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Covid 19 Resurges Across the World and Sparks Fears of Lockdown 2

As Europe re-visits lockdown, will the UK face the same fate?

As it has been recently reported, Spain has had a huge rise in coronavirus cases. 900 plus cases over one weekend, it was reported.

The immediate British reaction was to impose a mandatory quarantine upon anyone travelling from Spain to the UK. Sadly, England is not too far behind Spain’s new outbreak.

It has been reported there have been 771 new cases in England. Where these cases have appeared is not clear, but it is worrying nonetheless. The Guardian report mentions resurgence in northern England, but collectively it seems to have amounted to over 700 cases in England. Scotland recently reported 15 new cases in one day, but those figures have risen to 30 in one single day on Friday.

The Young Make Up Half of coronavirus Cases

Nicola Sturgeon cited that half of those cases were amongst the younger generation: those between 20 and 39. It is obvious, as society re-opens, numbers will naturally climb, but 30 new cases in one day is worrying, especially amongst the young. Such figures suggest social distancing is being left at the way side, and like any psychological restriction; the flood gates have now been re-opened.

Spain have seen a huge influx: over 900 cases in one weekend, the majority within one region, definitely calls for measures. It was right to restrict travel to Spain, England’s case list is presumedly spread across the country but Spain have localised growth. This also could be related to Spain’s youth breaking down their doors, and relinquishing freedom. Some of the worst outbreaks have been in major Spanish cities, who enjoy a large population of young people.

The director general of the WHO even went as far to say the influx of new cases across Europe was in part influenced by the younger generation.

And Nicola Sturgeon has also had her say:

“At this stage, we are not changing the rules on social contact nationally. I don’t want to tell people to spend less time with their friends. But unless people follow the rules and behave safely, we may need to go further.”

Do Not Get Complacent 

And there we have it. If this trend carries on, people have to kiss their friends goodbye. This may see only two households being able to meet, or it may go as far as a complete 100% restriction. Iceland has reimposed limited social contact, let’s not get complacent. This could easily happen here.

Local lockdowns Lead to National Lockdowns

The current idea of any subsequent lockdown lies with the notion, only local lockdowns will be imposed. This is what the cards look like currently but local lockdowns will have an effect upon everyone.

The very purpose of Track and Trace is to establish the contaminated individuals who have come into contact with an infected person. People travel, and take the virus with them. A local outbreak only needs one person to travel elsewhere, and start a new wave of infection. It would not be out of the ordinary if one local lockdown led to another.

It only takes a family of 5 to visit another family 50 miles from their home, contract the disease, travel back, and infect up to 15 people over the following days. 15 potential infections then multiplies by another 3, and so the virus grows again, all in the space of a week. One local lockdown can lead to another, it is a domino effect. 

Humans are social beings and are inevitably connected, what affects one person will affect another. This is why it is important to not become complacent about invincibility. 

A 2nd wave of infection is appearing all over the globe: in Australia, Norway, the Czech Republic in particular and Belgium.

Lockdown 1 Continues Across the Globe

And poor America is hit with 252 deaths in one day, just in the state of Florida. That is enough to send shivers up the spine. However, it cannot get much worse than in Brazil, who’s leader, Jair Bolsonaro defied the seriousness of the virus. This was probably before Bolsonaro contracted the disease himself, along with 90,000 other Brazilians who have died.

The regular routine such as hand washing, hand sanitising, sneezing under cover and keeping 2 metres apart, is easily put aside. I have pushed aside social distancing when meeting friends-and had to cross-examine my own thinking.

Personal Responsibility of All

If there is a lockdown 2, how far can any person reject responsibility? The fact of the matter is, everyone is responsible. FACT.  Local lockdowns could lead to a national lockdown.

As it stands, the better strategy could be to lockdown a region, rather than a city, in reference to Leicester, or Blackburn. This would curtail the spread winding its way further afield.

What is apparent however, is the lack of commitment towards face coverings on a global scale. There is a trend of countries announcing ‘mandatory masks’ at the moment, as soon as cases start to rise. 

Is it any wonder the world ponders lockdown 2?