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Has the western concept of democracy succeeded in controlling the coronavirus pandemic?

Listed by the WHO as a pandemic, the Coronavirus has put over 3 million lives in danger. Questioning the principles of the liberal democracy of the west, prior to two months, the lockdown was named a draconian rule.  A couple of months back, a complete lockdown imposed by the Authoritative Chinese government in the wake Read More…


“Honor” based violence: how are victims protected in Europe?

Concerns with “honor” based violence have risen in recent years across Europe. However, these crimes are still largely misunderstood and underreported in many countries. The most famous case in Europe which ignited concerns about “honor” based violence was the murder of Fadime Sahindal in Sweden in January 2002, a young Kurdish girl who was killed Read More…

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The Differing Perspectives of Europe Towards Covid 19

Coronavirus has ripped through the streets of Britain like Bloody Sunday, except the numbers are even greater. One report in The Byline Times makes reference to the small number of deaths in Norway, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, and Taiwan.  “The combined overall total of Coronavirus deaths Read More…