Islam in India: Then and Now!



Islam in India: Then and Now!

Tyranny is the first step towards a tyrant’s demise!

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Islam and India, even with a 1000 years long relationship, are still struggling to co-exist. Is India the right word to use here, or Hinduism, we will let you decide!

But first, we know that Islam in India began through invasions and invaders are always resented. That hatred has survived even in the modern age and is the main reason for the uprisings against the Muslims.

Let us deliberate on the current situation in India that has resulted in major criticism from the international world. Specifically, because of its unjustified, cruel, and anti-human progressions against the local Muslim community.

This tyranny includes the burning of Mosques and the Quran, the two most sacred things to Muslims. North of it, we find the genocide of Muslims that has been going on for decades in Kashmir.

The result, “Modi’s India has no space for Muslims” and similar slogans start pouring out on screens.

Here’s the future of Muslims in India as we see it!

The Hindu vs. Muslim dilemma!

Muslims form the second largest ethnic group in India and have been in the power for more than 1000 years. The balance of power shifted towards Muslims throughout Indian history from Mongols, native Indians, and many other invading parties only to lose to the British East India Company in 1857.

Being ruled by the Muslims in the land that had previously been ruled by Hindus gave birth to an ideology that would eventually lead to the partition of the Indian sub-continent.

What is the main problem between Hindus and Muslims in India?

Communal violence is the biggest problem between Hindus and Muslims. Every day hundreds of people sacrifice their lives in the name of religion. But in reality, it is just illiteracy that is provoking them to criticize one another’s religious rituals by using weapons in the flow of their emotions.

Which is the best state in India for Muslims?

Uttar Pradesh has apprehended the best state for Indian Muslims to live by. Because among all states of India, Uttar Pradesh is the only state where Muslims are in majority approximately 38,483,967 as per the census report.

Which conflict is going on between India and Pakistan?

One of the greatest unrest and long-running conflict between India and Muslims is the Kashmir dispute. Other than the Kashmir dispute, terrorism over the borders is also the biggest issue that is needed to sort out.

Why do communal riots happen in India?

The issue of religious violence has been flourishing right after the British Empire. In the name of religion, people commit assassinations blindly. And virtually, there is great bloodshed throughout history and contemporarily.

Genocide of Muslims in India

As far as impending refugee crises of Muslims in India are concerned, similarly, the genocide of Muslims is also significant. Various forecasters have depicted there is a big chance of this occurrence taking presently on in the upcoming days. But here is a piece of evidence that delineates the looming bloodletting of Muslims in India on a big scale.

For sure, it was a systematic proceeding that was virtually started in 2017 against Rohingya Muslims by the parallel policies of Narendra Modi and Myanmar’s government. Gregory Stanton’s prophecy regarding Muslim violence in India has emerged.

However, as evidence, you can see the worst happenings with Muslims for their entire eradication from India such as advice by Indian religious figures to pick up weapons and take action against Muslim minorities, setting their homes on fire, and demolishing their life resources as well.

It is such a huge massacre warning that ensures the abolishment of Muslim individuals and their territories.

Hate speech, violence, and lynching against Muslims are on the rise in India. According to Muslims, they have been suffering from oppressive attacks since the time of PM Narendra Modi and his BJP empowerment in 2014. Whilst BJP defies to tyrannize the Muslim communities presiding over the outlawing of Islam in India.

Without any doubt, anti-Muslim victimization is at its peak point. Now here the question arises of whether this violence could lead to genocides? Concerning Gregory Stanton’s words; “we are warning that genocide could very well happen in India”.

Yet, genocide is all about the intention to destroy in part or whole, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. Genocide is not a sudden occurring event, rather it is an agenda with a pre-planning process.

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Communal Riots in India

News of religious riots has been pouring in from many places in India such as; Jahangirpur, Uttrakhand, Gujrat, Karnataka, and many others. These are the current examples of communal riots but if we look into the history, there has been a big chain of events as a trend for the last several years.

This general trend depicts where people are increasingly getting more hateful of religion. Minister of state for home affairs, Nityanand Rai informed the parliament, that during the period from 2016 to 2020, there were about 3400 communal/religious riots.

A pattern is emerging from these riots. A mob carries weapons and swords and takes out a rally. Then some will abuse others’ religion, especially that of Muslims and some will throw stones at each other by claiming that outsiders were brought for rioting.

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Moreover, some political and religious figures would give hate speeches later to ignite their emotions.

Here the question is that why is it happening? Who is responsible and what are the solutions?

In this violence, if a Hindu kills a Muslim, he just sees whether he is a Muslim or Hindu, nothing else more. The major reason behind this is their herd mentality which leads them to pick up the weapons to show their maintenance.

Nevertheless, religious conflicts between Indians and Muslims are from the starting day of the partition of the subcontinent. Barbaric riots of Indians tried their best to eradicate Muslims and Islam by setting Quran, and mosques to fire. Resultantly, on a large scale, sectarian controversy and bloodshed spread overall. 

Kashmir Crisis

After the British Empire, 550 princely states were free to choose their independence or join any other nation. But unfortunately, the Indian prince ruled the princely state of ‘Kashmir’ and it lead to the occupation of the Indian government. Since the people there are mostly Muslims, Islam in India took a hit!

The very first Kashmir conflict between Muslims and Indians started in 1947 at the time of the partition of India. Islam in InAnd Indians revoked article 370. Presently, at the hands of the Indian army, Muslims of Kashmir are losing their lives and resources along with their human rights to live.

Furthermore, atrocity by the Indian government and Indian Army is crushing the right of speech and that of movement of Kashmiri people day by day by inflicting a curfew there. People are living intimidating and miserable life with blockage of all communication.

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Hence, this dispute could only be solved bilaterally or by other peaceful means.


It is quite easy to talk about Islam in India, however, the list of disputes is quite long, and it is even difficult to devise solutions. No solution can solve the Indian-Muslim conflicts until and unless the mutual distrust issue is resolved between the two nations.

However, religious, ethnic, political, economic, and refugee crises need an acknowledgement excluding emotions for the purpose to generalize practical solutions for the betterment of both states.

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