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Pakistan Must not Normalize with the Devil



Without Islam, Pakistan is a part of India. Islam is the ultimate raison d’être of the Pakistani state. Anyone denying this cardinal fact is either thoroughly ignorant, or consumed by hatred for the final heavenly message to mankind. In both cases, such people shouldn’t be taken too seriously.As to the haters, the fire of their own blind hatred will eventually  take care of them as Imam Shafie said “Fire will consume itself if it finds nothing to consume.”

Badge of honor for Muslims

Despite all its problems, and they are undoubtedly numerous and complicated, Pakistan, the country of 225 million and the second-most populous Muslim country after Indonesia, remains a badge of honor  for every Muslim  who considers himself or herself part of the Umma of Muhammed (PBUH).

 The Pakistani state must maintain this sublime status, and  not give Islam’s foes a reason to gloat or be gleeful at our unenviable state of affair.  That is why, Pakistan must never ever accept, either explicitly or implicitly, to compromise its national honor and  dignified status among Muslims, even in exchange for a hefty financial package from rapacious international usurers or a certificate of good conduct from Washington. The badge of honor must not morph into a badge of shame under all circumstances. A free, honorable woman would rather starve than commit adultery.

Stay away from the venomous snake

Today, there are frantic, unrelenting efforts by Israel, often through politically influential American Jewish figures, to coax Islamabad to betray Islam, the Quran and the Prophet of Islam,  by normalizing ties with the apartheid Israeli entity, which openly brags about its toxic hostility to everything and anything Islamic or Muslim.

The brazen Zionist efforts to make Pakistan commit political adultery with the enduring Palestinian cause are also aimed at dwarfing Pakistan itself from a giant Muslim world power into a sort of a failed and pliant Banana republic, rotating in the orbit of international Zionism. In short, The cunning Zionist efforts  aim to make Pakistan lose itself as well as make the Muslim world lose Pakistan.

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Needless to say, Pakistan would gain nothing in return, probably apart from a lot of empty promises and extravagant but insincere praise and sycophancy from Washington. That is in addition to a few “peanuts,” using the words of the late Gen.  Muhamed Zia-ul- Haq, from the International Monetary Fund.

Israel’s vicious goals in Pakistan

Apart from depriving the Palestinians of one of their last important natural allies, which would significantly facilitate the ultimate Israeli goal of liquidating the Palestinian cause, and gobbling the Masjidul Aqsa, Israel has certain ghoulish goals by endearing itself to Pakistan.

Israel doesn’t deny that the acquisition by Pakistan of a sizeable nuclear deterrent represented a huge failure of the Mossad espionage agency. Indeed, the detonation by Pakistan of 5 nuclear devices on 28 May, 1998 was a very very bad news for the Israeli security establishment and one of the main reasons for the Israeli decision to establish strategic relations with India.

Today, Israel rather aggressively seeks to neutralize Pakistan as an awesome Muslim power. Israel has no bilateral contention with Pakistan. But the Zionist entity hates so much military strength and political strength (democracy) in any Muslim country. On the other hand, Israel is infatuated with those Arab regimes whose autocratic rulers who suppress, torment and trample on their masses in order to remain in power until their death.

The Pakistani army and nuclear program   

As an observer of the Israeli mindset for several decades, I have a zero doubt as to the number-one priority on Israel’s mind as far as the brazen attempts to normalize relations with Pakistan. It is simply to “directly and closely” spy on the most powerful Muslim army, Pakistan’s defense industry, and especially the country’s nuclear capabilities. The Pakistani state would be infinitely gullible if it didn’t pay ample attention to this matter. An Israeli embassy in Islamabad, God forbid, would be an elaborate den of espionage disguised as a diplomatic mission.

Undoubtedly, Israel would convey every conceivable piece of information it obtains about Pakistan to its closest ally, fascist India,  as well as to the Zionist state’s guardian-ally the United States.

