I wrote Palestinian Blogs Without a Break and This is What Happened



We have often heard or read that ‘Palestine is under attack’ or ‘Gaza is attacked.’ It breaks our hearts every single time but what’s more depressing is the feeling of helplessness.

Israel’s attack on Palestine is one of the world’s most violent attacks that has been going on for over 70 years. Palestine has never been in peace due to the violence, Israeli occupation, and ethnic cleansing. The Palestinians faced the worst violence in years during the last couple of months. But it has not stopped to date.

The people of Palestine were tortured and forced to leave their homes in Sheikh Jarrah by the Israelis following an Israeli court order that favored the Israelis. Hundreds of people were brutally attacked just to leave their own homes.
Following protests by the Palestinians, the Israeli soldiers attacked the third most sacred Mosque in Islam, the Al Aqsa Mosque, during the blessed month of Ramadan. The worshippers were dispersed and attacked using steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades. Hundreds of people were injured.

The attacks did not stop there; airstrikes of Gaza followed and went on for many days. Gaza was attacked, killing many Palestinians, including children, depriving the Palestinians of food, water, medicine, and electricity; the basic needs were halted.

As of May 21, 2021, the Defense for Children International PALESTINE (DCIP) documented a total of 67 Palestinian children killed in the Gaza strip since the attacks began on May 10. Hundreds of Palestinians were killed, and thousands were injured. Over 91,000 people were displaced, with homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed. In fact, 97% of Gaza’s drinking water is not suitable for human consumption.

The voices of the Palestinians have been silenced all these years from all forms of media, denying their own rights to freedom of speech. Social media helped a great deal to show the world what exactly was going on in Palestine and how much the Palestinians were suffering every day.

We also see that certain tech companies are censored and removed all the posts spoken and shared in favor of the Palestinians. Regardless, many young Palestinians are taking it to social media to voice out and share the sufferings they are facing every day, giving us a clear insight.
Voices have been raised through various forms against the Israeli forced occupied by concerned people worldwide. And I had the opportunity to raise my voice through writing, spread the word, and share about what’s going on in Palestine.

Only when I started to write about the sufferings of Palestinians did I realize how much we have been missing and been misled all these years by the sources that deliberately hid the facts.
Sadly as the conflict arose this year, just like always, I started writing about it. The situation kept getting worse in Palestine, so I had to keep writing Palestinian blogs without a break, and it was kind of giving me mental pressure.
Just writing and having to talk about the violent attacks, bloodshed, and death, and even the death of children daily, was itself giving me mental pressure. Imagine how it would be for the Palestinians to face such trauma every day of their lives.

Losing loved ones, even if they survived, luckily being left without a family, having to spend the rest of their lives with serious injuries and all kinds of life-threatening health issues, and living in fear every single day is not an easy thing to deal with.

The children of Palestine are still suffering from fear and distress. For many years to come, the Palestinian children will bear the mental consequences of the conflict. Due to the continuous exposure to violence and displacements, the Palestinians are at a higher risk for developing anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Depression, social exclusion, psychological trauma are a few of what the Palestinians go through. The media never talks about the sufferings of the Palestinians. Nobody will have a clue as to what is exactly going on. If none of us research and write about it, the world will never know what innocent lives go through. If nobody knows, they will not come forward to help the suffering Palestinians. People rely on the internet to get all kinds of information, so bloggers play an essential part in what they do. When we voice out, it reaches people in each part of the world. The more we speak about the sufferings of the Palestinians, the better it is.

We must speak about injustice no matter where it happens. The more we communicate and spread the facts, the better it reaches everyone living worldwide. That sure will make a huge difference. Writing about Palestine in a row, explaining the sufferings of the Palestinians and the number of deaths in words has been very disturbing to me. Still, I am glad I could do something for the Palestinians by raising my voice through my words.

Researching, sharing the correct facts, and creating awareness so the world understands the situation in Palestine better and gets an insight into what is really going on. The more I wrote, the more knowledge I gained about the conflict. I also found out that there are many ways to help the Palestinians who are suffering. There are many organizations to which we can donate whatever we can, and they will make it reach the Palestinians in need.
Expressing our views, thoughts, and concern through blogging and raising awareness for campaigns to help the Palestinians. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I got the chance. Each of our little acts does make a huge difference. We must never stop talking about injustice.

I pray and hope that the Palestinians should not face any more violence in their lives. It’s high time they get the peace they deserve. Let us use social media wisely to spread the right message and help innocent human beings who deserve equal rights as everyone else.


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