Thousand of Muslims and Arabians commemorate the Quds day



Today, Friday, tens of thousands of Palestinians inside of Palestine and in the diaspora celebrated Quds Day, in conjunction with a mass protest in Arab and Islamic capitals and cities. Started in many cities in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain, the Quds Day, which marks on the last Friday of Ramadan every year. Protesters raised banners denouncing the violations of Israel against Palestinian and chanted against the Israeli occupation. They considered Quds Day a symbol of the unity and cohesion of the Islamic Nations.

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They confirmed that the Arab and Islamic people stand in solidarity with Palestinians in their resistance to the Israeli occupation. Movement, Hamas, affirmed that Jerusalem will remain the center of the conflict with Israeli occupation, In a press statement.

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On the Quds Day, Hamas stressed that the crimes of Israel will not succeed in implementing its plans of Judaization, desecration and division of Jerusalem, and promised our people and nation that we will continue to defend it.

Additionally, Quds Day is considered an important occasion for our Arab and Islamic nations, to renew the solidarity and defence of Jerusalem, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


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