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The 1967 War was a Defeat  of Arabism, Nasserism, Baathism and anti-Islam doctrines



In the early hours of 5 June 1967, exactly 55 years ago, the Israeli air force carried out wave after wave of devastating strikes on Egyptian air bases, destroying, virtually completely, the entire Egyptian air force in what is called The so-called Six-day War.

In subsequent strikes on the same day, the air forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq suffered crippling losses, depriving Arab armies of air cover

   Indeed, by the end of the first day of the so-called Six-day War of 1967, Israel achieved absolute air superiority over the Egyptian air force, Syria and Jordan.  In fact, one would exaggerate very little by arguing that the outcome of the war was decided during its first six hours, which would make the appellation “Six-hour war” a more fitting description of the gargantuan Arab defeat.

By 10 June,  the last day of the war, Israel occupied the Sinai desert and the West Bank including the holy city of Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Height.

“Red night and intoxicated pilots”

It was widely reported then that the bulk of Egyptian pilots had had a “red night” during which a strong liquor was served.  Thus, the heavily intoxicated pilots simply couldn’t fly. Moreover, Egyptian warplanes were like “sitting ducks” as they had no hardened concrete shelters to protect them from aerial strikes. Another scandalous element contributing to Gamal Abdel Nasser‘s air-force destruction was the fact that the entire Egyptian air-defence system was shut off for the duration of  a reconnaissance mission by War Minister Abdul Hakim Amer to “assess the situation.” Moreover, to ensure Amir’s safety, no plane was allowed to take off during his flight. The man was Gamal Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law and one of his closest confidants.

 The Israeli Six-day War victory in 1967 was more logical than miraculous. Egypt, Syria and Jordan, were then as they are now, ruled by corrupt, bankrupt, and tyrannical rulers who viewed the preservation of the regime as their ultimate and most paramount strategy and priority.

Gamal Abdel Nasser’s responsibility

There is no doubt that Gamal Abdel Nasser is blamed for the greatest Arab-Muslim 1967 war defeat since the conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusades on 15 July 1099, when the armies of the Franks made their entry into Jerusalem and massacred its inhabitants. The near megalomaniac Arab leader was a captive of his own irrational rhetoric, futile sabre-rattling,  and rabble-rousing speeches as well as huge popularity from Bahrain to Casablanca. This gave him the impression that he was always on the right track no matter what he did. As he lacked any self-accountability, he would use the Ikhwan as a red- herring to justify and evade responsibility for his many failures and blunders.    

 Immediately after the end of hostilities on 10 June, a commentator on Sawt al-Arab or the Voice of the Arabs radio station sought to assure his devastated listeners that Israel actually failed in the war since its real goal was to remove Gamal Abdel Nasser from power, which it didn’t achieve!

Nasser: the Second Major Disaster hitting the Muslim World After Ataturk

I remember I once asked Professor Hamed Algar of the University of California at Berkley how he viewed Gamal Abdel Nasser. He described the famous idol of Arab nationalism rather tersely, saying Gamal Abdel Nasser was “the second major disaster afflicting the Muslim world after Mustapha Kemal Ataturk.” (see my article, Nasser revisited).

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Gamal Abdul Nasser deserved this description. Besides bearing ultimate responsibility for the loss of al-Masjidul Aksa, he executed one of the most important Muslim intellectuals, Sayyed Qutub, for being affiliated with reactionary forces in the service of imperialism, Colonialism and Zionism. Qutub was a treasure of knowledge walking on two legs. His TafsirFi Zilal al-Quran” is still considered second to none.

 And while excelling in rhetorical overindulgence, rabble-rousing and making empty threats against Israel, as well as gasconading about the grandeur of the revolution, many of his aides, including Amer, were actually real presumed spies for Israel.

Gamal Abdel Nasser appointed communists and other anti-Islam figures in key positions in his regime while carrying out a sustained witch-hunt campaign against religious Muslims, calling them a fifth column.

The late Egyptian Muslim preacher and thinker, Sheikh Muhammed Metwalli Shaarawi “thanked Allah for the decisive Israeli victory in the 1967 war.”  When asked why, the eminent imam said this: Had we defeated Israel, our people and the Arabs, in general, would have adopted atheistic communism as a religion instead of Islam and worshipped Gamal Abdel Nasser as God instead of Allah.”

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The situation in Syria was by no means any better.  There the Godless Baath party was trying to de-Islamize Syria and consolidate the domination of the small esoteric sect known as Nusayris, which worships Imam Ali as God incarnate. In Islam, this absolute idolatry and polytheism.  Prior to the 1967 war, Baathists sought to sow sedition, anarchy, promiscuity and atheism throughout Syria in order to prepare the country for the complete domination of the Baath party. But the Baath party was actually a mere ladder for the Nusayris, used to arrogate power forever.

