America Decides To Change Course: #byebyetrump



Biden is leading Trump in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia: often Republican states; America turns out in record numbers to change the course of history

Biden is on the brink of the presidency. In an unprecedented election in which more voters have turned out than any other-it is still so close. This is despite Biden receiving more votes than any other president in history, and there are still votes to be counted. If it came down to the popular vote: Biden would be in the lead. But it doesn’t. This is what the polls predicted, but they got the support for Trump wrong-or at least a little misconstrued.

Biden V’s Trump In VERY Close Call

Clearly, America is not taking any chances and the voter turnout on both sides has been massive. Trump is meeting Biden 50/50 in many of the uncalled states and this has everyone hanging on a knife edge. However, Biden and his team are calling victory and have been doing so since yesterday. They have at least been predicting it-which would have anyone shaking in their boots.

Understanding The American System For A Brit

Yet, it appears this is the story that is unfolding. There is a whole mathematical equation to this thing and CNN have been rolling out incredible coverage of the unfolding evidence. Concerning the electoral college roll: the likelihood of a victory or non-victory is very much dependant upon each state. As much as the American electoral college system has completely confuffled me in the past-CNN’s coverage has enlightened me. I now understand. 

The dominant anchor in it all is Chris Cuomo-definitely could watch him all day. And all I can think of is:

“Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my hunny”

The Current State of Play

For this reason: Biden must win Philadelphia to surpass the 270 electoral college votes needed. Or, he has to go the route of winning Arizona and Nevada. Currently, he just won Arizona and so now needs only another 6 votes. 

Wait a minute…that’s not what CNN are saying…currently, as of 7.25pm GMT on this Friday night. CNN has not called Arizona yet, but the net has. Precautionary steps are being taken by the major news outlets, and all potential paths eliminated-before a winner is projected for that state.

This is all very contrary to what Trump is saying of course. As soon as he got wind he might not win:


You actually couldn’t write it. It is so embarrassing…that I think he was actually shouting out allegations of fraud just after election day-before many votes had even been counted. I mean, it’s madness.

So by 6am the day after election day, Donald was telling ‘his people’ and ‘America’s citizens’ that the election had been ‘stolen’ from him by the Democrats. Or they were ‘trying’ to steal it. I love that he decides there was something ‘untoward’ only 9 hours in, after the polls had closed. By that time, there would have barely been a vote counted, yet he decides it’s been ‘fraudulent’. We are still waiting on a result…3 days after. 


But Donald knew he was going to lose early and what do little boys do when they don’t get what they want?

They have a tantrum:

The Death Of Trump as We Know It

For Donald and his ego: this is the end. I don’t think his ego thought he’d lose and who knows-maybe he’ll scrape it out the bag, but at this hour-it’s doubtful. If Biden wins Pennsylvania (which he accused of being corrupt early doors), the game is OVER


This is all the behaviour of a well versed narcissist, allowed to terrain on the projection of his rants, bribes and sheer bully demeanour. The age of the Trump is OVER and a new day is dawn, just over the horizon. Biden is winning in classically Republican states because Republican’s are slowly seeing the truth of this very ugly picture. Donald Trump is not a Republican, he belongs to his party only. He even names state wins…in his own name.


If he has even won them. And largely, despite whatever he says; his verse is simply not true and this has to change-drastically, within America. America has allowed an outright liar and thief of integrity to reign supreme. Sadly, it is not surprising to see why, if some of the Trump supporters are anything to go by:


Death of an Era

She’s from a group called the ‘Trumpettes’ and I call them the ‘Trumpests’. Hideous. Very like her poster boy-she cannot listen to what someone asks her, and fails to make any point or sense. A sentence which sums up what has happened these past four years.

This is what I largely believe to be the ‘old era’, and you can meet this pattern of ‘psychosis’ in other ‘new countries’ as well. Those hanging on to the old. Australia, like America-has a dying breed of entitled, prejudistic, narcissistic brats at the helm (all in their 60’s+); who just haven’t caught up yet with the changing face of reality. Having grown up with Disney-it’s not too difficult to spot the Medusa’s, but one always has to be careful-they come in many forms.

The sad story is: this is not often called out, and these people go unchallenged and covered. But now we are on the brink of ousting the world’s biggest brute, and hopefully ‘turning off’ the shadow side of the generation he comes from.

Or certainly replacing them with a new power.


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