Conspiracy And Covid: The Covid Deniers In Your Community



The withdrawal and control of civil liberties during this pandemic has ignited the flame for conspiracy theorists throughout-but to a much greater extent than you imagine

The prevalence and interference of coronavirus upon our lives has brought many things into question. On many levels-we are questioning our beliefs, our values and our morality. The restriction upon our freedom has backed many into a corner and created resistance of varying levels. There are people suggesting masks ‘infringe upon human rights’, and voices of disagreement on entering into another lockdown.

The existence of the virus has overburdened our households and caused fraction-the actions of those under lockdown has caused more angst and separation than the Scottish referendum. Neighbours only too happy to shop one another and families cutting off ties with family members ‘breaking the rules’. 

If there ever was a greater topic to stimulate an analysis of beliefs and values: living with coronavirus would be it. 

Everything from: when did you first notice symptoms and when did you report it, to-can we have this pupil in school and ‘did she travel after ordering a test’? Talk about:

Big brother watching

I have never analysed my behaviour more, or others, or certainly this regularly. Even more worrying is the belief of a conspiracy theory. It is a growing belief-particularly within America that coronavirus is a government and global conspiracy to vaccinate us all. Oh, and lockdown was an opportunity to install mass 5G.

This is not even within minorities, family members of mine think covid 19 is manmade. The theories vary and have massive implications because it encourages people to ignore government advice and leave their home. As the video states:

’22% of 16-24 year olds believe there is a link between 5G and covid 19’

Further, there are people out there who think coronavirus is manmade to de-populate the planet; and this is all being driven through Mr Vaccinator himself-Bill Gates. 

But Where Do Conspiracy Theories Come From?

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are largely built on hunch and assumption-rather than actual facts. Bill Gates is a campaigner for vaccination-in third world countries where it is mandatory for life to survive. The conspiracy theory behind Bill Gates is that through mandatory vaccination-people will be killed en masse and the overpopulation within the planet will be resolved. Although, they forget Bill Gates has almost eradicated polio in Africa with his vaccination. That means life is preserved.

Conspiracy theorists take one piece of information and apply it to their belief, which is not actually grounded in fact. 

And What about The 5G Conspiracy?

Due to 5G being rolled out during the prevalence of the pandemic-it is not hard to see how conspiracy theorists have taken flight. Does it have a relationship to covid 19? I cannot rationalise how 5G would have a relationship to covid 19-5G has been around longer than the pandemic, and people had conspiracy theories about it before the pandemic. But this is how conspiracy theories start. I am not sure what theorists do about developing countries within Africa that have coronavirus but no 5G? The likes of Nigeria has been more affected by covid than other African nations but it doesn’t have 5G.

Comparatively, South Africa has been the worst hit within the African continent and they have the beginnings of 5G-but there is minimal usage.

Arguably, you can see the link between 5G and covid when you do look at it from one angle concerning Africa. There has been little prevalence of the virus in Africa and they have very little 5G availability. 

And yet, there are few of us in the United Kingdom and across Europe who have 5G handsets. 

‘But you can see how easily these ideas spread’

These Are Ideas Within Your Own Locality

The notion of covid 19 being a lie is a reality I think many people would like to uphold but cannot-having to face the grim, the very real reality of burying their own family member. As crazy as it seems-these are ideas within your own locality. The idea being that covid is a lie and fascist. I suppose the fascist part is to do with de-population. Although, I think if that truly were the case-you may see far more people dying than the 1 million global so far.

Also, I am finding it hard to marry both fascism and lies, since if covid is a lie-it could not be fascist. I can’t see how it can be both. However, someone in this locality did feel lies and fascism are at the heart of the global pandemic.

Whilst these views may represent the few, they are there-even within the place you live.

Is there Any Truth Within The Fiction?

I think it is important to keep an open mind and to question everything, but to do so within reason. There were always be conspiracies and theorists-and this is healthy. I can understand where someone might pick up the idea of fascism within this whole thing-the weak are literally being separated from the strong, but I don’t think it is deliberate. If it is, then it is not to de-populate but maybe cause chaos?

However, the reality is-this is a very predictable situation we are in-it only takes a bug to grow to a certain degree to start to cause mayhem.

Whilst I think it is important to entertain theories-there is truth and people out there who (I believe) do want to de-populate the world. Or, they at least think that is the answer to many global problems; I do not think covid 19 is an example of this-or anything to do with 5G. 

But one must question everything. As well as the conspiracy theorists themselves.


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