Donald Trump Has Been Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize



Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Middle East

Wow, Donald Trump and peace prize are not words I would have put together, but on this day in September, these are the words I offer.

Donald Trump has been nominated for a peace prize for his efforts in uniting Israel and the UAE. Israel has agreed to disembark plans for the annexation of the West Bank, and the UAE have agreed to move towards peaceful negotiations with Israel.

What is the Meaning of Annexation?

Annexation, (for most of us who do not know), means seizure of land from another state’s territory. This usually involves military force and occupation. Trump has been central to negotiations between the UAE and Israel in mitigating an agreement, and significantly there seldom has been peaceful Israel-Arab relations since 1948. In fact, the agreement is the first diplomatic agreement between Israel and an Arab Gulf country of its kind.

Has Trump Had any Real Significance in This?

Like many of us, I take these kind of announcements with a pinch of salt. Trump: a predominantly ignorant figure within his own country, and someone widely unpopular in the liberal camp. However, I feel there is truth within this conflicting picture. 

Trump has been involved in 18 months of talks according to Sky News. And, they even go on to quote how much the appreciation has been felt by Israel.

‘deep appreciation’ to Mr Trump ‘for his dedication to peace in the region and to the pragmatic and unique approach he has taken to achieve it’.

Why has Trump Brokered This Deal?

My cynical mind playing up once again, but these questions have to be asked. It seems both Israel, the UAE and America seek the same safety net. Moving towards peaceful Arab-Jewish relations would mean safeguarding from Iranian motives. And as far as I can gather, this would ensure co-lateral power against the threat of Iran. 

And so, Trump has managed to seal a deal which benefits everyone, and begins a new peace story between the once adversaries. The Gulf did not recognise Israel as a state to negotiate with on any level prior to this twist in international relations.

Who Nominated Trump?

This nomination comes via a Norwegian politician by the name of Christian Tybring-Gjedde. Tybring-Gjedde is described as a far-right politician who opposes immigration within Norway and especially those from Muslim countries. 

Off the back, Tybring-Gjedde does not sound like the best backer Trump could have wished for. As someone rigorously opposed to immigration within Norway, how can such a person have any opinion upon ‘peace’? When they so adamantly reject human rights. Perhaps Mr Tybring-Gjedde quite likes the idea of better Middle Eastern relations. There are many Muslims residing in Iran, and any coalition which hinders a future Iranian war, could also ensure Norwegian borders. Furthermore, a war within the Middle East could lead to many Muslim refugees throughout the region, not just Iran.

Nevertheless, Tybring-Gjedde has a point to nominate Trump. It is no mean feat to navigate Middle Eastern tension and solidify a truce. And this is not the first time Trump has formed a peace deal. He helped to create negotiations of peace between North and South Korea in recent years. Although there has since been a falling out, over borders and efforts by defectors to spread information on North Korean violations. 

And it was Tybring-Gjedde who nominated Trump for the peace prize for the first time, only in 2018; in relation to these very negotiations.

This leads me to ask:

Who is This Donald Trump and What Have They Done with the Other One?

Much to my surprise concerning the Korean situation, Trump: a highly controversial and inflammatory figure managed to broker a deal never seen before. Again, he has done this with Israel and the UAE. It seems Mr Trump is far better situated to negate peace in countries other than his own. Is this because Mr Trump thrives under conflict?

If the latest revelations from one of Trump’s family members are anything to go by, Trump has definitively grown up within a highly conflicted family. Trump’s father was known to have disassociated himself from the young Donald.

There is obviously more to Donald Trump than meets the eye, more than what the media reports would have us believe. Granted, he is a rightly controversial figure who does not know what way to turn concerning his own country, and often opts for madness, rather than making sense. Yet, he is highly edited, by media agencies and I think there are many occasions where his words and actions have been construed. This instance in particular, involving the use of bleach injected into the veins as a treatment for Covid 19, was taken out of context. He may have speculated about using bleach (via doctors), and perhaps what he wanted to articulate was bleach and its constituents could be used, but that is not what was later communicated by media agencies.

As an individual, he is neither articulate, calm or succinct but he is a businessman and he knows how to make a deal. People are more complicated than a black and white pegged story and particularly those from a chaotic past. Donald Trump is an irrational person but it does not mean he does not have something to offer.

I hope he wins the prize for peace and can be admired for something he has truly done. Unlike his predecessor Obama who received the Nobel Peace Prize but it has since been doubted as to its deservedness. 

Donald Trump knows how to close a deal.


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