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The un-Islamic Islam of the Saudi ruling Family



The Saudi Ruling Family

Most people in the non-Muslim world as well as many ordinary Muslims all over the world may be tempted to think that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi ruling family more or less represents the true face of  Islam as preached by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and later taught and propagated by his faithful companions and followers. However, the truth of the matter is that there is a light year-gap between the Saudi “Islam” and the true Islam, as enshrined in the Holy Quran and Sunna or traditions of God’s final messenger to mankind.

By “Saudi Islam” I don’t mean in any way the honourable Hanbali school of Jurisprudence followed by most Saudis and numerous other Muslims around the world. What I do mean is the scandalous misuse and abuse of Islam by the decadent and unimaginably corrupt Saudi ruling family to perpetuate their virulent dictatorship and grip on power, mainly in the service of their parochial selfish interests and the interests of their foreign protectors, who are enemies of Islam. 

Serious deviation from Islam 

The Kaʿbah, the holiest shrine in Islam

In this article, I will try to pinpoint some of the most scandalous contradictions between true Islam and the notoriously “sham Islam”, practised by the tribal Saudi dictatorship which claims rather shamelessly that its  “legitimacy” is derived from its strict adherence to Sharia, a claim fraught with dishonesty and mendacity.

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I don’t deny that the Saudi regime’s rule of the vast Arabian peninsula has always contained and continues to contain some superficial aspects of Islam such as the organization of the annual Haj pilgrimage to Macca and the maintenance of the holy places.  However, if we examine the nature of the Saudi rule more meticulously, without resorting to complacency and sycophancy, we will be undoubtedly affronted with grave violations that are absolutely antithetical to the letter and spirit of Islam.

Medieval feudal dictatorship

The Saudi ruling family
Royal bodyguards waiting in a hallway outside a room where King Faisal of Saudi Arabia has a meeting, 1967. (Photo by Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

To begin with, the ruling  Saudi dynasty is a medieval kind of tyrannical dictatorships whereby the unelected king is viewed, de facto at least, as a sort of god, with absolute and unlimited authority. Thus the King, can, theoretically at least, kill any citizen, rape any woman, and arrogate any amount of money from the public treasury with total impunity and without any modicum of accountability. Needless to say,  any gesture of dissatisfaction by the people, however faint or innocuous, is punishable by death or life imprisonment.  

This contradicts rather sharply the clear principles of Islam which make it amply clear that a religous Muslim ruler must be chosen by the people,  either directly or through their elected representatives, namely Ahlul Hall wal’aqd“(literally, people who tie and untie).   Moreover, Islam states unequivocally that obedience to the ruler is contingent upon and subject to his absolute dedication and commitment to the Sharia.

Kleptocracy: A government of thieves, run by thieves, for the benefit of thieves 

The Saudi ruling family
The Saudi Royal Family is the ruling family of Saudi Arabia’s kingdom and is worth over $1 trillion, making them the wealthiest royal family on earth.

As we all know, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said “By Allah, if Fatema,  the daughter of Muhammed, stole, I would cut off her hand.”

However, we see that the Saudi rulers view the wealth of the entire country as their own wealth. Hence, it is no coincidence that all Saudi kings since King Faisal, who was assassinated by his nephew in 1975 arrogated tens of billions of dollars from the public treasury. This explains the fact that Saudi kings, Princess and hundreds of other members of the ruling family devour a large chunk of the Saudi treasury. 

In 1988,  Fortune Magazine estimated former King Fahd’s wealth to be around $18 billion (making him the second-richest person in the world at that time). Forbes estimated Fahd’s wealth to be $25 billion in 2002. In addition to residences in Saudi Arabia, he had a palace on Spain’s Costa del Sol which made Marbella a famous place. Current estimates of Crown Prince Muhammed Ibn Salman’s wealth are put at $23 billion.  All in all, estimates of the Saudi ruling family’s wealth measure their net worth at $1.4 trillion. This figure includes the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco, the state oil and gas company, and its vast assets in fossil fuel reserves. In light, one can quite safely argue, without the slightest exaggeration,  that the Saudi regime is actually a government of thieves, run by thieves, for the benefit of thieves.

