Israeli Occupation Killed 53 Palestinian since the Start of 2022.



According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health,Israeli occupation killed more than 53 Palestinians since the start of 2022, most of them from the West Bank and Jerusalem and one from Gaza,

The list included two women killed by the Israeli occupation forces on April 10, Maha Zaatari (24 years old) in Hebron and Gada Sabatin (47 years old) in Bethlehem.

They also included two 80-year-old men, Omar Assad in Ramallah and Suleiman Hasalin in Hebron. Assad died on January 13, Hasalin on January 27, as a result of abuse by Israeli troops, and in Jerusalem Fahmi Hamad, 57, was killed on January 24.

And in Bethlehem, the youngest child on the list was 13-year Qusai Hamamreh, who was shot dead on April 13 and Mohammad Salah 14-year-old, also from Bethlehem, who was killed on February 22.

The list also included one 16-year-old child, five 17-year-old Youths, four 18-year-old youths, and two 19-year-old youths.

It included 25 Palestinians in their 20s, including one woman in Hebron, four Palestinians in their 30s, three Palestinians in their 40s, including a Palestinian woman in Bethlehem, a 57-year-old man, and the two in their 80s.

And one Palestinian man Mahmoud Arram, 27, from Gaza was killed in Tulkarm.

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