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2 Billion Muslims must send a Stern warning to India’s Nazi-like government to stop its anti-Islam discourse

The extreme right-wing government of India, headed by Narendra Modi of the openly fascist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is carrying out a vicious campaign of persecution, vilification and terror against the country’s large Muslim minority. The real but undeclared goal of this manifestly criminal racist policy is to bully the estimated 200-250 million Muslims of Read More…

Depp v Heard: Underlying the Nuances of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Featured USA

Depp v Heard: Underlying the Nuances of Domestic Violence

The recent verdict in the defamation trial, Depp v Heard, highlighted the nuances of domestic violence and was, from gavel to gavel, a singularly baffling, unedifying and depressive spectacle. Background to the Domestic Violence Case – Depp v Heard Johnny Depp prevailed in his three counts of defamation against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on June Read More…

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Hindutva Pop: Anti-Muslim Music in India 

Hindutva Pop is calling the youth for Hindu nationalism and religious warfare. It again fuels the sentiments of islamophobia. Hindutva Pop Triggering Contemporary Hate Politics  Indian pop stars like Laxmi Dubey are singing songs with lyrics like “Every house will be saffron!” that depicts a colour for Hinduism.  She yells that “We have to make Read More…

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The 1967 War was a Defeat  of Arabism, Nasserism, Baathism and anti-Islam doctrines

In the early hours of 5 June 1967, exactly 55 years ago, the Israeli air force carried out wave after wave of devastating strikes on Egyptian air bases, destroying, virtually completely, the entire Egyptian air force in what is called The so-called Six-day War. In subsequent strikes on the same day, the air forces of Read More…

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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Case: A Mirror to Our Overly Toxic Culture

The bitter defamation battle of Hollywood starring Amber Heard & Johnny Depp has finally come to an end. The verdict is in: Johnny Depp has defeated his ex-wife in the defamation of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. However, with the inescapable media coverage, the high-profile domestic violence case has gripped the world. While many have been Read More…

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Israel having free season on Palestinian civilians including Children and Journalists

Gestapo-like Israeli occupation soldiers have significantly stepped up the killing of Palestinian civilians. Most of the victims are children and youngsters throughout the occupied West Bank. It is widely believed that the occupation troops have received tougher instructions to adopt a shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians. Israeli soldiers are killing stone-hurling children and confronting crack-Israeli soldiers. Read More…

Fascism Featured Genocide India Israel

Religious Fascism in India & Israel: Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Birds of a feather flock together so says the famous English proverb. The saying applies rather squarely to the apartheid–Zionist entity, known as Israel, and the ultra-fascist primitive regime in India, which seeks openly and shamelessly to obliterate the cultural and religious identity of India’s massive Muslim minority of some a quarter of a billion Read More…

Zionist Hate March
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Zionist hate march in Arab East-Jerusalem  Reminiscent of the Skokie Nazi march- 1978

I am not particularly infatuated with holding comparisons between religious Zionism and Nazi ideology.  However, When I see with my eyes and hear with my ears thousands of religious Zionists who claim to be followers of Moses (peace upon him)  shout in a hate march “death to Arabs” in the streets of an Arab-Muslim town, Read More…

Nakba against Israel
Israel Jewish Palestine

“Jewish State”: A Nazi Concept Implying another final Nakba

Israel lies shamelessly about almost everything. The Zionist state lies about the Palestinian Nakba, her ongoing slow-motion, low-combustion Holocaust against the Palestinian people, the Nazi-like-treatment meted out to Palestinians,  the propaganda- bogy weapon of anti-Semitism, and not the least, about Israel being a “democratic Jewish state.” Read Also: The Nakba… the resistance continues The Jewish- democracy Read More…

Israel uses holocaust to undermine its atrocities against Palestinians
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Israel should stop trying to force-feed the Holocaust down people’s throats  as bloody repression of Palestinians  goes on unabated

A few days ago, Israel marked the “Holocaust Day” with a combination of holier-than-thou sanctimony and fanfares aimed at blackmailing humanity into embracing or at least coming to terms with the apartheid state’s ongoing decades-old holocaust against a totally innocent and helpless people. Israel is brazenly manipulating one of the most horrible tragedies in the Read More…

Protest for the right of abortion
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Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court Ruling Could Imperil Women’s Abortion Rights Around the World

The US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade decision The leaked decision by Politico shows how the US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v Wade. In an unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court decision, a majority of justices have voted to end federal Read More…

Hindu Extremists
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Will the second most horrible Holocaust in history take place against the Muslims of India?

The attention-grabbing title of this article is not meant to sensationalize or hyperbolize an otherwise normal or even quasi-normal situation. Quite the contrary,  It could be a realistic and timely prognostication of the end game of the fast- metastasizing Hindu fascism against the Muslims of India. Also Read: Religious Fascism in India & Israel: Tweedledum Read More…

Children Featured Global Human Rights Middle East World Yemen

Yemen’s Children’s Rights Crisis is Teetering on the Edge of An Outright Catastrophe

What is Happening in Yemen? As the world focuses its attention on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is important to remember the war in Yemen which is entering its eighth year since the conflict escalated in March 2015. Yemen’s civil war started when Houthi insurgents took control of Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, demanding lower fuel prices Read More…

Ukrainian refugees fleeing war
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Russia/Ukraine: EU to Face up to 5 Million Refugees in the Fastest Growing Migration Crisis Since World War ll

On February 24th 2022, Russia orchestrated a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. The invasion came following months of military build-up on the border. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimates that more than 1.7 million refugees have fled their homes in the first 11 days of the conflict. The United Nations have declared this the “fastest-growing Read More…


Global Condemnation of India Over Anti-Islam Hate Speech

India has been trying hard to pacify the global condemnation and anger of Islamic countries after two senior officials of ruling BJP party has made islamophobic and derogatory remarks against the most cherished figure in Islam-Prophet Muhammad. Key Points: Two high rank officials of India’s ruling party made derogatory remarks against Islam and its most Read More…

children filling up water bottle from a clean water source
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Israel threats Palestinian water sources

There are many factors that pose threats to water sources in Palestine, including excessive consumption due to the lack of Palestinian water resources, a population growth rate of 3.5% annually, and the fluctuation of rainfall amounts from year to year. which has led to the depletion of the available underground reserves. However, the most important Read More…

Khurram Shehzad
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Human Rights Defender Khurram Parvez is named Time’s 100 Most Influential People

Khurram Parvez, a prominent Kashmiri human rights defender, has been named Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022. Khurram is currently lodged in a Delhi jail. He was jailed by the Modi-led Indian government in November 2021 under the anti-terrorism law, Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The National Investigation Agency (NIA) accused him of “terror Read More…

Gendered violence in Kashmir
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Gendered Violence in Indian Administered Kashmir

Indian administered Kashmir has been torn apart by conflict for more than 70 years now. Kashmir has become a hotbed of strife between India and Pakistan, who each control a portion of it since 1947 and have fought multiple wars over it since then. While war brings to mind the images of uniformed men fighting Read More…