 Hence the question, what sort of Islam are these master hypocrites and liars talking about when they claim they are ruling the country in accordance with the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet?  Their malicious, pernicious lies are crying to the seventh heaven.!  

The truth of the matter is that these depraved thieves are only using Islam as a pretext to hide their rapacity, corruption and criminality.

 Indeed, One doesn’t go too far by arguing that the Saudi dynasty and Saudi ruling family is an incurable malignant cancer upon the conscience of Islam and Muslims as they constitute the ultimate antithesis of the religion of justice. This is because they knowingly commit grand treachery against Allah, His messenger and the religion of Islam while claiming that they rule according to Sharia! Islam is not an enigmatic religion. It is the Saudi ruling family that is corrupt beyond imagination.

Jamal Khashogji

Jamal Khashougji
Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018

The hair-raising murder of Jamal Khashogji at the Saudi  Consulate in Istanbul in 2018 epitomizes the un-Islamic Islam of the feudal Saudi regime. And as we all know, the murderous crown Prince and de facto king (MBS), who ordered the grisly murder,  has eventually emerged unscathed from that eternal stigma.

Open-ended incarceration for God-fearing Ulema and rights activists 

Persecuted Ulama in Saudi
Prominent Islamic scholars tortured to death in Saudi jails

Today, MBS is incarcerating in shocking conditions thousands of Saudi intellectuals, Ulema, and activists for voicing non-conformist views. Some of them have died in their cells. Others are agonizing as a result of physical and psychological torture.

The draconian justice system in the Kingdom of fear and darkness sentenced two Saudi women for 35 and 45 years respectively for using the social media. This week, it was reported that a Saudi court sentenced Noura bint Said al-Kahtani to 45 years in prison for social media posts. The  woman was convicted of “using the internet to tear the (Saudi) social fabric” and for “violating public order by using social media.” A few weeks earlier, the same court sentenced  Salma al-Shehab, a mother of two and doctoral candidate at the University of Leeds in Britain, to 35 years in jail for following and retweeting dissidents and activists on Twitter.

Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter

Yes, a 45-year imprisonment sentence for writing a simple tweet! What sort of Islam is that? Would the Prophet of Islam and his companions have condoned this outrageous absurdity and preposterousness?

Eternal subservience to America

MBS and Biden
Biden effort to rehabilitate US-Saudi relations likely to include normalization with Israel

Ever since Britain withdrew from the region in the early 1960s, Saudi Arabia has been a de facto American protectorate. The unholy bond goes like this: The U.S, sustains the Saudi dynasty in power in exchange for Saudi Arabia serving and doggedly guarding American and Israeli interests in the entire Middle East.

 In the last two decades, Saudi Arabia spent tens of billions of dollars to prop up dictatorial rulers in the region. It is widely believed that the Saudi monarchy paid more than 20 billion dollars to overthrow the first democratically-elected President of Egypt, Muhammed Mursi,  in 2013. The advent of the visibly ignorant Egyptian dictator, Abdul Fattah Sissi, who is Israel’s No.1 lover in the Arab world, was preceded by huge massacres of pro-democracy activists, at the Rabaa and Nahda squares in Cairo where between 7000 -10,000 men, women and children  were either slaughtered en mass by machinegun fire or incinerated alive by Egyptian forces. 

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Needless to say, The Saudis funded these hideous crimes and the concomitant bloody coup, which put a tragic end to  Egypt’s brief democratic experiment.  The King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, congratulated Sissi for his great victory over “the apostates.”  Soon after these events, the Saudi government issued a plethora of laws and decrees criminalizing any individual calling for democracy, human rights and civil liberties in Saudi Arabia. Thus, anyone convicted of indulging in these “crimes” would be guilty of apostasy,” a grand felony punishable by death.! Yes, this is the Islam of Saudi Arabia. Does it look like the rule of Umar Ibn al Khattab and Abu Bakr and Ali ibn Abi Talib, let alone the rule of the Almighty’s final messenger to mankind?

