New Hijri Year



The first day of the Hijri’s New Year is the day when the Prophet Muhammad and his companions migrated from mecca to Al-medina.

New Hijri year is considered a moral to Muslims  

The New Year has a great impact on the souls of Muslims.

They feel the sanctity of the events that encountered the prophet and his companions during his journey towards Medina.

They are affected by the situations that have passed through the Holy Prophet and his companions.

The Prophet Muhammad’s decision to emigrate had a great impact on the souls of his companions. They have cooperated to make the plan a success.

Sacrifices made by the companions

Ali ibn Abi Talib agreed, may Allah is pleased with him, to sleep in the prophet’s place; So that the Quraysh would not pay attention to his absence from the house. As he was leaving at noon, while everyone feels hot and rest in their homes.

Abu Bakr al-Siddiq had suggested to the prophet to accompany him in his journey, and the prophet agreed.

And together they emigrated, enduring various physical and psychological difficulties.

The attitudes of the Prophet’s companions greatly impact the souls of Muslims as they learn how to sacrifice. And its impact on the preservation and dissemination of the Islamic religion in the city.

Who established the Hijri calendar?

This is the first day of the Islamic calendar established by caliph Umar ibn al Khattab.

It is considered a reminder of an important event in the lives of Muslims, which is the migration of the Prophet, peace be upon him, from Mecca to Medina.

This calendar is characterized by its dependence on the moon in determining its most famous months.

The Hijri year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar, which depends on the sun in determining its months, by eleven to twelve days, which makes the first of Muharram come in different seasons each year.

How did the Hijri calendar start in the first place?

The Hijri calendar was founded by Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him.

He founded the Hijri calendar because Abu Musa al -Ashaari was confused in determining the date of related books and contracts.

So, he wrote to Umar complaining that he could not implement some of the contracts and books in the specified time because there were no dates on them.

And in another novel, Umar has received a contract by which a man owes a debt to a man to be dissolved in the month of Shaaban. But he did not know which Shaaban was, was it Shaaban of the current year or the past Shaaban.

Which of the novels is true?

There is no confusion between the two novels it is likely that both are true.

Eventually, Umar has called to gather his companions to put a new calendar, so the companions divided into three teams.

The first team’s opinion: To make the birth of the Prophet the beginning of the Hijri calendar.

The second team’s opinion: To make the beginning of the Hijri calendar the day that Gabriel has descended on the prophet in Ramadan with the first verses of the Quran

The third team’s opinion: To make the beginning of the Hijri calendar the day that the prophet moved from Mecca towards Al medina, which was the opinion of Omar ibn al-Khattab Othman and Ali.

The third opinion was the perfect one as the time of migration is known to everyone. So, Omar ibn al-Khattab said:

Migration has distinguished between right and wrong

That was the reason for making Muharram the first month of the year.

Conclusion: the joy of Muslims and their rituals in the Hijri New Year

The story of the prophetic migration contains many lessons that are the basis for the construction and cultural change in the future of the Islamic religion.

If many want to do research dealing with the Hijri New Year to learn more about its details, the migration has greatly impacted the formation of the uprising generation mindsets.

In many Muslim countries, special celebrations may be found in the reception of the new Hijri year, which has been recognized as the holiday of the Hijri year.


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