Hostility to Islam reached an unprecedented level of brazenness as Baathist leaders and intellectuals began assaulting and demonizing Islam, the Quran and the prophet Muhammad.

For example, on 25 April 1967, a prominent Baathist military officer named Ibrahim Khalaf wrote the following in the “Jaysh al-Shaab” (the People’s army) magazine,  under the title “the new Arab man:

“We need a socialist, revolutionary Arab man, not one praying and supplicating for mercy from a God that doesn’t exist.

“The new socialist Arab must realise that things such as God, religion, virtue, morality, and paradise are mere mummified puppets in the museum of history.”

Eli Cohen

The Israeli intelligence penetration of the Syrian regime was phenomenal as it was clarion. A few years before the 1967 war, an Israeli spy named Eli Cohen was able to reach the highest echelons of the regime. In the process, Cohen, who was disguised as a Syrian immigrant in South America,  obtained every conceivable piece of information about the country, the armed forces, the religious and ethnic minorities and the political parties. “He knew everything, even the colours of our leaders’ wives’ underwear’,” one unnamed Syrian official was quoted as saying.

Paramount strategic Asset to Israel

Interestingly,  the public discourse of the regime contradicted rather starkly reality on the ground. For example, Hafez Assad, the former dictator and father of the current mass murderer despot Bashar, announced the fall of the Golan Height more than 24 hours before the strategic plateau did actually fall.

Moreover, the thousands of troops who were supposed to defend the area,  confront and repulse advancing Israeli forces were ordered to abandon their positions and move quickly to Damascus to protect the Baathist regime from a possible coup by disgruntled officers.

Needless to say,  the Syrian regime which brags unceasingly about its patriotism,  Arab nationalism, liberty, liberation, and standing in the face of imperialism, Zionism and colonialism! has been and continues to be a paramount strategic asset for Israel. According to a documentary aired on Aljazeera several years ago, Hafez Assad reached a secret agreement with Zionist leaders in London in the early 1970s. Israel would cede the Golan Heights in exchange for the Zionist movement guaranteeing the continuity of the Nusayris r in power in Syria.

A few years ago, Ehud Barack, the former Israeli PM,  told the Obama administration that the Assad regime represented a great strategic asset for Israel.

To conclude this sad piece I can say that it is contrary to the laws of God, man and nature that such bankrupt and evil regimes would be granted victory. This was true in 1967;  it is still true today.     

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Jewish Nazism is reality not fiction



Jewish Nazism

I realize that the title of this article might offend and provoke many people, especially those adhering to the Judaic faith. I do know that Jews, like everyone else, are not carbon copies of each other. There are many conscientious Jews who believe in fairness and basic human equality regardless of color, race and faith, and strongly reject racism and chauvinism in any form. Also, I will no longer be using euphemistic language in reference to Jewish Nazism especially in light of the latest Dresden-like bombing of Gaza by the Judeo-Nazi state also known as Israel.

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These people I salute for their rectitude, humanity and morality. They are our natural partners for peace and a better tomorrow for our children and their children.

But there are numerous other Jews who don’t believe in human equality and justice for all. Indeed, there are many Jews, e.g. followers of the hateful Chabad sect, who don’t even ascribe full humanity to people who are not members of the Jewish faith.

Needless to say, the venomous ideology adopted by these racist fanatics has much in common with Aryan Nazism.

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What else can be said to describe an ideology that teaches adherents that the life of a non-Jew has no sanctity and that goyem can be murdered without the slightest compunction or feeling of guilt?

The shocking reactions by the Israeli government, rabbis, and community leaders to the latest abduction, murder and subsequent burning of a Palestinian kids in Gaza are very telling.

In a certain sense, these reactions and attitudes can be compared to the reactions and attitudes of many Germans to the pogroms carried out against Jews by the Nazis prior to and during the Second World War.

The gleefully despicable embrace of the brashly hideous crime by the bulk of the Israeli Jewish society underscores the fact that millions of Jews in Israel and abroad do harbor certain Nazi tendencies, especially against the Palestinian people. These tendencies are too real and too tangible to be overstated.

However, we must call the spade a spade, even at the expense of upsetting the huge Zionist propaganda machine which habitually alters the black into white and the blatant big lie into a “truth” glorified by sheepish westerners who have long been brainwashed into believing that Israel is a modern, civilized and democratic state.

In the final analysis, when Jews (or anyone else) think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, they simply become Nazis. Pure and simple.

Today, there are numerous Jews who openly call for the physical annihilation of Palestinians as retaliation for the abduction and killing of three Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Saber-rattling rabbis speak menacingly of the need to adopt “the Biblical way” to combat the Palestinians.

For those not versed in Jewish phraseology, “Biblical way” is euphemism for genocide.

