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The un-Islamic Islam of the Saudi ruling Family



The Un-Islamic Islam Of The Saudi Ruling Family

Most people in the non-Muslim world as well as many ordinary Muslims all over the world may be tempted to think that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi ruling family more or less represents the true face of  Islam as preached by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and later taught and propagated by his faithful companions and followers.

However, the truth of the matter is that there is a light year-gap between the Saudi “Islam” and the true Islam, as enshrined in the Holy Quran and Sunna or traditions of God’s final messenger to mankind.

By “Saudi Islam” I don’t mean in any way the honourable Hanbali school of Jurisprudence followed by most Saudis and numerous other Muslims around the world. What I do mean is the scandalous misuse and abuse of Islam by the decadent and unimaginably corrupt Saudi ruling family to perpetuate their virulent dictatorship and grip on power, mainly in the service of their parochial selfish interests and the interests of their foreign protectors, who are enemies of Islam. 

Serious deviation from Islam 

The Kaʿbah, the holiest shrine in Islam

In this article, I will try to pinpoint some of the most scandalous contradictions between true Islam and the notoriously “sham Islam”, practised by the tribal Saudi dictatorship which claims rather shamelessly that its  “legitimacy” is derived from its strict adherence to Sharia, a claim fraught with dishonesty and mendacity.

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I don’t deny that the Saudi regime’s rule of the vast Arabian peninsula has always contained and continues to contain some superficial aspects of Islam such as the organization of the annual Haj pilgrimage to Macca and the maintenance of the holy places.  However, if we examine the nature of the Saudi rule more meticulously, without resorting to complacency and sycophancy, we will be undoubtedly affronted with grave violations that are absolutely antithetical to the letter and spirit of Islam.

Medieval feudal dictatorship

Royal bodyguards waiting in a hallway outside a room where King Faisal of Saudi Arabia has a meeting, 1967. (Photo by Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

To begin with, the ruling  Saudi dynasty is a medieval kind of tyrannical dictatorships whereby the unelected king is viewed, de facto at least, as a sort of god, with absolute and unlimited authority. Thus the King, can, theoretically at least, kill any citizen, rape any woman, and arrogate any amount of money from the public treasury with total impunity and without any modicum of accountability. Needless to say,  any gesture of dissatisfaction by the people, however faint or innocuous, is punishable by death or life imprisonment.  

This contradicts rather sharply the clear principles of Islam which make it amply clear that a religous Muslim ruler must be chosen by the people,  either directly or through their elected representatives, namely Ahlul Hall wal’aqd“(literally, people who tie and untie).   Moreover, Islam states unequivocally that obedience to the ruler is contingent upon and subject to his absolute dedication and commitment to the Sharia.

Kleptocracy: A government of thieves, run by thieves, for the benefit of thieves 

The Saudi Royal Family is the ruling family of Saudi Arabia’s kingdom and is worth over $1 trillion, making them the wealthiest royal family on earth.

As we all know, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said “By Allah, if Fatema,  the daughter of Muhammed, stole, I would cut off her hand.”

However, we see that the Saudi rulers view the wealth of the entire country as their own wealth. Hence, it is no coincidence that all Saudi kings since King Faisal, who was assassinated by his nephew in 1975 arrogated tens of billions of dollars from the public treasury. This explains the fact that Saudi kings, Princess and hundreds of other members of the ruling family devour a large chunk of the Saudi treasury. 

In 1988,  Fortune Magazine estimated former King Fahd’s wealth to be around $18 billion (making him the second-richest person in the world at that time). Forbes estimated Fahd’s wealth to be $25 billion in 2002. In addition to residences in Saudi Arabia, he had a palace on Spain’s Costa del Sol which made Marbella a famous place. Current estimates of Crown Prince Muhammed Ibn Salman’s wealth are put at $23 billion.  All in all, estimates of the Saudi ruling family’s wealth measure their net worth at $1.4 trillion. This figure includes the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco, the state oil and gas company, and its vast assets in fossil fuel reserves. In light, one can quite safely argue, without the slightest exaggeration,  that the Saudi regime is actually a government of thieves, run by thieves, for the benefit of thieves.

 Hence the question, what sort of Islam are these master hypocrites and liars talking about when they claim they are ruling the country in accordance with the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet?  Their malicious, pernicious lies are crying to the seventh heaven.!  

