Wildfires, Hurricanes, vanishing ice sheets: what else Trump needs to admit Climate Crisis?



With his comment on the catastrophic wildfire in California, President Donald Trump has once again intimated his reckless mindset towards the most evident crisis that the world is facing, Climate Crisis.

The wildfires raging in California and Oregon, the collapsing Antarctic ice sheet, record-breaking increase in the temperature, hottest summer in the northern hemispheres and deadly hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean are not enough for President Trump to believe that the world is confronting its worst fear.

What more proof does President Trump want to accept that we are having a climate change crisis?

Raging wildfires upshot of the climate crisis

From the beginning of 2020 to till date 41,051 wildfires are recorded, according to National Interagency Fire Center. By these fires till now, more than 5 million acres of land have burned into ashes, aerating 110m tonnes of carbon dioxide in the air.

The outraging California’s wildfire was sparked by lightning strikes on 17 August, flaming hundreds of fires throughout Northern California. The fire is the second-largest wildfire that the state has ever seen.

The smoke of the wildfire has already engulfed the western coast of the US; Now the satellite images released by the EU’s Copernicus atmospheric monitoring service show that fumes are hovering over Northern Europe.

In Monday’s meeting on California’s wildfire, President Donald Trump said, “It’ll just start getting cooler, you just watch”. When Wade Crowfoot, one of California’s Cabinet Secretary replied that since would not agree on that, Mr Trump responded saying, “Well, I don’t think science knows, actually” blaming the forest management for the wildfires.

Environmentalist does not agree with President Trump on this. Friederike Otto, Environmental Change Institute’s head at Oxford University says that the reason behind flaring up wildfire is the extremely hot temperature; she added that the highly dry condition had provided perfect ground for the fire to rage. Relating it to the climate crisis she said; “Where we really seeing the clearest and biggest sign of climate change is in extreme temperatures”.

The rising temperature

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); in just one century we have warmed our planet by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The catastrophic impacts of this increase in global average temperature are already drifting us towards the limit till which we can cope up with the climate change.


Climate change catastrophes have affected us not only physically and socially but also financially. For example, so far in California’s wildfire have cost $2 billion for coping up with the fire damage; according to Tom Corringham, economist Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Other than the outraging wildfires, the climate crisis is causing various other cataclysmal events. The 5 simultaneous hurricanes along with the storm in Atlantic is one of them. With winds blowing at a speed more than 100 miles/hour; the United States Forecasting have already declared this is as an “Extremely Active Hurricane Season”.

Apart from these the most severe concern is needed on the Arctic’s vanishing ice sheets. This year the area covered by ice sheets in the Arctic sea is historically low. The polar ice caps are already vaporising six times faster than in the 1990s; which is a vicious warning that cannot be ignored.

Climate crises are exhibiting consequences sooner than anticipated

A 73-years old professor of climate sciences, University College London, Chris Rapley says; “We were speculating 40 years ago about things that might happen; and I don’t think that any of us expected that in our lifetimes, we would see these things unfolding. It has become a real problem of today, rather than a predicted problem of tomorrow”.

With every year passing and with dozens of weather-related calamities; we are getting an abundantly clear picture of our planet’s future. Climate scientists and environmentalists around the world are constantly telling that; the catastrophes anticipated due to the climate crisis are occurring sooner than predicted.

Climate crisis denialist

To be doubtful about the climate crisis is to be sceptical of the Pythagorean theorem; says Jerry Taylor, co-founder of Niskanen Center. The climate crisis denialist community still seems to have a hard time accepting the fact of one of the most evident crises the world is cladding.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has neglected the crisis. He has officially issued to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement saying that the agreement forbids America to reach its full potential. His win in November’s presidential election might be good the USA, but is definitely not going to be good for the planet’s environment.

Today we are paying a prices that we have to pay for ignoring sciences, experts and the objective truth from time to time. Going further down the road have a high probability of resulting in extremely cataclysmic events.


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