Moral decadence

Thirty-five-year-old Mohammed bin Salman’s sudden rise stunned the world

MBS is reportedly suffering from a host of personality defects including a clear mental disability which he often seeks to conceal by displaying exaggerated aggressiveness and intimidation. This is the reason why he always insists on receiving written questions by journalists and TV interviewers especially when visiting foreign countries.

He is also a lecherous hedonist par excellance. He is said to have arranged a promiscuous orgy in the Maldives in 2015 to celebrate his appointment by his father as Crown Prince.  He reportedly paid 50 million US dollars for the party which was “attended” by 150 “women models” from several Western countries. A recently released book claimed that MBS  arrived at the resort only after the models were tested and found safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The book, titled  ‘Blood and Oil’ written by Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck,  exposes MBS’s scandalous lifestyle and ruthless quest for power. Predictably, the Saudi media wouldn’t report on this and similar scandals for obvious reasons. 

Allah will not be deceived

As we all know, such filthy promiscuity, obscene extravagance and wanton squandering of the Muslim Umma resources are absolutely Haram (strictly prohibited) according to the Book of Allah and the  Sunna of our beloved prophet.  However, these cardinal vices are obviously Halal and perfectly acceptable according to the pseudo-Islam of the Saudi ruling family. But Allah will not be deceived and His punishment will be very sever, indeed.

The de-Islamization in Saudi Arabia Society

Today, MBS is busy carrying out an aggressive campaign of de-Islamization in Saudi Arabia This campaign has permitted Saudi women to dress more or less like western women, effectively abandoning the Hijab, though gradually. The campaign also allowed inter-gender mixing with a clear prurient underpinning as well as a plethora of sex-oriented “recreational activities” which fly in the face of Sharia rules of modesty. One Saudi intellectual residing abroad intimated to this writer that “it is only a matter of time before MBS allows prostitution houses and bars serving hard liquor to operate openly in the kingdom, especially in the Red Sea resort town of Jeddah, not far from the Kaaba, the holiest Muslim place on earth.

Reacting to this combination of brutal dictatorship, rampant corruption and falsified Islam, some Saudi youngsters are leaving Islam altogether embracing other religions. Others have opted to embrace atheism. It is not exactly known how widespread is the phenomenon. However, unofficial estimates put the number of atheists in the kingdom at tens of thousands.  

The sinful Love relationship with Israel

MBS doesn’t seem to believe that the Palestinian issue ought to have a “veto impact” on Saudi freedom to pursue its national interests with other states, including Israel.

Saudi Arabia has displayed definitive signs indicating that the Kingdome is about to start a cordial relationship with the bellicose Zionist entity of Israel which is continuing to murder and savage fellow Palestinian Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on a daily basis.  Signs of this sinful relationship included allowing Israeli passenger aircraft to fly over the kingdom, instructing social media bloggers as well as Friday Jumaa speakers and media in general to malign Palestinians and their enduring cause.  

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Officially, Saudi spokesmen claim the Kingdom’s traditional stance vis-à-vis the Palestinian issue has remained unchanged. However, the growing behind-the scene normalization between the kingdom and the evil apartheid Jewish entity suggests that the Saudis are effectively turning their backs on the Palestinian cause.  

Needless to say, this treasonous abandonment of the Muslims’ No.1 cause shows that Saudi Arabia is not only betraying the Palestinians and the Aqsa sanctuary but is actually betraying the very soul of Islam itself.  The Holy Quran warns Muslims repeatedly against taking hostile and belligerent enemies as allies.  “Whoever embraces them amongst you is one of them, “the Quran warns.

Indeed, the looming alliance between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, should be viewed as a sign of apostasy, which ejects that horrible, primitive regime from the realm of Islam.





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India’s Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Disqualified



Rahul Gandhi disqualified

An Indian court last week convicted India’s opposition leader Raul Gandhi in a criminal defamation case. The court awarded him a two-year jail term over his “why all thieves have Modi surname” comment. Further, Gandhi was disqualified from the parliament, a day after the court verdict. Subsequently, the government asked to vacate the government-allotted residence. Even though the court gave him a 30-day period to appeal against the conviction, Gandhi is yet to appeal against the verdict. 