The truth of the matter is that these depraved thieves are only using Islam as a pretext to hide their rapacity, corruption and criminality.

 Indeed, One doesn’t go too far by arguing that the Saudi dynasty and Saudi ruling family is an incurable malignant cancer upon the conscience of Islam and Muslims as they constitute the ultimate antithesis of the religion of justice. This is because they knowingly commit grand treachery against Allah, His messenger and the religion of Islam while claiming that they rule according to Sharia! Islam is not an enigmatic religion. It is the Saudi ruling family that is corrupt beyond imagination.

Jamal Khashogji

Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018

The hair-raising murder of Jamal Khashogji at the Saudi  Consulate in Istanbul in 2018 epitomizes the un-Islamic Islam of the feudal Saudi regime. And as we all know, the murderous crown Prince and de facto king (MBS), who ordered the grisly murder,  has eventually emerged unscathed from that eternal stigma.

Open-ended incarceration for God-fearing Ulema and rights activists 

Prominent Islamic scholars tortured to death in Saudi jails

Today, MBS is incarcerating in shocking conditions thousands of Saudi intellectuals, Ulema, and activists for voicing non-conformist views. Some of them have died in their cells. Others are agonizing as a result of physical and psychological torture.

The draconian justice system in the Kingdom of fear and darkness sentenced two Saudi women for 35 and 45 years respectively for using the social media. This week, it was reported that a Saudi court sentenced Noura bint Said al-Kahtani to 45 years in prison for social media posts. The  woman was convicted of “using the internet to tear the (Saudi) social fabric” and for “violating public order by using social media.” A few weeks earlier, the same court sentenced  Salma al-Shehab, a mother of two and doctoral candidate at the University of Leeds in Britain, to 35 years in jail for following and retweeting dissidents and activists on Twitter.

Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter

Yes, a 45-year imprisonment sentence for writing a simple tweet! What sort of Islam is that? Would the Prophet of Islam and his companions have condoned this outrageous absurdity and preposterousness?

Eternal subservience to America

Biden effort to rehabilitate US-Saudi relations likely to include normalization with Israel

Ever since Britain withdrew from the region in the early 1960s, Saudi Arabia has been a de facto American protectorate. The unholy bond goes like this: The U.S, sustains the Saudi dynasty in power in exchange for Saudi Arabia serving and doggedly guarding American and Israeli interests in the entire Middle East.

 In the last two decades, Saudi Arabia spent tens of billions of dollars to prop up dictatorial rulers in the region. It is widely believed that the Saudi monarchy paid more than 20 billion dollars to overthrow the first democratically-elected President of Egypt, Muhammed Mursi,  in 2013. The advent of the visibly ignorant Egyptian dictator, Abdul Fattah Sissi, who is Israel’s No.1 lover in the Arab world, was preceded by huge massacres of pro-democracy activists, at the Rabaa and Nahda squares in Cairo where between 7000 -10,000 men, women and children  were either slaughtered en mass by machinegun fire or incinerated alive by Egyptian forces. 

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Needless to say, The Saudis funded these hideous crimes and the concomitant bloody coup, which put a tragic end to  Egypt’s brief democratic experiment.  The King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, congratulated Sissi for his great victory over “the apostates.”  Soon after these events, the Saudi government issued a plethora of laws and decrees criminalizing any individual calling for democracy, human rights and civil liberties in Saudi Arabia. Thus, anyone convicted of indulging in these “crimes” would be guilty of apostasy,” a grand felony punishable by death.! Yes, this is the Islam of Saudi Arabia. Does it look like the rule of Umar Ibn al Khattab and Abu Bakr and Ali ibn Abi Talib, let alone the rule of the Almighty’s final messenger to mankind?

Moral decadence

Thirty-five-year-old Mohammed bin Salman’s sudden rise stunned the world

MBS is reportedly suffering from a host of personality defects including a clear mental disability which he often seeks to conceal by displaying exaggerated aggressiveness and intimidation. This is the reason why he always insists on receiving written questions by journalists and TV interviewers especially when visiting foreign countries.

