Iraq is Suffering from Water Crisis



There is no doubt that water is one of the most important and indispensable sources of life. For humans, animals, and plants. One of us cannot stand still one day without water. Besides living creatures, it’s necessary for machines. This is strong proof of the benefit of water. Lately, many countries have suffered from water shortages such as Iraq.

Water shortage:

Water shortage is the sharp decrease in the amount of water, this shortage hinders the people from getting their daily share of water. When people don’t get the daily amount of water and many problems related to watering and drinking begins to appear, this is the problem of the water crisis. That is especially what happened to Iraq. Let’s know the types of water scarcity in Iraq.

Signs of water scarcity:

  • the under groundwater in the deserts of Iraq decreased, the desert plants died, and the agricultural crops eroded.
  • Continuous conflicts between regions to obtain the daily share of water. As many regions have the daily share of water and others don’t have. Conflictions have been raised due to this reason.
  • The severe drop in the level of the rivers that supply Iraq with the necessary water, this matter causes horror for some citizens.

So that, the official speaker of Iraq has announced that Iraq has suffered from a severe shortage at the amount of water which spreads quickly and causes damages to all living creatures. Many people think that: ” why does this drought enter Iraq only and the other Arab countries can get their daily share of water easily?”. So, let’s mention the causes for the water shortage in Iraq.

The causes of water shortage:

  • This crisis happens due to the effects of global warming which leads to climate change which represents the lack of rain. Many global associations have noticed that it will be a problem with water in the following years and this notification is true as all these start to happen.
  • The prohibiting of many rivers to pass through Iraq due to political conflicts such as the zad river. This makes a gap in the amount of water in Iraq.
  • The near countries use a huge quantity of water wastefully in the last few years. That’s happening as Iraq has mutual rivers with the other counties. So that, the quantity of water that reaches Iraq is not enough for everyone.

All these matters are considered the main cause for the crisis of water Iraq passes these days. It’s proper that the water crisis has many effects. So let’s mention that.

The effects of water shortage in Iraq:

  • The spread of drought and desertification in agricultural lands is a result of the scarcity of irrigation operations due to the lack of water needed for that. This happens especially in the south of Iraq.
  • The prevention of electricity generation due to that the exciting amount of water is not enough to turn on turbines.
  • Destruction of agricultural land, stopping fishing operations, which is likely to end the lives of some residents of isolated areas that have little access to water.
  • The spread of diseases as people starts to use the used water for doing other activities. Some people start to use this water after the process of desalination and the remote cities used it without any desalination.

The good news is that the government has put many strategies to rationalize the use of water. What is the role of the government to pass this situation? let’s clarify that.

The government’s plan to get out of the crisis:

The government’s plan will be completely established in the next ten years through:

  • The government used the latest modern technology and this was done through drip irrigation and trying to raise water storage rates.
  • The establishment of underground lockers and building 227 station to make the full use of underground water through the process of desalination.
  • It is also established nearly 409 stations to produce water using solar energy as it is clean and helps to save money.
  • The government starts to search for other sources of water in case of the rivers become a drought. These resources represent Seawater desalination and wastewater treatment.

Therefore, it is self-evident that water is the mainstay of any country and it cannot achieve any progress without the availability of the daily, monthly and annual quota of water for its inhabitants. The idea of having no water makes the people feel horror. Many experts think that it is a good strategy to search for other sources of water. Maybe the crisis of water will disappear in the following years in the case of rationalization of water in the near countries. If this crisis does not disappear in the following years, it will be trouble for all the habitants. Who knows the end of this crisis?


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