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Sri Lanka’s Forced cremation of COVID victims’ bodies

As the world continues to battle the current pandemic, many are using several methods as means of decreasing its rapid spread. Some follow the WHO scientifically proven safety guidelines while others don’t.  Thus,  in March last year, Sri Lanka started forcing the cremation of victims of COVID-19. Not only does this practice ignore the World Read More…

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Conspiracy And Covid: The Covid Deniers In Your Community

The withdrawal and control of civil liberties during this pandemic has ignited the flame for conspiracy theorists throughout-but to a much greater extent than you imagine The prevalence and interference of coronavirus upon our lives has brought many things into question. On many levels-we are questioning our beliefs, our values and our morality. The restriction Read More…

Covid19 Featured

The COVID vaccine which is offering 90% protection

COVID19 once seems to be diminishing, is again hiking, and forcing millions of people back into lockdown; with many countries again imposing lockdown worsening the already ravaged economy. But the COVID vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, promising 90% effectiveness against the virus is giving the world yet a new hope. What is this vaccine Read More…

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New COVID-19 Test Could Detect A Case Within Seconds

Early trials of a new COVID-19 test open up the possibility of “rapid identification” for the disease in seconds rather than hours. Research shows breath analysis developed in Wales may be able to distinguish Covid-19 from other chest infections almost immediately. Results published by the Lancet follow trials in Scotland and Germany. Developers Imspex Diagnostics Read More…