Khalil Dwaikat
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An Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian prisoner to life imprisonment

According to the Prisoner Information Agency, an Israeli military court sentenced 47-year-old Palestinian prisoner Khalil Dwaikat to life imprisonment in the town of Rujib, east of the Nablus.

The Prisoner info. The office said Israeli forces had kidnapped Dwaikat on August 24, 2020, and handed him over to an investigation that lasted more than a month.

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Israeli authorities isolated Dwaikat in a cell for six months after his arrest. They destroyed his house in November 2020. His six daughters live with their mother.

After several postponements of his trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of 280,000 shekels today.

It should be noted that the number of Palestinian prisoners serving life imprisonment in Israeli-occupied prisons has increased to 550 prisoners.