Abrahams Accord: Peace Deal Between UAE and Israel



On Thursday 13th August 2020 the White House announced a peace deal between Israel and UAE which will normalize diplomatic relations between the two nations. The deal will include opening embassies, trade, and technological agreements, tourism, and direct flights.

Both nations have had veiled relations in the past. The thoughts to formalize these relations have struck the nations almost a year ago. The plans of formalization have been made through six weeks of indirect talks with the USA acting as the middleman. UAE an oil-rich middle eastern kingdom is not the first Muslim country to form ties with Israel rather the third in line behind Jordan and Egypt.

The reaction of the World

The deal has received praise and is said to be a breakthrough by the US. The deal was said to be a brave act needed for the peace of Arab countries by US politicians. Many other non-muslin countries support the deal and praise UAE for taking such a huge step including Germany, UK, France, and Spain.

The deal also received support from fellow Muslim middle eastern countries like Bahrain and Oman. Other Muslim nations like Iran, Ghana, and Turkey called this deal a big mistake and hypocritical behavior.

Israeli authorities considered this deal named Abraham Accords as historic and a step towards Israel having peaceful relations with the Arab nations. Meanwhile, Palestine’s leadership considered this deal as a betrayal from a friend and an act of backstabbing.

UAE’s reasons for the Deal

The UAE said that the deal was done in return for Israel stopping the annexation of the West Bank and Muslims being able to pray at The Al Aqsa Mosque. 

Are Muslims who live minutes away from AL Aqsa Mosques able to pray there? Is being able to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque even right when Palestinians are going through the agony of their homes stolen and loved ones being killed?

Annexation of the West Bank

In reply to UAE’s claim to this deal, stopping the annexation of the West bank. The Israeli Prime Minister said that he has never planned to stop the annexation. It is merely delayed so that they could focus on developing peaceful relationships with Arab nations. UAE said that this agreement will diffuse the ticking time bomb between Palestine and Israel.

The agreement could be a step towards restoring Israeli-Palestinian relations according to UAE. Seems like Israeli authorities have other plans. Delaying a storm does not end a storm. If not now, then in there Israel will annex the west bank. This agreement has only added to the agony and oppression of the Palestinian People by abandoning their cause.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Iran

The proverb enemy of my enemy is my friend may be one of the central reasons for the finalization of this deal. With tensions increasing between Iran and UAE, UAE formalizing its relations with Israel, which is one of the biggest enemies of Iran will provide stability and security to the For the cherry on top, the deal as brokered by the USA the oldest rival of Iran. 

The deal may not only have provided UAE favor over Iran, but it has also secured its position among other unstable nations in the region. With Syria and Yemen at civil wars and Iraq is far from stability, having ties with strong nations like the USA and Israel provides a lot of security. These agreements with Israel may also have provided temporary but strong leverage to the over Saudi Arabia.

This deal may signal toward the notion of an anti-Iran nation union which has been under construction for the past few decades. Many other nations may join the union inspired by UAE. ith this deal only UAE is not at benefit Israel has also gained a lion’s share. For now, Israel has an ally nation very close to the mic Republic of Iran, a nation that has always had sour relations with Israel.

UAE’s Priorities and the Palestinian Cause

With this deal done it is very clear that Palestinian cause is not the priority of UAE. UAE may claim that this deal can restore Palestinian Israeli peace, but Israel has no plans of peace. 

The deal has made clear that Palestinian cause is not on the top of the UAE’s list now. For the past few decades, the UAE has moved from supporting the Palestinian cause to making its position stronger in the Middle East and the Arab world.

The Palestinian people may feel as being stabbed in the back by UAE but avoiding Israel just to support the cause is not very profitable. Palestine will never support the ties of the Arab world with Israel as it justifies Israeli occupation but ties with Israel brings in money, business opportunities, and stability. Supporting the Palestinian cause does not.

Palestine, for now, may feel betrayed but its calloused and divided politicians have not allowed the nation to help itself. The Palestinian leadership has only pushed its people to more oppression and pain. With Hamas in power in Gaza and P.L.O presided by Mahmoud Abbas in the west bank Palestine itself has been divided within making its roots weak. The rival Israeli forces may not be the best partners to have peaceful negotiations with, but leaders of Palestine have also frustrated Palestinian people. 

UAE making ties with Israel has inspired many other nations like Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Palestine must realize that with Arab nations doing business with Israel it is losing its biggest supporters. Palestine must solve its inner conflicts to stand stronger against Israel. Palestine needs to help itself instead of relying on fellow Arab nations.

Trump’s Share

Black Lives Matter moment, economic crisis, and rampage of COVID 19 in the USA has put Trump in very unfavorable conditions especially when the elections are approaching. Being the one who made this deal possible has added this to Trump’s achievement books putting him in a favorable position. And both UAE and Israel wholeheartedly give him the credit for the deal.

Conclusion: We are Where Money is…

The deal has provided Israel a great advantage with giving up anything at all. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened a lot of business and other opportunities for Israelis only at the cost of only delaying the annexation. The UAE on the other hand gets to make money and gets stability in the region.

The harsh reality is no matter how much the Palestinians may be suffering but supporting their cause does not make money or give you power, having relations with Israeli does. And this world runs on money and power.


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