He is also a lecherous hedonist par excellance. He is said to have arranged a promiscuous orgy in the Maldives in 2015 to celebrate his appointment by his father as Crown Prince.  He reportedly paid 50 million US dollars for the party which was “attended” by 150 “women models” from several Western countries. A recently released book claimed that MBS  arrived at the resort only after the models were tested and found safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The book, titled  ‘Blood and Oil’ written by Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck,  exposes MBS’s scandalous lifestyle and ruthless quest for power. Predictably, the Saudi media wouldn’t report on this and similar scandals for obvious reasons. 

Allah will not be deceived

As we all know, such filthy promiscuity, obscene extravagance and wanton squandering of the Muslim Umma resources are absolutely Haram (strictly prohibited) according to the Book of Allah and the  Sunna of our beloved prophet.  However, these cardinal vices are obviously Halal and perfectly acceptable according to the pseudo-Islam of the Saudi ruling family. But Allah will not be deceived and His punishment will be very sever, indeed.

The de-Islamization in Saudi Arabia Society

Today, MBS is busy carrying out an aggressive campaign of de-Islamization in Saudi Arabia This campaign has permitted Saudi women to dress more or less like western women, effectively abandoning the Hijab, though gradually. The campaign also allowed inter-gender mixing with a clear prurient underpinning as well as a plethora of sex-oriented “recreational activities” which fly in the face of Sharia rules of modesty. One Saudi intellectual residing abroad intimated to this writer that “it is only a matter of time before MBS allows prostitution houses and bars serving hard liquor to operate openly in the kingdom, especially in the Red Sea resort town of Jeddah, not far from the Kaaba, the holiest Muslim place on earth.

Reacting to this combination of brutal dictatorship, rampant corruption and falsified Islam, some Saudi youngsters are leaving Islam altogether embracing other religions. Others have opted to embrace atheism. It is not exactly known how widespread is the phenomenon. However, unofficial estimates put the number of atheists in the kingdom at tens of thousands.  

The sinful Love relationship with Israel

MBS doesn’t seem to believe that the Palestinian issue ought to have a “veto impact” on Saudi freedom to pursue its national interests with other states, including Israel.

Saudi Arabia has displayed definitive signs indicating that the Kingdome is about to start a cordial relationship with the bellicose Zionist entity of Israel which is continuing to murder and savage fellow Palestinian Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on a daily basis.  Signs of this sinful relationship included allowing Israeli passenger aircraft to fly over the kingdom, instructing social media bloggers as well as Friday Jumaa speakers and media in general to malign Palestinians and their enduring cause.  

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Officially, Saudi spokesmen claim the Kingdom’s traditional stance vis-à-vis the Palestinian issue has remained unchanged. However, the growing behind-the scene normalization between the kingdom and the evil apartheid Jewish entity suggests that the Saudis are effectively turning their backs on the Palestinian cause.  

Needless to say, this treasonous abandonment of the Muslims’ No.1 cause shows that Saudi Arabia is not only betraying the Palestinians and the Aqsa sanctuary but is actually betraying the very soul of Islam itself.  The Holy Quran warns Muslims repeatedly against taking hostile and belligerent enemies as allies.  “Whoever embraces them amongst you is one of them, “the Quran warns.

Indeed, the looming alliance between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, should be viewed as a sign of apostasy, which ejects that horrible, primitive regime from the realm of Islam.

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Palestine is Entrenched In the Heart of Qatar World Cup



The Tunisian fans holding a huge banner of Free Palestine in Qatar World Cup FIFA 2022

Almost every match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup has witnessed signs of having Palestine entrenched in the heart of World Cup’s fans by either raising the Palestinian flag, wearing a Palestinian kufiyah or chanting slogans in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Palestine is a kind of country that is physically absent but spiritually present in the heart of the World Cup in Qatar. There is hardly a match, event, or promotional activity without the presence of the Palestinian flag, even though its team does not participate in the tournament. This edition of the World Cup tournaments is, by all means, different and holds significant importance since its beginning 92 years ago for the Arabs and the Palestinians. Since the beginning of the tournaments, Palestinians have been looking forward to spreading awareness about their suffering and getting their voice heard on a large scale.

What is in the heart, is in the heart

Arabs’ unity at its best in supporting Palestinians is present in a chilling way in the Mondial. This is almost the first time for Muslims, Arabs, and especially Palestinians to have their powerful platform to speak aloud. They need to speak loudly about their suffering in the largest gathering ever. The Palestinian flag has been flown with pride at stadiums across Doha since the tournament kicked off.

