Irregular Migration and it’s Issues



Immigration is the movement of some people from one place to another, due to wars or economic problems. These people migrate from their home town in search of security, stability, and a standard of living to achieve their needs. Getting some advantages which their home town failed to give is the greatest aim for immigration. But the cost of immigration is high, as during immigration they face many obstacles.

Thousands of migrants left Iraq and Syria and immigrated to the European Union, but unfortunately the European Union refused to welcome them. And to make it worse, they did not allow them to return, finding themselves stuck between the borders like the ones at the borders of Belarus. 

Immigrants stuck in the borders of Belarus

The matter became more complicated when the Poles built an iron fence between Poland and Belarus to prevent these immigrants from entering the borders of the European Union.

The human rights organization has intervened to help the stranded between Poland and Belarus and provide them with the requirements for living. But the Polish president has refused this because this will require them to cross the border. 

What is the government reaction?

Polish border police have announced that there are many tries from immigrants to exceed the borders of Poland to enter Germany in an illegal way. The border guards were able to prevent some of them, but the number was more than they imagined, as some migrants succeeded crossing the border and reaching Germany. Fortunately, Poland’s defense minister said his country faced “many attempts” to breach the border with Belarus overnight, but has now prepared 15,000 soldiers to repel them.

So that, the government has raised the levels of safety and put some rules to prevent any country from allowing those immigrants to exceed the borders and enter Poland. 

But the situation is more difficult than anyone can imagine, as an example, one of the Kurdistan youth stated that he wants to leave his country and go to the European unity in a trying to reach social justice. He has four brothers and none of them has been employed in any governmental sector. That’s because they don’t join any Political party. When he reached the top of desperation, he decided to leave his hometown and forward to another state which can achieve his ambitions.

 To reach the European Union, it is a must to cross the border with Belarus. And the situation in Belarus is not guaranteed at all. Not long ago, clashes occurred between immigrants and a Belarusian soldier, which led to the death of many immigrants but what makes these young people leave their countries and go to different places?

The causes for immigration in general:

  • The poor economic conditions in the home town and the lack of job opportunities which don’t achieve the demands of the growing population day by day.
  • The suffusion of many natural disasters such as: earthquakes and volcanos.
  • The spread of wars, so these people don’t feel safe one day.

These are the main causes for immigration. Let’s mention the problems immigrants have passed through their immigration.

The problems of immigrants:

  • Migration leads to the lack of high-skilled people in their home town, as they serve other countries. This problem must be addressed by the state in order not to lose all skilled workers.
  • The high unemployment rate in the countries to which they migrated as a result of their accumulation in the countries that had many job opportunities, and this is that they had traveled in vain. So these people did not have a job in their home town, they also did not have a job in the country to which they immigrated. 
  • The difficulty in getting a new job especially if this immigration is illegal.
  • Immigrants have faced a problem while they are dealing with their hometown citizens. This happens because of the variety of cultures. So, many experts have noticed that there is a variety in thinking among them.
  • The increasing number of immigrates caused a s tress on the Public services in the country which people migrated to. This matter negatively affects this country and thus transforms it from a developed country to a developing country.
Who is Ammar Abdul-Jabbar ?

Ammar Abdul-Jabbar, one of the German boxing champions from Iraq, has moved to Germany since 2010. He considered boxing as his only source of income, but recently he decided not to leave Germany alone, but also leave the team he works with. That’s because the government wants his mother to leave Germany as her passport expired. Because of the son’s affection for his mother, Ammar decided to immigrate from Germany with his mother in case the German authorities refused any period for the mother to stay.

 It is a fact that the state should eliminate the number of immigrants. So let’s know what the state has done in case of reducing the number of immigrants.

Really, it will be a huge trouble if these matters aren’t solved. So that, let’s know the suggested strategies to solve these problems.

How to eliminate the problems of immigrants?

  • Providing youth with many opportunities and making full use of the exciting skills instead of exporting them to another country. This will happen by establishing many factors and companies in all aspects of life. If the country does not have the ability to employ people, it is essential to reduce the number of unemployed.
  • Contributing to the establishment of investment projects that keep pace with the requirements of life and achieve self-sufficiency for young people without wanting anyone.
  • The most important is holding conferences in which many young people and business owners are hosted to talk about the problems they face then try to solve that.
  • Developed countries should help the developing ones instead of the continuous immigration to these countries. This will help to reduce the side effects which happen because of the immigrants. So that, this economic support would be an ideal solution for individuals to obtain what they wanted in their home town instead of traveling abroad.

Immigration has become a usual matter in Arab countries related to what most Arab countries suffer from. Some people immigrate and achieve their goals and others immigrate in vain. Those have not achieved any goals of their immigration. The other sect is going through the stage of adapting to the conditions of the state in which they live until the wheel of development begins to flourish, but how long will we wait?

The exerted efforts are incredible, but the following process of achieving flourish in all aspects of life will take much time. This change in life requires many steps. Who has the ability to wait?


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