Israeli forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests in the West Bank



Israeli forces launched a campaign of raids, arrests, and attacks after storming different parts of the West Bank, at dawn, on April 26. Dozens were injured and others detained.

Israeli forces detained ten Palestinians from different parts of the West Bank.

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According to the Al-Asra Media office: Israeli forces detained the Palestinian liberated detainee Mohammed Hanishah, Yousif Ali Kmail and Ali Assaf from Jenin city, also Israeli forces detained Palestinian liberated detainees Nadi Shurrab and Mahmoud Al-Haj Mohammed from Nablus.

They added, that the Israeli soldiers detained Hamza AbdAllah Tareek and his Son Mohammed after they raided Jericho, and arrested two Palestinian youths and the Palestinian liberated detainee, Othman Asi from Salfit.


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