As to India, Israel has already transferred to the racist Modi regime its cumulative experience of many decades in tormenting and savaging the Palestinians, including demolishing their homes for petty violations as well as handing them hefty prison sentences for engaging even in non-violent resistance to the sinister Zionist occupation. Some Indian states, like Utar Pradesh, have already copied Israel’s harsh tactics against the Palestinians. Moreover, Israeli security advisors have been “advising” the Indian army as to the most effective methods of  repressing Kashmiri freedom fighters as well as ordinary Muslims of the Indian-Occupied territory.

Another goal of the sought-after normalization with Pakistan would be to spark off civil disturbances and even sectarian conflict between Pakistan’s sizeable Shiite minority and the Sunni majority. Israel has a long experience in this field in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and the West Bank. Indeed, we don’t disclose any secret when we remind readers that Israel’s espionage activities were one of the root causes of civil wars in Jordan in 1970, Lebanon, 1975, and Syria in 2011. There is absolutely nothing that would restrain Israel from doing the same evil feats again if circumstances allowed. We all know that many Pakistanis are abjectly poor. Hence,  it is not inconceivable that the Zionist octopus would seize the first opportunity to recruit some wretched traitors to work for the Zionist regime and betray their country.

So far, all the regimes with which Israel reached  normalization agreements are absolutely despotic and undemocratic,  ruled by despicable, treacherous tyrants who don’t allow any semblance of civil liberties like freedom of speech.

Indelible stigma

Indeed, had it not been for this sweeping dictatorship, none of these states would have agreed to normalize with the very country that shamelessly murders school children and journalists, and then claims that the repetitive acts of murder were done by mistake!

God forbid, Pakistan would be the first quasi-democratic Muslim country to be besmirched by the indelible stigma  of normalization with the last and worst apartheid under the sun.

But there is a catch-22 with regard to Pakistan. The vast majority of Pakistanis are religious Muslims who wouldn’t remain silent, passive or idle while the country of Muhammad Iqbal and Mawlana Mawdoudi is contaminated by the Zionist virus, which unlike the Covid-19 virus, which kills the body, kills the moral soul of a nation. Hence, Pakistan, a country that I have always fallen in love with, must not cheapen itself and commit moral suicide by normalizing with the devil.

Arab autocrats are irredeemable hypocrites

I realize there are influential Pakistani voices who might argue that Pakistan cannot be more Arab than the Arabs and more Islamic than the Saudis. Well, such arguments are actually a form of Satanic insinuation. This is because the bulk of these tyrants are agents of Israel and the US and have nothing to do with true Islam. After all, Islam is taken from the Quran and the Sunna of the holy Prophet, not from charlatans and misfits like MBS, MBZ, Sisi, and the little King of Bahrain. In fact, these little men consider Islam as their strategic enemy. Hence Pakistan must not compromise its national dignity by imitating or emulating these American protectorates.

Don’t follow the Egyptian example

A final note. When Egypt Normalized relations with Israel in the late 1970s, during the rule of Anwar Sadat,  Normalization apologists then were quite auspicious that the most populous Arab country would soon become a Middle Eastern economic tiger. Today, more than 40 years later, Egypt can hardly feed its population and is effectively held hostage to the whims of the Zionist entity. As to  Egypt’s  political weight on the world arena, it is not much bigger than that of a small banana republic. Pakistan must not commit the same blunder again. One doesn’t seek safety in a venomous snake’s hole. (End)

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To the peoples of the world: Israel is Carrying out a holocaust against Palestinian families



Israel is carrying out a holocaust against Palestinian families.

Yes, Israel is not sending Palestinians to gas chambers. But Israel is bringing Auschwitz and Mauthhausen to Palestinian homes, neighborhood, hospitals and mosques.

The title of this brief article is not a hyperbole or a dramatic overstatement meant to attract attention or gain sympathy. It is rather a reflection of reality.

