The suffering of Syrian refugee



Since the Syrian war precisely started March 15, 2011, families have suffered below a cruel struggle that has killed many thousands of individuals, shredded the state apart, and set back the status of living by decades. Now in its 10th year, the Syrian refugee crisis is that the biggest refugee and displacement crisis of our time.

Approximately 5.6 million Syrians are refugees, and extra 6.2 million people are displaced within Syria. Almost 12 million people in Syria need humane support. At least half the people suffering from the Syrian refugee crisis are children.

Healthcare centers, schools, hospitals, utilities, and water and sanitation systems are destroyed. Memorable landmarks and busy marketplaces rubbled. War destroyed the business and social ties that tied neighbors to their society. The war has become a communal conflict.

Where for numerous Syrian children, all they require to know is war. Their grim conditions have had an intense impact on their social, mental, and physical health, endangering the future of youngsters who will at some point got to reconstruct Syria.

Am I capable to assist Syrian refugees?

Syrians fleeing struggle in their nation usually leaves everything behind. Because of that, they demand all the fundamentals that sustain their lives: food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, and household and hygiene items. Refugees further need reliable supplies of unpolluted water, also as sanitation facilities. Children need a secure environment and an opportunity to play and move to school. Adults want work opportunities in cases of long-term displacement.

You could help Syrian refugees by praying for them, using your gifts for his or her benefit

Syrian Refugee Stories

After nine years of war, over half the people of Syria have been obliged to escape their homes, with 6.6 million people internally displaced and 5.6 million refugees. Many Syrian children lost a dear relative, a parent, or sibling, and thousands separated from their families within the confusion of war. Many have dropped years of education, with 2.1 million children in Syria currently out of school.

Salim’s Story

Fighting to Survive the winter during a camp

In the midst of a severe winter, Salim, age 2, tries to remain warm at a camp near the Syrian border. With temperatures nearly sub-zero, Salim will face this cruel winter during a snow-covered tent with only the garments on his back to stay warm.

The cold days are long, but the nights are acutely longer for Salim. When the sun comes down, the temperature falls, and he could feel the cold air against his cheeks. He shivers to stay his body warm but with no blanket, he has nothing to secure him against the cold air breezing through the tent. He is one of many children fighting to survive the winter in a refugee camp and because the conditions turn difficult, he’s in desperate need of warm clothes, blankets, and food.

Children are the foremost vulnerable in refugee camps. They were detached from their homes, schools, friends, and families, then forced to start out new lives in strange environments.

Yaser’s Story

For two long years, violence has stopped Yaser’s five children, Ali, 15, Ahmed, 14, Hala, 10, Sedra, 7, and Aya, 3, from living a usual life. They haven’t been able to move to school or play outside – the sharpshooter and rocket attacks made it too dangerous. Rather, they learned what sort of weapon used just by the sound it made.

“Being afraid was a permanent state of mind. I used to be continually fearful,” said Ahmed. “When I go to bed, I always queried if I’d get up the subsequent morning”. The violence became deeply risky and high for Yaser and his wife. Therefore, they made the decision to save their family and search for a faraway better life in Germany. They were totally ready to make their long and hard journey from sunset to sunrise so they wouldn’t be spotted. Young Hala dropped her glasses during their tour. “Everything is now odd, but now it’s too blurry,” she said. “It is greatly scary to not be able to see obviously.”

They walked for days till they found the boat that could carry them to Germany. Due to the risque in water levels, children were frightened, but the family ultimately made it. Now they want to wait to register for asylum, a process that takes up to 2 weeks. During those two weeks, the family needs to wait outside the registration center a day for his or her number to be called. There are not any facilities or shelter from the rain.

“I am wearied of waiting here total day. We actually stand in the rain. But I will be capable to inform you something: after everything we’ve been through, a touch of rain can’t harm me.” Ahmed added.


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