The unifying power of football has been unmistakably displayed, with Palestinians eager to throw their support behind Arab teams upsetting football’s international elite. On the other hand, Arabs have also shown signs of solidarity with the Palestinians during the tournaments. “My friends and I have been exchanging videos posted online showing Arab people waving the Palestinian flag, it’s a testament that we are one and Palestine is alive in the hearts and minds of all Arabs,” a fan said.   Furthermore, Arab activists on “Twitter” launched a campaign to boycott companies supporting the “Israeli” occupation, and widely raised Palestinian flags during the World Cup Qatar 2022. Beautifully, Tunisian fans chanted for Palestine and raised the Palestinian flag outside the stadiums beautifully displaying Palestine entrenched in the heart of the World Cup.

Tunisian fans singing for Palestine ” the beloved Palestine” song

A light-up message “Gaza is in our hearts” appears at a building during the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar encapsulates timeless universal solidarity with Palestine

It is not surprising to see the Qatari fans’ support for the Palestinians in the Mondial. On top of all supporting countries, Qatar has always shown solidarity with the Palestinian question whether spiritually or financially. Significantly, Qatar has seized the chance not only to spread Islamic culture and history but also the Palestinian question as well. Likewise, a Qatari man filmed a video on social media showing him distributing Palestinian armbands.

Several Qataris wore armbands featuring a pro-Palestinian design at the Mondial, according to photos posted on Twitter. The armbands bore the black-and-white design of the kufiyah scarf that is synonymous with the Palestinian cause. They were an apparent response to players and officials protesting FIFA’s players who wear the gay armband on the pitch. On top of all of that, Winterhill Hospitality, the official Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup hospitality-booking site, has put ‘Occupied Palestinian territories’ as a country option, without mentioning ‘Israel’ on its list. Moreover, it launched a popular campaign called “The Palestinian Dream” in Qatar. It aims to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and the crimes of the occupation. It also has another aim: taking advantage of the major global event “World Cup”.

In addition, a Qatari man appeared in a video refusing to talk to an Israeli reporter as a way of showing solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Not only him, but also many Qataris showed refusing to interact with Israeli reporters. They also held the Palestinian flags high in every street, car, and stadium.

Pro-Palestinian fans refusing to interact with the Israeli media

Israel is hopelessly isolated as Palestine is entrenched in the heart of the masses

As a sign and a result of showing solidarity with Palestinians, the masses have hopelessly outcasted and isolated Israeli media in front of the world. The Israeli media appeared isolated amidst large numbers of Arab fans. Whenever knowing their Israeli identity and hear their broken Arab accent, pro-Palestinians rally around them with dozens of Palestinian flags. For more, click here. “We feel hated, surrounded by hostility and unwanted,” an Israeli journalist said. Another Israeli reporter interviewing a Saudi fan burst into anger shouting that “Israel stays for doomsday.” This is a sign of covering up the distress and anger in which he is. This Mondial has proved the hatred of Arabs, Muslims, and some Westerners worldwide for the Israelis. A Saudi fan was overwhelmed in a video telling an Israeli reporter that he is not welcome here.

Saudi fan confronts an Israeli reporter in Qatar World Cup 2022

As a result, Israeli media started to flounder for being a redundant intolerable guest. “After a while, we decided to claim we were Ecuadorian when someone would ask us where we were from,” an Israeli reporter said. Read more on this: Is anti-Semitism essential for the survival and growth of Zionism and Jewish peoplehood?

Israeli reporter denies he’s from Israel after being spotted by a football fan at the World Cup in Qatar.

The Yemeni, Saudi, and Tunisian masses gave a harsh lesson to the Israeli journalist Jay Hochmann. This happened when he stood among their groups to impose himself among them, so they cheered “Palestine”. Furthermore, Yediot Ahrnot said that their coverage of the World Cup showed the magnitude of the Arabs’ hatred of Israel. It also noted that Iranian, Qatari, Jordanian, Moroccan, Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian fans were looking at them with hate looks.

General view

Summing up, it is the instinct of Arabic peoples to show such solidarity with Palestinians. All the presented signs show that Palestine is entrenched in the heart of World Cup fans. Through their unity and awareness, the Palestinian question is strongly dominant in the scene. Most importantly, let us not forget the enormous efforts of Qatar of supporting Palestinians in all circumstances. One of the most critical factors to make full benefit of the Qatar World Cup in support of the Palestinian cause is to communicate directly with match commentators, presenters, and influencers. This can be via television, radio channels, or social media sites to highlight, talk about, and address the Palestinian issue during their comments on the games.

