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COVID19: 90% Countries Still Facing Disruption In Providing Essential Health Care Services

There’s no shadow of a doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has stressed almost every country’s health care system. Infections forced several major hospitals to completely transform into COVID19 wards, but the global health emergency has not halted the need for the rest of the medical care. Vaccination in children, regular check-up of ill, therapies for Read More…

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India’s Second Wave of COVID19: An Unfolding Nightmare

The biggest vaccine manufacturing country is amidst the most contagious phase of coronavirus globally. With more than 300,000 cases of infection daily and 2000 daily deaths, India is severely discommoded by the second wave of COVID19. Lack of oxygen, beds in hospitals, vaccines, and medicines is further worsening the already dire condition of the nation. Read More…


Holiday Season: preparation of celebrations amid the pandemic

With the COVID-19 disseminating everywhere, the world is fitting itself out for the most outlandish holiday season of modern history. Though a few vaccine candidates are grinding hopes of near “back-to-normal” days still a long time lies ahead and a whole COVID winter to go. With the government insisting not to travel, lockdowns and contagious Read More…

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Vitamin C And Diet: Why Is This Not The Covid 19 Vaccine?

Significant studies are finding vitamin C could cure severe cases of coronavirus, but why is this and diet not the government’s first protocol? Whatever stage of life you may find yourself in-the truth of the matter is, your diet counts. It contributes towards the well maintaining of the immune system. If this wasn’t obvious-then think Read More…

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The Barriers Against Affordable Medicines and Vaccines: Wealthy Countries Block COVID-19 Drugs Rights Waiver at WTO

In a fair world, everyone would unit in the face of a mutual deadly enemy. Once found, the solution would be shared with everyone, rich or poor, young or old. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fair one. We live in the real world where a pandemic kills more than one million of its population, Read More…