Modi Surname Remark

Gandhi made the “Modi” comment in an election rally in Kolar just before the 2019 General Elections. Talking about the corruption and frauds done by some people with the Modi surname, he had said, “one small question, how are the names of all these thieves ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’… Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Narendra Modi, and if you search a little more, aur bahut saare Modi niklenge (many more Modis will emerge).” A BJP leader in the state of Gujarat with a Modi surname had filed a criminal defamation case against Gandhi after he alleged that it hurt the sentiments of lakhs of people with the Modi surname.

After the court verdict came, the Modi-led government reacted quickly by disqualifying Gandhi. The government disqualified Gandhi under the law which states that a Member of Parliament sentenced to not less than two years shall be disqualified from the parliament. 

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Gandhi’s Opposition to the Law that Would Have Protected Him

The court gave Rahul Gandhi 30 days to appeal against the conviction. If the court stays the conviction, he will be reinstated as a Member of Parliament (MP). Before July 2013, MPs convicted under this law were able to retain their seat until they had exhausted all the judicial remedies. However, on 10 July 2013, the Supreme Court of India negated this position. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party, which was in power in 2013, had initiated an amendment to this law to circumvent the Supreme Court judgement. Rahul Gandhi had opposed the amendment and publicly assailed his party and the prime minister for protecting corrupt political allies. It was his opposition and criticism that led the government to repeal the ordinance.

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Questions over the Timing of the Verdict

The court verdict convicting Rahul Gandhi came at a time when Gandhi had led concerted attacks against the government on the issue of the Adani Group. Gandhi has accused Modi of protecting and shielding the Indian business conglomerate Adani Group. Adani Group was accused of fraud by US short-seller Hindenburg Research which termed it the “largest con in corporate history”. Subsequently, Adani Group’s shares tumbled. Gautam Adani, Adani’s Group’s Chairman lost more than 80 billion USD and fell from the world’s third richest person to the world’s 26th richest person (as of today).

Adani’s rise is closely linked to the rise of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Adani comes from the state of Gujarat where Modi served as a Chief Minister for almost 15 years. Adani Group is involved in infrastructure, airports, ports, coal and cement among many other sectors. India’s opposition party has alleged that the Modi government is tweaking India’s foreign policy to serve Adani’s interests. They substantiate it with the evidence that Adani visited various countries and bagged contracts in those countries just after Modi’s visit to these countries.

Even though the allegations against Adani Group are serious in nature, the government has hardly taken any action to investigate these frauds. Congress has raised many questions on the row and persists with its demand to set up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe the charges against the Adani Group. Rahul Gandhi was leading the opposition criticism of the government. Even after the disqualification, Gandhi said, he will still ask these questions against the government.

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Indian Democracy under Threat

The farcical disqualification of Rahul Gandhi has raised serious questions about the current regime in India. The disqualification has signalled that the Modi-led government will not tolerate any kind of opposition. The aim of the disqualification is to strike fear in the hearts of opposition leaders and other groups that oppose the policies of the Modi government. 

It is not just Rahul Gandhi but the Modi government that has targeted activists, students, human rights defenders, civil society, research institutions, universities, businesses, judges and all political leaders that publicly oppose his policies. Most of the politicians belonging to opposition parties today have corruption cases lodged against them. Central agencies like the Enforcement Directorate and Central Bureau of India that work directly under Modi’s orders are daily summoning opposition politicians these days for questioning in different cases. Interestingly, politicians from opposition parties who had cases registered against them but later defected to Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and had their cases withdrawn against them.

These are challenging times for India and India’s democracy. The way the Modi government is acting, it will be safe to say that India today is under a tyrannical government. Since General Elections in India will be held next year, it is possible that the Modi government may not be ready for a peaceful transfer of power. Further, the freedom of opposition parties to contest elections freely is also under threat. Therefore, the next elections will determine what way India goes.  





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Huwara rampage: a prova for a possible Israeli Holocaust.