In addition to the need to interact on social media sites via several tags, most notably Palestine in the World Cup, to get the issue to the extreme and the most significant gatherings. This interaction proved that the question of Palestine is still alive and still entrenched in the hearts of all Arabs and Islamic peoples in the World Cup. Qatar World Cup FIFA has become the main platform to convey the Palestinian question to the whole world. On the other hand, negligence and outcast, at least, are what Israelis got due to their bloody deeds against Palestinians. From our platform, we announce our support for Qatar and the Palestinian question as well.

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The UK Economy Braces for 2-Year Long Recession: What Went Wrong?



Rishi Sunak

The UK economy is witnessing one of the worst crises in its history. The downfall of the pound, war-infused energy crisis, skyrocketing electricity bills, collapsing stock market, changing Prime ministers, and whatnot?

Nothing has gone in the UK’s favor since the passing of the Queen. And now the country is bracing for a prolonged two-year recession with contracting third quarters.

But what went wrong in the first place? How did this trigger an economic catastrophe in the UK? And can Rishi Sunak save the UK?

Here is a detailed explainer:

UK Economy: An Overview of the Problem

With the political upheaval and the pandemic, the already suffering economy of the UK reached its brim when the Russia-Ukraine war ignited. 

In response to Ukraine’s invasion, Britain halted the import of fuel, gas, or coal from Russia since June for the first time in the past 25 years.  

As a result, Russia stopped its critical gas pipeline to Europe, thus creating an energy crisis. 

All this led to the UK’s economic downfall. 

Today, inflation is at an all-time high of 9.9%, a 40-year high. Energy bills are shot up by almost 80%despite capping. Finally, and most importantly, the pound has become one of the worst-performing currencies, with its value dropping by 24% against the dollar.  

The Mini Budget Turmoil 

With such disruptive environments in the UK, former Prime Minister Liz Truss came up with the mini-budget. The mini-budget baskets a slew of tax changes, including the elimination of the high rate of income tax for the wealthy and the energy subsidies policy platform. 

However, the mini-budget backfired and now has snowballed from an energy crisis into debt, housing, currency, and even a banking crisis. 

The pointer mentioned in the mini-budget has been so terrifying that it shook the economy of the UK and plunged the London Stock Exchange horribly. 

With such an unstable situation inside the UK economy, Truss changed her mind about company taxes after days of adamantly defending her budget and firing finance Minister Kwarteng. 

“I still agree with my policies, but I’ve sacked my finance minister because he announced them, and the market didn’t like them.” 

She said 

A Cold and Long Winters Awaits the UK

The three major events that make the incoming winter snug for the UK are:

  • First, Russia has entirely cut off gas, which causes the cost of electricity to shoot up by almost 80%
  • Secondly, on top of the existing gas storage, the incoming winter energy consumption is about to hit a new peak from September to December. 
  • Third, even if Europe had 90% of its Energy storage complete in September 2022, it could take only 90 days for it to reach dangerously low levels. 

Long story short, a gas shortage during a peak consumption time, with no storage option, will further increase energy prices. It has already been shot up at extreme levels resulting in high electricity bills that eventually heated inflation and the economy of the UK. 

Even though the UK is receiving help from the US and other countries, gas prices are still very high. Hence the cost of production and inflation has hit a record 9.9%.  

“It is going to be tough. But protecting the vulnerable – and people’s jobs, mortgages, and bills – will be at the front of our minds as we work to restore stability, confidence, and long-term growth,”

British finance minister Jeremy Hunt twitted

Bond Market Crisis with Collapsing Pound 

The UK’s property market, pension industry, and overall economy are at risk of recession. The reason behind this is the decline in the price of UK government bonds and the ensuing rise in interest rates. 

10-year bond rates in the UK have gone above almost 300%, going from just about 1% to 4.11% in just nine months. 

Even though the bonds yield a 4% interest, the currency has depreciated to such an extent that it has become a disaster for foreign investors. As a result, foreign investors are quitting the UK market, further decreasing the demand for the pound. 

Such a crisis in the bond market resulted in currency depreciation further, and the sterling slid against the US dollar. Furthermore, during the Ukraine-Russia war, Russia cut off gas supplies, and oversized reliance on imports further surge Euro.   

