Friendship is a Way For Jannah



Friendship in simplistic words could be a relationship you’ve got together with your chosen family. Friends are the sisters and brothers we nevermore had, and are by our side through life’s ups and downs. It feels excellent to brighten their days Each friend acts as a world in us, a world perhaps not born until they arrive, and it’s only by this meeting that a different world is born.”

In Islam, the prophet Muhammad, (PBUH) and his honest friends, the rightly guided caliphs Abu Bakar, Omar, Osman, and Ali are pure honest friendship. Their friendship was supported by a shared faith in Allah s.w.t., and therefore the responsibility to assist the nascent Muslim community. All had their portion of trials and tribulations and every one distinguished them. Their effect was felt throughout the centuries.

The Muslim community is inclusive, as every Muslim maybe a brother or a sister. There’s room for people of the book, too, as there are verses that say kind things about them. The way of the prophet (PBUH) was to treat the people of the book well, as long as they treated the Muslims well, too. In fact, the Constitution of Medina guaranteed the rights of the Jews and Christians, and that they were a part of the community (ummah). It’s later that an exclusive brand of Islam appeared.

Quran Verses About Friendship

The friends of God are mentioned because the Hizballah, the party of Allah. Satan is described as an enemy of God and an enemy of the believers. God encourages the believers to not take Satan, the enemy of God and their enemy, for a friend; he and his progeny “watch you from where you cannot see them.” (Q, 7: 27). The Qur’an has advice on the way to protect friendships. We are advised to reply to evil with good:

Good deeds, in some words, turn enemies into friends. This is often nearly like the Christian advice to “turn the opposite cheek,” but during a way better because a positive act brings a few positive results, instead of just additional pain for the casualty. We also are advised to “forgive and overlook” small faults. We also are advised to forgive if we wish to be forgiven. (Q, 24: 22).

How to pick a friend

Islam has installed the characteristics of a righteous friend; in order that we will make the proper choice.

A closer check of the friend’s choice blocks us from regretting it then. While picking the proper friend, we’ve to select on him\her with good mannerism and behavior.

Meantime, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has advised us to withdraw bad companions with bad manners, like, hypocrisy, deception, lying, and miserliness. As Muslims, we shouldn’t take our special friends from non-Muslims and this doesn’t contradict the great treatment of non-Muslims.

Goof friend specifications: Islam has put a number of these characteristics for selecting an honest friend.

  • He must be intelligent and believer.
  • He must be honest and tolerant.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated

“Man is affected by the Faith of his friends. Therefore, Be careful of whom you befriend.”

Narrated by Abu Dawud Tirmidhi.

The moral importance of friendship

The friend must be of good character and religion. As the person who is devoid of the good morals commanded by our true religion does not believe in his family, nor is he trusted in his friendship, but changes according to the change of passions and desires, in addition to that he may transmit his infection to those who accompany him, and he will be afflicted with his affliction, and he will repulse it, and they said: The patient is not acquitted by having contact with the healthy one, and that is why Abu Al-Alaa Al-Maari said:

Hence, the warning of the Prophet Muhammad, God bless him: (A person is based on the debt of his boyfriend, so let one of you see who breaks)

  • The greatest kind of friendship

Love in God is one of the greatest types of friendship in Islam, by making love purely for God free from any matter in the world’s interests. Rather, it is based on righteousness and piety. In the saying of the Prophet, peace is upon him: (If one of you loves his brother, let him tell him that he loves him).


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