Huwara rampage

On 26 February,  hundreds of heavily armed Jewish settlers protected by the Israeli army,  rampaged through the Palestinian village of Huwara, just south of the northern West Bank town of Nablus, ransacking and torching homes and property and killing at least one local resident. According to the Palestinian health ministry, hundreds of people were injured, with many sustaining serious and crippling wounds that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The rampage in Huwara has been described as the most violent since Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967.

According to various sources, the settlers had received definitive instructions from government officials telling them “to teach the Palestinians a lesson they wouldn’t forget.”

The settlers, affiliated with the religious Zionist movement, are indoctrinated in a Nazi-like  Talmudic ideology which considers the targeting of innocent noncombatants such as children,  women and the elderly as perfectly legitimate during the time of conflict.

 The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has accused the Israeli government, the most racist and fascist ever,  of backing a rampage in Huwara. Israeli Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich was quoted as saying that Huwara needs to be “wiped out and razed to the ground” and that the state of Israel should do it.

Israeli Prime Minister told foreign journalists that Smotrich couldn’t use PR-friendly language to communicate his message, prompting one Israeli journalist to remark that “Netanyahu seemed to  be acting  as PR officer for Smotrich.”


When this and other writers employed Nazi epithets to describe current Israeli policies and behaviours in the Occupied Palestinian territories, some people, especially Western intellectuals, thought we were exaggerating the level of Israel’s genocidal Jewish barbarianism.

However an honest look at the perpetrators of the Huwara rampage reveals that these people are far from being a small or marginal extremist group, not representing the mainstream Israeli Jewish society.

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In fact, these are the very people who rule Israel today. They are the people of the government. They represent the crème de le crème of the Zionist religious movement in Israel.

Hence, we are not talking here about some wild weed growing uncontrollably in the midst of an otherwise sane society or anything of this sort.

Our erstwhile critics who didn’t like the use of strong epithets to describe Israel, mainly for psychological reasons,  would probably pay more attention to the purported half-full glass rather than the half-empty one.

But in all honesty, there is simply no half-full glass in  Israel today.   Some naïve observers here and there might still think that the international community wouldn’t allow Israel to cross the Rubicon.

Unfortunately,  It has now been proven that neither Israel could be given the benefit of the doubt nor could the so-called international community be entrusted to prevent or even restrain the increasingly brazenly Nazi entity from doing the unthinkable, namely launching a partial or full genocide against the unprotected Palestinians.

Indeed,  the feeble American and European reactions to the Jewish rampage at the village of Huwara proved that the US can not be relied upon to rein in or restrain Jewish Nazism in Palestine.

The US, after all, is the very country that enabled Israel to be what it is and reach this evil level of barbarianism and arrogance of power by funding, defending and constantly optimizing Israeli Nazism.

Hence, relying on Washington to rein in genocidal Israel is merely a futile exercise in naivety, day-dreaming and wishful thinking.

Besides, All that America can offer to force Israel to behave doesn’t really go beyond futile gentle preaching stressing the need to exercise self-restraint and not indulge in incitement and extremism.

But Israel is not restrained by gentle preaching and polite rebuking or even harsh verbal chastisement. Such a toothless discourse will have no effect whatsoever on a shameless violator of international law, but could actually further embolden the Zionist entity even further.

What Israel needs is a thorough de-Nazification which would convince the racist supremacists in occupied Palestine that the recurrent rampages and genocidal savagery against the Palestinian people would have serious consequences on the Israel state.

Huwara rampage : Prova for a real Holucaust?

As someone who is quite familiar with the religious Zionist mindset, I can safely argue that the rampage at Huwara, which represents the cumulative outcome of years of toxic incitement by the Talmudic schools, such as the Merkaz Ha-Rav in West Jerusalem (the CNS of religious Zionism in Israel) is just a mere prova for something to come that is much more ominous, much more and much more genocidal.

Indeed, if these genocidal thugs and killer beasts could do this shamelessly in front of TV cameras from all over the world, just imagine how they would behave and what they would  do to their helpless victims if the area were to be declared a close military Zone and all journalists and cameramen were ordered to leave.