Rishi, the Third Prime Minister in Three Months 

After the resignation of Boris Johnson with 27 ministers, the office was handed over to Liz Truss. When Boris left the office, there was a sensation in the UK that it was time for stability and competence.

However, due to poor politics and policies, Liz Truss abruptly resigned from the post of Prime Minister within 45 days. The shortest and most disastrous spell that slung the economy of the UK and crashed the pound forced Liz Truss to step down from the post. 

With the resignation of Liz Truss, the reign was entrusted to Rishi Sunak, the third PM of the UK in the last three months. Sunak’s appointment ended another period of political unrest in the UK. 

But many analysts and Westminster observers are still of the opinion that there will soon be another crisis. With the opposition Labor Party presently leading in the polls, all opposition parties are pleading for a general election.

Can Rishi Sunak Save UK Economy?

The political unpredictability has led the UK economy into a two-year-long recession. The previous two prime ministers were unqualified to steer the UK economy’s flimsy ship. Hence Rishi has some challenging tasks to do. 

Now, everything will depend on how Rishi approaches the challenging work of rescuing the UK economy from disaster, and it will be interesting to watch how he advances.

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Is anti-Semitism essential for the survival and growth of Zionism and Jewish peoplehood?



Is anti-Semitism essential for the survival and growth of Zionism and Jewish peoplehood?

Unlike any other state around the world, Israel is constantly whining about its international image being tarnished and unfairly sullied. The apartheid entity routinely blames “anti-Semites”  for ” seeking constantly to lynch the Jewish state’s image.” Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) doctors would voice all sorts of unreasonable and preposterous “rationales” to explain the utter lack of love for the pariah state among the peoples of the world.

Israel, which the late American evangelist Jerry Falwell referred to as “the nation-state of the Lord” has effectively been transformed in the eyes of the bulk of humanity into the nation-state of the devil.  Well, but even the devil itself is probably learning “useful” lessons from Israel.

While insisting that Israel’s ugly image suffers due to anti-Semitism, not Israel’s abominable behaviour in occupied Palestine, the professional twisters of truth would eventually invoke the mantra that “boys will always be boys and goys will always be goys”! (goys or goyem is a derogatory Jewish term for non-Jews)

Israel firsters, whose Chutzpah often transcends reality,  would never attribute the sullied image of the apartheid entity to its unceasing and unmitigated crimes against the helpless Palestinians. We all know that not a single day passes without a Palestinian boy, child, woman, worker, farmer, doctor, student or journalist getting murdered or maimed by the Gestapo-like Israeli army or the even more murderous paramilitary Jewish settlers all over the Occupied West Bank.

We kill them knowingly

Israeli officials and spokespersons are well aware of the  utmost gravity of these crimes. However, they would argue that these crimes, however nefarious and barbarian, should not lead to tarnishing Israel’s image.

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Moreover, the Zionists would argue that international critics of Israel’s  “actions” are guilty of singling Israel out for their scathing criticisms, while conveniently ignoring other villains on the world’s arena, such as Russia, the Syrian regime, and even the U.S. and its allies who killed and maimed thousands of innocent people in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Being hated is essential to being Zionist

Yes, the Zionists do admit, though begrudgingly,  that they indulge in all sorts of heinous crimes, including crimes against humanity, against the Palestinians.

Generally speaking, the Zionists don’t claim that these crimes are correct and ethical, although religious Talmudic settlers thugs, such as Ben Gvir and Smotrich, who won recent Israeli elections, would cite numerous quotations from the Torah and Talmud “proving” the utter morality and perfect legitimacy of these crimes, including burning Palestinian kids alive.!

Read Also: The fanatic Zionist and me: Truth versus arrogance of power

None the less, the Zionists would insist that Israel has the right to defend itself as if self-defence justified an evil military occupation, dehumanizing repression and humiliating apartheid for over half a century. One settler leader from the settlement of Kiryat Arba near Hebron had the audacity to say “if Joshua did exterminate the Canaanites, why can’t we do the same to the Palestinians”?

A little story that speaks volumes

Exposed and demoralized before the entire world, Zionist spokespersons would reveal, often inadvertently,  one of the most outrageous aspects of their collective evil mindset. A few days ago, an Israeli right-wing activist wrote in Ynet  that Jews can survive only if they are hated by Goyem, but in order to be hated, Jews must indulge in every evil act in order to draw hateful reactions from non-Jews.”