Indeed, if a holocaust is about annihilating people, especially civilians and Palestinian families, the Israeli army, the Wehrmacht of our time, has been exterminating entire Palestinian families-the father, the mother and all the children.

We are not speaking about one isolated incident or a few incidents where one stray missile hit a home inadvertently or children killed as a result of collateral damage.

We are rather talking about carrying out a real holocaust against Palestinian families, an official policy endorsed and pursued by the government of Israel to wipe out numerous Palestinian households for the purpose of bringing the Palestinians to their knees.

This is Israel’s way of wreaking shock and awe on the defenseless and helpless Palestinians.

So far, more than 25 thousand entire Gaza households have been targeted by Israeli bombing. More than 12 thousands have been killed half of them are children and women.

Just imagine your own family being annihilated by a missile launched from high altitude. This nightmare has effectively become a routine experience in Gaza.

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Israel today is emulating the Nazis and other criminal offenders throughout history. Don’t invoke the mantra of anti-Semitism. In the final analysis, when Jews think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, they (the Jews) become Nazis themselves, pure and simple.

Yes, I do recognize there are many kind-hearted Jews who reject this Nazi-like savagery. None the less, we must call the spade a spade. These atrocities are being enthusiastically supported by the vast majority of Israelis, including ordinary people, intellectuals and rabbis. Israel-2023 does have much in common with Nazi-Germany. Claiming otherwise would be both dishonest and malicious.

Real holocaust

Israel, a notorious professional liar whose agents control western media outlets from Sydney to California, is misleading the international community as to what is really happening in the Gaza Strip.

A regional military superpower thanks to unrestricted American backing and support, Israel is simply waging a war of extermination against a thoroughly persecuted people whose only “crime” is its enduring vigor and longing for freedom from the shackles of Talmudic Jewish Nazism, a Satanic ideology which views all humanity-save Jews-as animals whose lives have absolutely no sanctity.

There is no doubt that the ongoing Israeli rampage of murder and terror is an expression of that genocidal Talmudic mentality. It is a mindset that is even more nefarious than the Nazi ideology.

We Palestinians have been at the receiving end of Jewish criminality and murderousness for several decades. We know it too well and need no one to give us lectures on “Israel’s civility and humanity”

In the final analysis, a country that murders thousands of children and other innocent civilians rather knowingly and deliberately in order to create deterrence is neither civilized nor humane. It is tantamount to fornicating with truth to call Israel humane and civilized.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is a diabolical Judeo-Nazi entity that has much in common with the Third Rich.

Yes, Israel is not sending Palestinians to gas chambers. But Israel is bringing Auschwitz to Palestinian homes, neighborhoods and streets. Israel is carrying out a real holocaust against innocent Palestinian families.

This is not really a war. War is fought between armies. The Palestinians don’t have an army, or navy or air force. The Palestinians simply can not protect their own children from overwhelming barbarianism, played out in full view of the entire world.

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Yes, there have been projectiles fired on Jewish colonies from the Gaza Strip, but these projectiles are essentially innocuous from the military view point as evident from the nearly zero casualties incurred by Israelis.

Indeed, when there is one dead on one side and 300 on the other side, including 50 children and babies, in addition thousands of maimed civilians and swathes of pornographic destruction of property, we are not really talking about war, even an asymmetrical war. We are actually talking about a real massacre, a massacre that is reminiscent of the time when the Nazis ganged up on European Jewry 70 years ago.

This very real massacre, holocaust, wouldn’t have been carried out had it not been for the flaccidity and leniency and silence displayed in Israel’s face by the bulk of the international community.

This is not to mention the connivance, collusion and conspiratorial roles played by several criminal states and governments, including the United States, a majority of European governments and especially the whore-like Sissi regime in Cairo which is shamelessly and brazenly siding with Israel against the Palestinian people.

But never mind, another massacre, another blitzkrieg, another conspiracy won’t finish our people off. It is our kismet that we must die in order to survive.