I am saying this because I am completely convinced that the concept of genocide is absolutely and completely compatible with the religious teaching and ideological indoctrination of these people who apparently were spoon-fed this poison since their kindergarten days.

As a journalist who has been covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially the settler phenomenon, ever since I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1981, I can honestly argue with all honesty and rectitude, that these people represent the Nazis of our time.

I am not eager to put any people down, and I’m absolutely and totally against all forms of anti-Semitism.

But we must call the spade a spade, irrespective of whether we see the proverbial implement in the hands of Da’esh killers, Jewish settlers in Huwara or Vagner mercenaries in Ukraine. If we don’t wake up, if the world doesn’t wake up now, especially after what we saw in  Huwara, when will we wake up?

The Huwara rampage is more than just writing on the wall. It is more than a  dark cloud hanging over the West Bank. The rampage in Huwarra is actually the penultimate step, the sound alarm coming before a real genocide that could be carried out at any moment by these reptile murderers, protected and assisted by the  Israeli army.

Enter the Palestinian Authority

As to Palestinians, they must not allow themselves to be beguiled or sedated by worthless statements coming from the American state department.

The neo-Nazi trio of Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir and Smotrich will not give a  hoot to worthless statements coming from worthless people in Washington.

In September 1982, the Reagan administration gave solemn assurances to the PLO that no Palestinian refugees in the Beirut region would be harmed if PLO forces left Beirut.

However, when the PLO left, as part of an agreement mediated by the American envoy Phillip Habib, Israel’s Christian allies, the Phallangists, ganged up on the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps, south of Beirut, ransacking the two camps and slaughtering more than 3500 innocent men, women and children. Not a single perpetrator was prosecuted or punished for the genocidal massacre.

The Palestinians must not commit the same criminal blunder again, by trusting the US to protect our unarmed civilians from the Nazis of our time.

We need something much more concrete, much more reliable and much more certain. After all, it is our children’s lives at stake! Today, they set homes on fire while children and babies inside.

Tomorrow they will build a huge crematorium to burn our kids in broad daylight while a US State Department would regurgitate the same stale statements about Israel having the right to defend itself!





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In Palestine, no peace before the slate is clean



It seems that peace in Palestine will remain confined to the realm of wishful thinking. For the vast majority of people around the world, the racist apartheid entity known as Israel is probably the most gargantuan crime against humanity ever committed in the history of mankind.

 Israel was conceived in sin, misbegotten in evil when it was established nearly 75 years ago, remains completely evil today, and will always be irremediably evil, no matter how many people sing its praises.

The creation of Israel in Palestine may not be the most heinous genocidal act in history. But it is most certainly the biggest and most obscene theft ever. How else can any honest person describe the arrogation of an entire country by the British empire and surrendering it, as a (National home),  on a silver platter to another people ( Zionist Jews) on the ground that these people were stateless and persecuted, especially following the tragic events of the World War II.

Indelible calamity for Palestinians

Indeed, the very creation of Israel and its malignant growth into a powerful evil entity has inflicted a huge indelible calamity to every Palestinian family.

 Yes, thanks to Zionism’s triumph, thanks to overwhelming, unlimited and sustained backing by racist, anti-Islam Western powers such as UK and US, every Palestinian family had its share of the still ongoing agony,  immense suffering and misery resulting from the establishment of the evil entity, which is nothing less than a protracted, unrelenting and unceasing crime against humanity.

It is probably impossible to find a single Palestinian who has escaped the impact of the Zionist Jewish crimes, still, continues unabated.

Israel: When will the Jews say Mea Culpa?

This writer’s family, for example, was forced to dwell in a cave for 20 years, following the near extermination of my father’s family in 1953. In that fateful year, Jewish terrorists massacred his three paternal uncles, Hussein, Mahmoud and Yousef not far from the village of, al-Burj, about 30 km southwest of the town of Hebron.

The three, along with other relatives, were totally innocent shepherds, grazing their folks of sheep near the armistice line.  In addition to murdering my family, the Zionist murderers stole hundreds of sheep upon which our family depended on for living.