Today, the Israeli media reported that some army personnel openly appealed to the government to “give us the green light to annihilate them.”!!!

Just read what thousands of Jewish youths have been writing on their Facebook pages! It is outrageous, disgusting and sheer evil.

To put it in a nutshell, Nazism is being regurgitated and exuded all over Israel. This is happening in broad daylight while professional liars like Binyamin Netanyahu are filling the ether with all sorts of shameless lies about Israel being victimized by the Palestinians.

Seventy-six years have passed since Kristalnacht. Today Jewish settlers in the west Bank, in close cooperation and coordination, with the Israeli army could very well carry out a huge pogrom against an innocent and helpless community which really finds itself very much in the same precarious and vulnerable position that European Jewry experienced prior to WWII.

I am not a prophet of doom and gloom, but the signs are unmistakably bleak.

A final point, the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are surviving thanks to the good-will of the international public opinion. Should the international community go into a brief slumber, God forbid, Israel and its own Wehrmacht, SS, Gestapo and Hitler Youth might embark on the unthinkable. Don’t you ever say Jews can’t carry out a holocaust against their victims, the Palestinians?

Words can kill; words do kill.

Unfortunately, the chilling words we are hearing from many Israeli Jews these days leave no room for optimism.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and political commentator , we lost him on account of natural reasons on 12th of July last year in the Occupied Palestine

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I’m most definitely Palestinian!




In-your-face brutality, unending genocide, unending atrocities, mass slaughter directed against one’s people, one’s brethren, causes the most strong and unimaginable reaction, in response to the oppressor’s horrendous and barbaric deeds. The autocratic, despotic, tyrannical Israeli-hand systematically and with pre-planned engineered precision, massacres, annihilates, eliminates the young and the old Palestinian alike – in the most inhumane and most despicable of ways. Slaughters men, women and children in broad daylight. Bares its blood-thirsty intentions, its monstrous objectives in the most unashamed of ways. Mercy to none – not to the living, not to the severely wounded and dying; no mercy even on the dead or their lifeless remains.

The constant fear of being bombed anytime, rained down with missiles and all manner of munitions from within the vast arsenal of the Israeli side; definitely stockpiled high, with enough buffer inventory of munitions, deadly and lethal stockpile, to blow the receiving side multiple times over; so as not to leave a “shred” of evidence of your original physical-self on the surface of the land, which your people, generations and generations of your ancestors, since time immemorial have dwelt on.

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The inexplicable terror of seeing Israeli drones constantly “floating about” unopposed, in the skies above your unsheltered head. Drones with eyes like that of a greedy dog. Electronic pixels wanting to cast an evil eye, an evil-spell upon your very being. Eyeing upon your existence, wanting to blow-up, tear-up your physical being, seemingly wanting to devour your flesh and body; all by way of a few computer clicks / even the manual computer-clicks now, seemingly, are being replaced by more automated ways of executing these most evil deeds. Software, coded software, written programs to execute on the most Evil-intentions. Evil-intentions of the most evil amongst the human race.

Everybody knows, the Israelis have exterminated with their weaponry, uncountable numbers of Palestinians across a 40, 50km stretch of land, in front of the whole world, over the past so many weeks and months. And retain the capacity, the ability, the power, the means to slaughter, devour many, many more innocent ones, day in, day out.

The Israelis possess American technology, American weapons – the bedrock of their faith, the foundation stone of their belief in their never-ending invincibility. The Palestinians have their faith in Allah; that Allah will redeem his faithful people, from the clutches of these war-mongers, who rain down terror, day and night on the most innocent, the most vulnerable.

Most definitely, the Moslem spirit in me, the Palestinian spirit in me is not defeated; quite to the contrary, it’s rekindled, stronger than ever.

I’m definitely Palestinian, in every sense of the word, and Allah will save us, Allah will have mercy on us, Allah will guide us.

(Note: Azhaar Amayreh is a marketer stuck in war-ravaged Rafah with her child.)The following article is part of a campaign to raise money to help MZEMO contributor Azhaar Amayreh and her family leave Gaza. Please give what you can.

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The futility of counting on the U.S. to pressure Israel



It is really ludicrous to see how dishonest the U.S “mediators” constantly demand that the Palestinians display more “good will” toward Israel at a time when Israel continues to perpetrate a real Holocaust against the hapless and helpless Palestinaians and steal Palestinian land in broad daylight.

It seems amply clear that the current Palestinian leadership, i.e. the Palestinian Authority (PA)  led by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, neither learns from its own blunders nor from other people’s blunders. This is really a gigantic disaster befalling the Palestinian people and their enduring just cause.

How else can one relate to the unrelenting illogical insistence of the the whole world on accepting the U.S., Israel’s guardian-ally, as “mediator and honest broker” between us and our murderous tormentors and grave-diggers, Israel?