But those in Washington and London and Cairo who are watching rather passively, probably gleefully, as our children are being incinerated and murdered at the hands of the children, grand children and great-grand children of the holocaust, will one day pay the price for their murderous complicity and ignominy.

We will not forgive or forget.

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Israel: A criminal state par excellance



Israel: a criminal state par excellance

In its exaggerated self-infatuation and excessive narcissism, Israel, a criminal state par excellence, often claims it is light upon mankind.

Zionist Jews, who falsely claim allegiance to the prophetic traditions of ancient Israel, are actually mostly atheists.

In fact, Zionism has more in common with the most infamous paragons of evil throughout history than with such Hebrew luminaries as the Prophet Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Joseph, David, and Solomon.

Indeed, ever since its misbegotten birth in 1948, a birth fraught with crimes against humanity, Israel’s modus operandi has been an uninterrupted series of atrocities, oppression, persecution, inequity, and racism.

Thus, Israel, A criminal state par excellence, is also a great falsifier of truth, history by claiming a higher moral ground vis-à-vis the Palestinians, its largely-unwept victims who are still crying to the seventh heaven for justice.

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Israel is already starving and tormenting 1.6 million Gazans, denying them food, clean water, and other necessities of life. The 17-year draconian siege is apparently meant to punish Gazans for electing Hamas which simply refuses to recognize Israel for religious and moral reasons. The international community  sought to overlook Israel’s  real crimes against humanity inflicted repeatedly  on  some two million helpless Palestinians languishing under a N-a-z-i-like siege imposed and maintained by Israel.

Israel portrays herself as a beacon of light in a sea of dictatorship, tyranny, and oppression,

What Israel, a criminal state par Excellance, refuses to tell the world, however, is the fact that the Jewish state through its ubiquitous tentacles in America, Europe and elsewhere to enable, shield, sustain, and support tyrannical regimes in the region such as the Sissi police state in Egypt, the feudal regimes in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.

Israel, a notorious professional liar whose agents control western media outlets from Sydney to California, is misleading the international community as to what is really happening in Jerusalem and in the Gaza Strip.

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Israel, ruled by supremacist and megalomaniac Jews who think that no country or entity under the sun has a right to criticize Israel’s appalling maltreatment of the Palestinians, believes it has an unending free season on its victims.

Those are the Nazi-minded ideologues who are indoctrinated in Talmudic Jewish supremacy and who believe that the non-Jews lives have no sanctity , those are the Talmudic thugs who believe that the Palestinians must either be expelled or massacred .

As to its victims, Israel seeks always to demonize and dehumanize them so that the world will react indifferently if not callously when Israel murders them, expels them from their homes, steals their land and property as well as demolish their homes, a nearly daily callous practice the state of the Jews carries out in the West Bank.

Israel was born in sin. It will always be a sinful state, no matter what we read in the New York Times and the Washington Post or what we see on CNN and Fox News.

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World passively watching as Israel perpetrates open-ended massacre in Gaza



The Israeli army, which can be called the Jewish Wehrmacht given its Nazi-like behavior, continues to pound the Gaza Strip from ground, sea and air. According to sources in Gaza, virtually all targets hit so far are civilians.

As many as 3500 Palestinians, virtually all of them civilians, have been reported killed so far. Thousands others were injured, many sustaining life-threatening wounds.

The scenes of mutilated and maimed children, some of whose bodies are seen protruding through the rubble of their homes, destroyed by missiles fired by American-supplied F-16 fighter jets, seem to verify the view that Israel is targeting Palestinian civilians in Gaza knowingly and deliberately.

Israeli leaders and military officials are openly gloating over the high death toll among Palestinian civilians. They blame Hamas for the orgy of killing. However, virtually all Palestinians don’t buy the Israeli logice.

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As we all know, this is not the first time Israel indulges in such war crimes.

Israel has always been a regular perpetrator of war crimes . Indeed, one would exaggerate very little by arguing that Israel itself is a war crime or a crime against humanity.

