr, stressed that the time has come for the Israeli occupation to end and freedom and justice to be achieved in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and for all prisoners and detainees to return to their homes. their families and homes, and that the injustice that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people for 74 years ends.

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Khalil Awawda sent a message to his family saying:

“The doctors at the Ramle clinic threatened not to transfer me to an Israeli civilian hospital unless i lost consciousness during my 60-day hunger strike in refusal to administrative detention, my health condition is deteriorating daily and the doctors in the so-called Ramle hospital tell me when I lose consciousness they will perform a resuscitation process and transfer me to a civilian hospital”.

He added: ” In this battle I am a soldier in which i do not have a visa to move to a comfortable place”.

Awadeh demanded to bring his two daughters, Tulane and Lauren, to visit him in the hospital during a coma, and to whisper in his ears to pray for him to wake up, which will have a positive effect.

Awawdeh concluded his message by saying: “I am writing this greeting to you and I am ashamed and mixed with sadness because I have overwhelmed you with the joy of Eid, but despite the pain, I have entrusted you with nothing but to seek an excuse for everyone who seeks to make his freedom out of his flesh and blood. After this strike, my holiday will be the day I return among you to embrace you.”.


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