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Indeed, one doesn’t have to be an expert on American foreign policy in the Middle East to know that the U.S represents the problem, not the solution, given its long-standing embrace of Israeli fascism and expansion.  After all, it is the US that not only enabled Israel to actively pursue its lebensraum policy at the expense of its neighbors but consistently shield it from any accountability or international condemnation.

Today, the U.S. administration is criticizing Palestinian “unilateralism” in reference to desperate PA efforts to get the UN Security Council to recognize Palestinian statehood and agree on a deadline for ending Israel’s Nazi-like occupation.

Well, we all know that the U.S. is being pornographically hypocritical when it accuses the virtually vanquished Palestinians of acting unilaterally as if its spoilt nefarious daughter, Israel, were ever acting in full conformity with international law.

Well, Mr. Abbas and Mr. Ereikat: Don’t be too gullible, too sheepish. Ask your American interlocutors, e.g. Mr. John Kerry, the following questions:

Since when did Israel ever behave bilaterally rather than unilaterally?

Was the usurpation of Palestine and expulsion of its indigenous people at the hands of Jewish terrorist gangs hailing from Eastern Europe, a bilateral or unilateral act?

Was the annexation by Israel of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights a bilateral or a unilateral act?

Was the building of hundreds of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as the transfer of 600,000 Jewish settlers to live on a land that belongs not to them a bilateral or unilateral act?

Was the wanton demolition of some 30,000 Palestinian homes by Israel a bilateral or a unilateral act?

Was the annexation of the bulk of the West Bank and East Jerusalem a bilateral or a unilateral act?

And what about this ugly structure, called Separation wall, which resulted in the theft of thousands of acres of private Palestinian land? Was it a bilateral or a unilateral act?

I could go on and on and on listing America’s hypocritical and duplicitous stands on Palestinian grievances and Israeli crimes. Indeed, the U.S dishonest stand on the Palestinian plight has only been consistent in its moral depravity. Indeed, hypocrisy in its most brazen form has always been and continues to be the modus operandi of American policy toward the Palestinian issue. I know it is politically incorrect to speak in this tone. However, truth must not be another victim of the dark evil embrace between the U.S. and Israel.

But morality is not and has never been part of American politics or policies, especially foreign policy. This is why the world looks so ugly, so gloomy and so unjust.

The U.S. is insisting that only a “negotiated” settlement to the Palestinian issue would be acceptable to the U.S.

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In other words, Israel must always have the final say as to any possible peace deal with the Palestinians.

But since Israel would never ever end its occupation or dismantle the settlements, let alone allow for the repatriation of the refugees, it means there can be no negotiated settlement unless the Palestinians agree to surrender to Jewish Nazism. But that will never happen as Muslims, including the Palestinian people, would never allow the Ramallah leadership or any other leadership to commit adultery with the honorable Palestinian cause.

Let’s be honest. The purportedly honest American broker or mediator is neither honest nor a broker or mediator. The proverbial American judge is simply telling the insolent rapist (Israel) and the vanquished rape victim (the Palestinians) to sort it out amongst yourselves. Do we have to be the smartest humans on earth to understand the implications of this brutal ugliness?

It is tantamount to a total American embrace of Israeli fascism. It means that the American stance is actually Israel’s stance. It also means that that the U.S. would never accept or condone any settlement that Israel doesn’t accept.

That is why the Palestinians need to have a moment of truth with themselves.
And the message they need to internalize is that they would have to wait ages if they continued to put their trust in the U.S. to pressure Israel to walk in the path of peace.

Let us face it. Israel will never walk in the path of peace unless it is pressured and bullied to do so. However, Israel would never ever walk in the path of peace as long as it continues to receive nuclear submarines from Germany and the most advanced fighter jets from the U.S.

In a nut shell, America can’t and won’t exert any meaningful pressure on Israel to end its N-a-z-i-like occupation. We all know that Israel controls the American government or at least controls those who control the American government. Israel is intoxicated by its arrogance of power and Talmudic insolence. And the U.S., Israel’s guardian-ally, is not in a position to be an honest mediator and to impose a deal on Israel or even convince her to allow for one that would give the Palestinian a semblance of justice.

What should be done?

We must go ahead with our efforts at the U.N. Security Council, irrespective of American threats to veto any resolution favorable to the Palestinian cause. At least casting the veto would embarrass America itself and its treacherous Arab allies (they are not actually allies but cheap slaves and puppets as we all know).

We Palestinians must be confident of our inevitable triumph over Zionism and its evils. Yes, it may take time, but eventually Zionism won’t live forever in a sea where hundreds of millions live.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and political commentator , we lost him on account of natural reasons on 12th of July last year in the Occupied Palestine

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