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The UK Condemns China’s Treatment Of Uighur Minority

UK’s Labour Party has said that the government should freeze the assets of Chinese officials because of their country’s persecution of the Uighur people. The shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, said that legislation should be introduced by the government and used against any officials involved in human rights abuses. “There’s one thing that the government Read More…

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Boris Johnson Announces ‘COVID Alert System’

British prime minister Boris Johnson has announced certain tweaks to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The government’s message of ‘Stay At Home’ has now apparently shifted to ‘Stay Alert’. Unsurprisingly, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales have already rejected this proposal. This change comes as a bit of surprise because the World Health Organization and even the Read More…

it show that European Union is covered by covd19
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The Differing Perspectives of Europe Towards Covid 19

Coronavirus has ripped through the streets of Britain like Bloody Sunday, except the numbers are even greater. One report in The Byline Times makes reference to the small number of deaths in Norway, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, and Taiwan.  “The combined overall total of Coronavirus deaths Read More…