Read Also: Even if a hundred  holocausts were committed against Jews, it gives them no right to slaughter Palestinians and steal their homeland

I really had thought that perhaps only a small esoteric Jewish cult did indulge in this strange behaviour.  But then a friend intimated to me a little secret.  He told me a story he said he had heard from his father who died many years ago. According to the friend, when Arab kids in a given Palestinian town were playing near the small local  Jewish neighbourhood, the mother of the only Jewish kid who was playing with them, gave the Arab kids some sweets and a few piasters , asking them to hit and curse her own kid!.  I remembered this little story when a Zionist settler activist told me during an internet chat  recently  that “we need to be hated in order to survive as Jews.”

Some audacious rabbis would privately explain such bizarre behaviour by arguing that if Jews found absolute love and acceptance by non-Jews, they would eventually assimilate and perish as a people.

In other words, anti-Semitism is essential for the survival and growth of Zionism and Jewish peoplehood! One Israeli rabbi reportedly argued that if there were no anti-Semitism, it would be the moral and religious duty of the Jews to create “some” anti-Semitism to make Jews feel that they are different”!

Startling Open Secret

This startling open-secret should explain the fact that numerous trumped-up anti-Semitic incidents, including torching synagogues,  scrawling anti-Jewish graffiti, and vandalizing Jewish grave headstones are often committed  by Jews, not anti-Semites! Just ask Law-enforcement authorities in the U.S. and UK, and they would tell you some shocking stories in this regard.

And, yes, there are numerous rabbis and Talmudic sages who would argue that Jews will not survive and prosper if they were readily accepted and loved by goyem, since such cordiality and friendliness would lead to slackness, integration assimilation and ultimate extinction of Jews . Jews in America are often cited as a classical example. Due to their complete integration into the  American society, most American  Jews blended completely and thoroughly,  melting away into the general fabric of American life, leaving themselves,  their children and their grandchildren only nominally Jewish.

In light, Jews must accordingly show off their brutal ugliness and evilness to  Goyem in order to generate a certain amount of anti-Semitism which would be highly beneficial, useful and even vital for Jewish survival and growth.

There is absolutely no doubt that  Israel’s 75-year-old ongoing holocaust against the Palestinians can be explained, at least in part, in light of this criminal mentality, which actually constitutes a creed and ideology for millions of Zionist Jews.

Some readers, stunned by the utter shamelessness and diabolic oddity of this mentality might be prompted to think that the author of this article is perhaps exaggerating and blowing things out of proportion.

But there is no exaggeration here. I remember the late American Jewish author Alfred Lilienthal quoting a Zionist rabbi in his masterpiece-book, the Zionist Connection, as saying that “a little anti-Semitism is always useful since it reminds us of who we are.”!  

Chasing the Mirage of the desert

Today, Israel and its tails, mouthpieces and allies in the U.S. and some European countries are fighting an anti-Semitism that doesn’t really exist except in the sick mindsets of Zionist leaders. Thus, every legitimate criticism of the brutal Israeli occupation, including the apartheid regime in the West Bank, is twisted to imply hated for Jews. 

Read also: Israel Has No Right to Exist if Palestine Has No Right to Exist

The Zionists would argue cunningly and tendentiously that opposing Israel is opposing Jewish self-determination. They conveniently ignore the fact that Israel’s right to exist is inextricably entwined with Palestine’s right to exist and the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. And. Yes, Israel has no right to exist as a criminal entity, practising open-ended occupation and apartheid and indulging in all forms of repression and savagery against a people whose only “crime”  is nothing other than being non-members in the “chosen-tribe club” So, let the Zionists chase the mirage of the desert for as long as they wish.

In the final analysis, humanity is under no legal or moral obligation to accept, condone or tolerate Jewish apartheid in Palestine  than it was to accept the apartheid of the former White supremacist regime in South Africa. Meanwhile the Zionists may seek to vent their endless frustration at humanity by threatening to unleash their stale scarecrow of anti-Semitism in the face of critics. It is too late for them. The peoples of the world have already wakened up.  The magic has been annulled! and we will continue to tell the truth about the evil entity even if telling the truth is perceived as anti-Semitic

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