Israeli forces demolished home of Palestinian prisoner in Jenin.



The Israeli occupation forces demolished, at dawn today, Saturday, the prisoner Omar Jaradat’s house in Al-Haritheya town in Jenin camp, while 3 Palestinian were shot and injured by the Israeli soldiers during the clashes that erupted in the town، Witnesses reported that more than 100 military vehicles besieged the town, as well as closed all entrances, while Arabists forces were seen when they were stormed homes.

The Jaradat family were taken out by Israeli occupation forces their houses, and more than thirty members of the family, including children in the open without any possibility to communicate with them, as Israeli forces detained a number of families living in neighbouring houses.

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Israeli Forces accompanied by military vehicles, bulldozers and units of the engineering mechanisms, amid the flying of Israeli drones at low altitudes and spread of the Israeli snipers on the roofs of houses to prevent the Journalists from reaching the town.

Israeli forces also prevented journalists, paramedics and ambulances from entering the town.

The Israeli Court has approved the demolition of Jaradat’s house in pretending of claiming his involvement with members of his family in the “Homesh” accused of killing an Israeli settler mid-December / December, last year.

The Israeli forces arrested two brothers Omar and Ghaith Jaradat, and their mother Attaf Jaradat along with Khalhm Mohammed Mahmoud and their relative, under the pretext of participating in the killing of an Israeli settler in “Homesh”.

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At dawn on December 20, last year, Israeli occupation forces stormed accompanied by engineering units stormed the Jaradat house and took measurements of the house in preparation for demolishing it.

On 14 February 2022, Israeli forces demolished the Palestinian prisoner Mahmoud Jaradat’s house, and today at dawn the Israeli forces demolished the house for the fourth time.


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