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How modern slavery is affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

Hereditary slaves, sound like a thing of the distant past, right? Well, some of the children in Mauritania are born slaves in their mother’s wombs. Slavery has never left our society, it still does exist in society as ‘Modern Slavery’. The novel coronavirus has trembled everyone’s life, how is it affecting the lives of people Read More…

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The worldwide situation of Coronavirus Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) called the world to wake up. The results are not lying, as the Covid-19 tally rose to 11,125,245 confirmed cases with a death toll of 528,204. This unusual increase in number triggered organizations to analyze past mishandlings and make future predictions. Country contribution to halting coronavirus China In the mid Read More…

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Healthcare System: short-term, deadly consequences of coronavirus

Coronavirus spread throughout the world has revealed the fragile healthcare system of the world. A huge number of COVID patients around the globe are dying without any medical attention. It has shown how ill-equipped we are to fight any such pandemic. How is the global and domestic healthcare system challenged by this unprecedented virus attack? Read More…

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Why does peaceful protest always turn into a violent one?

In the past few days once again history repeated itself; a peaceful protest turned into a violent one. A huge crowd gathered on the roads of the United States, protesting against George Floyd killed in Minneapolis, under police custody. Violent protest against police brutality In the past week, protestors clashed with police. Peaceful demonstration and Read More…

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Unforeseen Beneficiary of Lockdown: Reviving Nature

There is an incredible discovery amid global lockdown due to the pandemic which has already shaken up the world. With factories closed, roads with feathered visitors, and black, dirty pollution quilt thinning over continents and oceans; amid the pandemic, we have learned that reviving nature to its actual being; which we have polluted enough, isn’t Read More…