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 Interestingly, up to this day, Israel, the so-called only democracy in the  Middle East, has not said “Mea Culpa“! let alone paid compensations for their crimes When will the Zionist Jews say a simple sorry for their unwept victims? Perhaps when kosher pigs fly!

Yes, every single Palestinian has a story to tell about what happened to his or her immediate family, relatives, neighbours and fellow villagers.

The Zionists, notoriously selfish and narcissistic, calculated that old Palestinians who experienced the holocaust-like Nakba first-hand ( the brutal, violent extirpation of an entire people from its ancestral homeland does constitute a form of genocide),  would die and the young would forget.

However, the Zionist calculations proved utterly faulty as the cause has been kept alive and living, strongly and firmly, in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world, including in Palestine itself where close to eight million Palestinians continue to live as a thorn in the  Zionists’ side despite all their nefarious designs, plots and exploits to consign our just cause to oblivion.

There are several reasons for this exemplary resilience and steadfastness on the part of the Palestinian people, including the following:

1-The colossal Nakba, was by no means a one-time event lasting for a  few weeks or a few months, followed by peace or an end of hostility. The Palestinians actually never encountered circumstances or conditions conducive to making them or their descendants forget or overcome their pains. Indeed, ever since 1948, the collective Palestinian experience has been a sequence of atrocities, pogroms, repressive measures, mass internment and imprisonment, home -demolitions, land-grabbing, sporadic massacres,  and similar acts of persecution and oppression. This would draw a conclusion that peace in Palestine belongs to the realm of fantasy.

The main purpose of these evil measures has always been to force the Palestinians, or significant numbers of them, to leave their homeland for good. Indeed, in many instances, the Zionist authorities offered attractive sums of money to “encourage” Palestinians to emigrate to countries such as Australia and Canada. However, very few Palestinians would swallow the Zionist bait.

The unrelenting suffering and the protracted oppression and savagery kept alight the torch of resistance even to this day as most Palestinians came to realize that they were facing two main alternatives: continued resistance even at a high price, or going into oblivion and repeating the experiment of the  “American Indians” of the Middle East.

2-The second reason which enabled the Palestinians to keep their struggle alive is their strong Islamic faith. Islam encourages its followers to resist oppression and not succumb or give in to oppressors. True, Palestinian nationalism played and continues to play an important role in sustaining the resistance. However, it is amply clear that Islam is more able to provide an inexhaustible source of motivations for the increasingly religious showdown with Israel. More to the point, Palestinians feel they have a paramount religious duty to protect, defend, and liberate al-Aqsa Mosque from the claws of Zionism. Indeed, most Palestinians realize there can be no Palestine without Jerusalem and no Jerusalem without the Aqsa Mosque. Hence, their resolve to sacrifice body and soul for the liberation of  Islam’s third holiest sanctuary.

No Peace without Justice, but Justice is more than impossible

Since there can be no lasting peace in Palestine without true justice that leaves the slate thoroughly clean, it would be safe to argue that reaching a genuine peace between Muslims and Zionist Jews would be as unlikely as Satan the devil entering the Garden of Eden in the company of prophets, saints, martyrs and righteous people on the Day of Judgment.

But since Satan will go to hell rather than paradise, peace in Palestine will remain confined to the realm of wishful thinking.

And even if Zionist Jews were to reach the conclusion that enough was enough, they still would have to agree to a system of redress for the egregious injustices inflicted on their victims from the very inception of the gargantuan crime against humanity.

For justice, even a semblance of justice to materialize, the Jews of the world would have to pay the Palestinians adequate and prompt reparations for the purpose of promoting justice and redressing the horrible and still ongoing crimes against the victims and their descendants up to the 10th generation. I cannot determine the exact amount of reparations and indemnification which Jews would have to pay for the victims. But an initial amount of 30-50 trillion dollars would probably suffice for a final rapprochement. Am I undergoing day-dreaming. Definitely. That is why even invoking the possibility of a real durable peace between Palestine and Israel belongs to the realm of fantasy and wishful thinking. (end)





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