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Emotional Abuse: Why Idealising Children Online Is Killing Them

Child beauty pageants are the epiphany of over-parenting, which most of us would gasp upon. And yet, children are being projected online, by their parents-but under the pretence of love, acceptance and adoration. What happens when they no longer meet the mark? Over-parenting, an easy mistake many of us could make whilst bringing up our Read More…

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The Real Definition of Censorship in 2020

The definition of censorship has been left open to interpretation, but what is the real definition of censorship? Censorship-a relatively new concept for most people. Like furlough, censorship has become part of the daily vocabulary. From celebrities to writers to friends over text, everyone is talking about censorship. But what does censorship mean? Wikipedia relates Read More…

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The Trials and Human Violations of Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell has been Charged with Procurement of Minors in the Jeffrey Epstein Paedophilia Ring Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell has lived a life no one of us will ever experience. Daughter of high society one minute, and homeless the next; she is a survivor. The youngest daughter of media tycoon and entrepreneur Robert Read More…

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Please sir, can we have some doe? The living nightmare of internationals in Australia.

Temporary visa holders and all internationals living in Australia, face up to receiving no hardship; despite having lost their jobs due to a global crisis. Hey Kiwis, hey little foreign students, thanks for your time (and money), but we can’t have you anymore. This is the stance of the Australian government during this current crisis. Read More…