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Coronavirus in America-What is Happening?

Why America is having to reenter quarantine

Coronavirus is spiking across the land once again, as infection rates surge mainly in southern states but also in some northern states.

Mike Pence, claims that America has made great progress in tackling the virus, yet Texas records the greatest increase in infections in one single day. This coincides with Florida, as well as Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi, to name a few.

The infection rate in these states has risen so high that the New York governor Andrew Cuomo has imposed a two-week quarantine on anyone entering the state of New York from Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Utah. There are many other states seeing surges in infection rates and the Chief Infection Control and Disease officer, Dr. Fauci warns:

‘US has a serious problem’

Why is this the case?

American politics is such that state governors have the ultimate say as to how the state responds to reopening during this pandemic. Early on, American states were going against advice even from Mr. Trump and re-opening at too fast a rate.

The state of Georgia re-opened its’ tattoo parlors and hairdressers, as well as tanning salons at the beginning of its revival. This was completely against advice. They are now seeing the greatest daily increase in infections, 1900 on Friday and Governor Brian Kemp insists that masks and restrictions are not needed.

This seems to be a common theme in America, a reluctance to maintain social distancing measures despite the evidence and advice. Kemp seems to have prioritized opening tanning salons in phase one because of the concern for working-class people. This is of course a fair assessment, but the state of Georgia has a responsibility to provide for those people, as does the rest of America. What comes before all else, however, is the responsibility to protect its people from harm.

Why are the southern states going against advice?

Texas came out of lockdown quickly and had an alarming rise in cases early on. Texas, as of today has closed all bars until further notice and reintroduced restrictions. Physicians working within Austin, Texas detailed on BBC News on 27th June the onslaught of cases that are continuing to fill up capacity, and half of those patients are under 35 years of age.

The physician further implies that even though the patients under the age of 35 are not dying, they are seriously ill and need hospital treatment, some of whom will struggle to rehabilitate thereafter. 

Chief Infection Control Officer Dr. Fauci has quoted:

“People are infecting other people, and then ultimately you will infect someone who’s vulnerable,” 

When asked why the Texan physician interviewed by BBC News thought so many patients were under the age of 35, she incites government advice to have been an influencing factor.

Texas and Florida are now having to backtrack upon reopening plans, some plans of which saw Texan hairdressers opening in phase 1. Texan hospitals are being inundated and struggling to cope with 50% of patients under the age of 35, and this is before the infection spreads to those older and more vulnerable.

Yet, they are not the only ones in the deep south. Idaho, Oklahoma, as well as Texas, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas, have seen re-surging infection rates. And it seems to be the young people leading the trend.

As the summer roars on in the south and the beach beckons, the southern states have a tough job going back on their message.

It seems the message so far has put the emphasis upon the resurgence of the economy, but instead there has been a resurgence of coronavirus.

Does the American Psyche Have a Role to Play?

It seems unbelievable that people in charge of areas as big or significantly larger than the United Kingdom would put so much at risk. It begs for speculation about the American psyche, when Georgian governors see no need for re-implementing measures, despite a record infection rate of 1900 in one day on Friday.

In fact, four records were recorded in Georgia in the space of this week alone, it has been reported. The hospitals are fit to bursting, but Kemp thinks masks are not necessary, contrary to the audience that surrounds him as he gives his briefing.

Young people have received the message loud and clear, and are now falling sick. People have been taking risks by gathering en masse and flaunting advice to serve their own purpose, hosting mass gatherings in Austin, Texas at the very beginning of phase 1.

The Instagram influencer has since removed the photo of the said mass gathering, which has obviously sparked much debate. The influencer claims her personal research reveals no need for concern with coronavirus, despite over 40,000 new cases today alone in the states.

It is no wonder there is widespread re-infection within the southern states. This is not the case in New York where they have gained control of the virus. Leadership from the likes of Cuomo is undoubtedly key, as well as the careful easing of lockdown.

Does Conspiracy Have a Role to Play?

The reversed message within the southern states needs to focus upon the young, who have taken the easing of restrictions and a lack of leadership and clarity, to a whole new level. The under 35’s are bucking a trend that is only further fuelled by conspiracy and fear, which has been doing the rounds.

Robbie Williams, the British pop star recently came out with a conspiracy theory that suggests 5G and coronavirus are linked, as well as US democrats being linked to a child sex trafficking ring via a New York pizza shop.

Conspiracies like these may be fuelling the American psyche that is seeing so many young people break the rules, spell out disregard, and end up in hospital.

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