I am not going to spend time refuting Israeli hasbara lies, blaming Hamas for the latest conflagration. Having been a vigilant observer of Israeli behavior for several decade , I can honestly argue that honesty and Israel can not really be used in the same sentence. Israel and honesty are an eternal oxymoron.

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As always, Israel violated the uneasy truce reached through Egyptian mediation in 2002. Israeli leaders, proceeding from the Talmudic ideology which views all non-Jews as lesser human beings or virtual animals, don’t feel bound by agreements or treaties reached with “Goyem.

People in the west, long duped and brainwashed by Zionist propaganda, may raise they eyebrows when reading these words. But we who live with these Judeo-Nazis and have been at the receiving end of their murderousness and evilness know better.

We don’t need and won’t accept lectures about the “humanity and civility” of the N-a-z-i-s of our time.

Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza don’t constitute an existential threat to Israel, which has one of the strongest military machines in the world.

Read Also: Hamas: A convenient red herring for Jewish Nazism

In fact, the claim that Gaza is threatening Israel is infinitely ridiculous. The thoroughly-starved and hermetically blockaded Gazans have a hard time feeding their children, let alone pose any meaningful threat to the N-a-z-i Germany of our time, a pugnacious state that more or less tightly controls the most powerful country under the sun, the United States.

It is sad and lamentable that a country of 320 million has allowed itself to be enslaved by Zionist pressure groups, hell-bent on prostituting America and eviscerating it of any semblance of morality for Israel’s sake.

Palestinians have resist Jewish terror

But the Palestinians can not take their very survival for granted. They can’t rely on the so-called international community to shield them against Jewish N-a-z-i-s-m.

Indeed, if the Palestinians don’t defend themselves, who is going to defend them? Obama? Merkel? Or Puten?

Hence, the valiant Palestinian determination to put up a semblance of resistance to the Jewish Wehrmacht. The Israeli assault on Gaza is not an assault on Hamas; It is rather a nefarious aggression against the entire Palestinian people. It is intended to break our people’s will to resist Israeli Nazism. Pure and simple.

To put the matter in a nutshell, the Palestinians in Gaza are simply defending themselves against an overwhelming evil force that is hell bent on ethnically cleansing them and stealing their motherland. Our fighters don’t fire their home-made missiles on Israel because they want to spill Jewish blood. They do it because this is the only means they possess to deter a cannibalistic enemy that can only feel good if and when it spills Palestinian blood.

Besides, the problem with Israel didn’t begin last week or last year.

Just remember that many of the people being now bombarded and murdered by the Jewish Wehrmacht are actually children, grand children and great grand children of the original Palestinian refugees that Israel massacred or brutally expelled out of their homes when the evil state was created in Palestine in 1948.

Hence, the Palestinians in Gaza can not really be terrorists if only because they were never the initiator of violence and terror. The Palestinians were living peaceably in their towns and villages, mostly leading a simple pastoral life until waves of Khazari Jews, who had no real connection with the ancient Israelites, invaded Palestine with the aid of Western countries, especially the evil empire, the United Kingdome.

Yes, it was Britain that put the venomous Jewish snake in the bed of the Palestinian child. Britain, as Noam Chomsky wisely said, can not claim innocence or argue that it didn’t know the snake was so poisonous.

Gaza Massacre: Surviving by dying

Today, Palestinians are sacrificing their lives for their freedom, dignity and survival. This is what they have always been doing from time immemorial. We are very much children of martyrs who were themselves children of martyrs. We survived despite a harsh history of plots and conspiracies that aimed to eradicate us as a people from the face of earth.

We in Gaza will survive the latest Israeli blitz as well

However, the world community ought to feel ashamed for watching the Nazi Germany of our time gang up on a defenseless people in Gaza whose only crime is that it is not part of “the holy tribe,”

This conspicuously immoral world , which doesn’t respect any modicum of respect, will surely have a precarious future. It will face ultimate demise.

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