What’s Happening to the Muslims of India?



Islam is the second-largest religion in India. The beginning of Islam in India is related to the seventh century. This happens during the coming of the Arab traders. In the past, there was a consensus between Indian Muslims and people of other religions. Consensus between Muslims and others results in Prosperity in all aspects of life, but this matter doesn’t last much until What happened in the recent religious persecution.

Religious persecution is known as the Mental or physical struggle between the Muslims and the other people of different religions or the struggle between the majority of the same region and the minority of that. It is noteworthy that this violence starts at 23. Feb. 2021. This is known as Denial of freedom of thought and conscience by imposing certain types of religions. Maybe it is a question about the reasons for political persecution that the Muslims of India have been subjected to in recent times. Let’s mention them.

The reasons for persecution in India:

The main reason lies in the resentment of the non-Muslim population of India with the Muslims because they worship a God other than their Gods, which neither benefit nor harm. This is called deprivation related to freedom of Worship.

Persecution in India also gets grower and grower related to the clash between the minority group of Muslims and people of other religions that invaded India. This is a kind of religious intolerance that has occurred recently and has stirred public opinion against them. This article will show some of the Manifestations of persecution.

Manifestations of persecution in India:

This was demonstrated by what happened in New Delhi. New Delhi has witnessed the worst attacks which haven’t been happened in the last century. Indians make many Muslims homeless by attacks on their homes and taking them without any right to that. If the one struggled and refused to let the home, they would inflame the fire at the owned homes

Offensive operations led to the killing of more than 40 Muslims in new Delhi only. This in turn pushed the ruling authorities to prevent Muslims from outcoming to limit the seriousness of the situation, but this decision will not benefit much. That is because attackers get into their homes. This means ” Muslims will not come outdoors and will not live safely at their homes “.

 Non- Muslims don’t attack Muslims only, but they attack the Mosques, too. Also, the operations of setting fires on mosques have happened. The matter is odd that none of the firefighters came to save the situation. As the entire town became under the control of the non-Muslim sect.

What makes matters worse and worse is that the police arrested the preachers of mosques so that Muslims would not reunite again. This results in Raping the women and the kidnapping of the children.

One of the Muslims whose house got burned on 25 February said:

“ A vast majority of Indians have come to believe that Muslims are a threat to India but we are not”. “We are as Indian as they are.”

This is one of the strongest attacks all over the world which didn’t happen since the middle ages. The question stills active is that Islam does not force any person to entire, how can anyone force Muslims to get rid of the main religion? Maybe the matter is worse than expected. What happened to the humans?

The role of the ruling authorities towards the Muslims:

“The violence is overwhelming. It’s rampant and common and also very acceptable,” says Alishan Jafri, a freelance journalist who’s been documenting attacks on Indian Muslims for the last three years.” So that, Authorities of India accept this violence and see this is the suitable matter towards the variety of religions. 

Also, the police in India help these groups to attack Muslims instead of defending them. This means that all the authorities have decided to attack Muslims and will not let them live safely again although they are Indians.

Although all of them are Indians the people who killed the Muslims suffer from Intolerance for the sake of religion. All the times any violence happened related to some peoples of Race or ancestry. But the problems related to religions don’t happen for many ages. Segregation on the grounds of religion has not occurred since the days of the Prophet.

Also, Allah told us not to kill any person without any right. As Allah said,” But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment”. So, how did all these types of violence happen?


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