Two of Japan’s Most Skilled Doctors’ Convert to Islam



The events of this story go back many years when Yuna and Netse, two Japanese girls, traveled to England to study at Oxford University School of Medicine when they were on a date with the fate of God, the Almighty. The two girls met their college classmate, Siyasa, a Muslim girl from Malaysia. The three female students lived in one room during their studying years. The surprise and curiosity permeated the girls’ minds when their colleague Siyasa performed prayers. Siyasa performed the five daily prayers with reverence and serenity. Also, the girls became more surprised as she wore clothes that fully cover her body. I later told them that Islam orders its followers to pray daily to maintain a lasting spiritual connection with the one God, the creator of all things, and she also clarified to them the wisdom of wearing hijab in Islam.

Siyasa used every opportunity to provide more information about her religion-with pleasure and welcome – to her two colleagues, who had become her best friends, and the three girls became as if they are sisters. Over many months and years, the girls became more passionate about the religion offered to them by fellow Muslims

It was a brilliant idea for Siyasa to take them to the great Islamic Center set up by the famous British preacher Yusuf Islam, his name was Stephen before Islam. Where they all attended weekly lessons about Islam throughout their years at Oxford University. After graduating with the highest degree in surgery, Yuna and Netsy were sad as they could not stand separating their Muslim colleague Siyasa. As it was time to return home when a real miracle happened to the two of them which made them both convert to Islam.

How did they become Muslims?

Yuna was sitting comfortably in her plane seat when she heard a whisper in her ear. She thought one of the two friends was talking to her. Therefore, she turned around and found no one was talking to her. She tried to close her eyes again suddenly, she heard the voice more clearly, it was a man’s voice. The anonymous whisper encouraged her to travel with Netsy to Malaysia and ask Siyasa to teach them how to become good Muslims. 

The two girls hugged each other after Yuna told Nesty what the anonymous whisper had encouraged her to do. Netsy said she had already been thinking about converting to Islam for a while. And indeed, Siyasa took them happily to her mother’s house in Malaysia, and then to a Shariah court where they have answered quite successfully to all questions of Muslim scholars. As they have learned all the pillars of Islam and also have learned how to pray. They both said the shahada with tears of those who satisfied their conversion to Islam.

What happened after their conversion to Islam?

Netse and Yuna were appointed professors at the medical school after their return to Japan. Speaking of their surgical skills, the Japanese government has sent them several times for urgent Micro-Surgeries in Korea and other neighboring countries seeking medical help from Japan.

They both memorized most of the Holy Quran parts – with Tajwid – even though they do not know the Arabic language!! This was not all that happened as the lights of Islam has extended to their families. And their parents later converted to Islam. The three women doctors dream of constructing a huge hospital in one of the Muslim countries in need to treat poor Muslim patients.

What should we learn from this?

This true story is to all our Muslim youth who study abroad or other, and to all those who the circumstances force them to contact non-Muslims, and we say to them: here is what a Muslim girl made that encourages two non-Muslim families to convert to Islam. Millions and even billions of non-Muslims desperately need someone to take their hands and explain the aspects of greatness, wisdom, and perfection of the great Islam.

How could we offer to Islam?

In many cases, the ability of god spread Islam all over the world without much effort from Muslims. Yet we appeal to every able person not to skimp on anything they can do in order to spread Islam by any means such as: contributing with money, through media, or by speaking to foreigners in order to invite others to Islam. It is worthy of paradise.

We remind everyone, talking to the hadith in which he said the prophet to Ali bin Abi Talib:

“for by Allah, even if a single man is led on the right path (of Islam) by Allah through you, then that will be better for you than the nice red camels.”


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