Israeli occupation Forces Killed Palestinian Teen in Jenin



Ahmad Muhammad Massad (18 years), from the town of Burqin, was killed, and three others were wounded, due to the Israeli occupation forces storming of Jenin camp in the morning today 27th of April.

The director of Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin announced that the man, Massad, died of a bullet wound in his head, and three others were wounded.

After the announcement of Massad’s death, a protest began in front of the Hospital in Jenin, in which protesters carried the martyr on their shoulders, and They roamed the streets of the city, amid angry slogans refusing the crimes of Israel and its forces.

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According to local sources, The Israeli forces stormed Jenin from 5 entrances with more than 70 military enclaves and carried out raids and arrests.

Israeli snipers were deployed on the rooftops of houses, and a big amount of soldiers were stationed at the Ayyash roundabout in Jenin.

Clashes took place between the young men and the Israeli occupation forces, who fired live bullets at them, which led to the Massad’s death, and three youths were injured.

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Security sources told “Wafa” that the occupation forces arrested Assem Abu Al-Heija, Yazan Merhi, and Nidal Khazem, from Jenin camp after they raided and searched their houses.

Also, the same sources added that Israeli occupation forces beat the mother of the detainee Abu Al-Heija.


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