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Impeach Trump Before The Real Free World Forgets You

Donald Trump has put the future of America in jeopardy by inciting destruction-upon the very seat he is meant to protect. Will America impeach him and this sordid chapter in history?

Donald Trump has lost the election fair and square, he has submitted over 60 lawsuits insinuating an unfair and fraudulent election-but they were all put out to dry. They were even discarded by the very people he employed. A short time before the election ran, Donald elected a Republican barrister to the Supreme Court. Many speculated this was timely-an ally in the ranks of the highest court in the land, but even she flung his accusations out the window and onto the pavements of his ridiculous and flagging ego.

“Every American who cares about the rule of law should take comfort that the Supreme Court — including all three of President Trump’s picks — closed the book on the nonsense.”

As said by Ben Sasse (a Republican from Nebraska), and reported by the Financial Times.

Even his own party wish to impeach him.

Donald Trump Incites Protestors Into An Attack Upon Capitol Hill and Democracy

But this is sadly an evolving door and despite Donald Trump losing the election-it aint over until the Trumpets sing. And sing they did: thousands of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill-the seat of democracy in Washington D.C only a few days ago. They were so in-sighted by the claims of their Mien Fuhrer, their protests became more of A siege; and the doors of Capitol Hill were busted down-anarchists having gained ground within the seat of power.

Four people lost their lives because of this, and Donald Trump bears their blood upon his hands.

There was one time the idea of Trump in power could be overlooked, cast aside and laughed at-but it ended a few days ago. Donald has only 11 days left of his presidency, but he has become so dangerous-impeachment is on the cards. A lot can happen in 11 days, will America impeach Trump before it’s too late?

Impeach Donald Trump Before He Changes The Course of America Forever

The 25th Amendment allows a president to be removed from power, but it must be agreed to by the Vice President and a majority of congress. (Scottish Daily Mail, January 8th 2021)

Will America impeach Donald Trump? I think there is an extremely strong case for it. Donald has now become an anarchist and he is a danger to America, their standing within the world and the notion of ‘the land of the free’ and democracy itself. Don’t forget that Donald thinks he is the lone ranger. If his demeanour, personality and presence within the Whitehouse were not enough to understand this, his new proclamations will be.

The scenes that shocked the world only a few days ago were enough to see the man will not go without a fight, and in his wake spawn Gotham’s most feared adversary. Trump has perhaps become more lethal in his ejection than he would have been as the re-elected president. 

Trump is No longer A Republican and Never Was

What is truly scary-is Trump has become the Real Slim Shady and he is not afraid to stand up. Trump has effectively taken off the mask and he is showing his true self-a pretend Republican

The man who made ‘Fake News’ his most reliant sidekick, has been a decoy himself the whole time. I do believe he is making it up as he goes along-his 2019 election slogan:’Keep America Great’, only demonstrates this. That I think is his weak point and what is most opportune for congress to use.

Trump Thinks He Can Say What He Needs To Say and Get Away With It

Following the Capitol Hill protests, Trump condemned the protestors and proclaimed their onslaught upon democracy. However, as can be seen in the above video-Trump incited the very situation that ended in four people dying. He told the crowd of supporters at his rally:

 “You’ll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength”

Therein: we have people storming congress with no agenda, other than to cause anarchy.

“Trump is the real onslaught upon democracy”

He always thinks he can ‘get away with it’, probably because he has done so for so long. Trump knows how to ‘play the game’, and this is what needs to be really overturned. Let’s put his money in his mouth and escort him out the building and into an orange jump suit. If America do not enforce the 25th amendment and impeach Trump (now for the second time), we may NEVER get rid of him. His son and daughter are just as unhinged and right behind him. Through impeachment, Donald cannot run for presidency again and I believe his family cannot either.

Donald Trump has made a mockery of America and has the whole world drawing parallels between the so-called land of the free and Russia. This has been a terrible time in America’s history-but it is but a blip in time. Hopefully, Americans within congress do the right thing in the name of their country, rather than their party-and fire Donald Trump and his hypocrisy for good.