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A Red Alert for Our Planet: The importance of redeeming our relation with nature

As the world still struggles with the consequences of its own actions, words and empty promises are no longer enough. For the past decades, the world has turned a blind eye to natures’ man-infected suffering in the name of advancement. Thus, today, nature is striking back hard. Natural crises, as well as unstable temperatures, are Read More…

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Biodiversity in 2020

In a year known most for its disastrous events, one can take comfort in the discoveries that took place alongside such tragedies. Though the world will forever recognize 2020 as the year of the coronavirus pandemic, the year achieved some remarkable discoveries in the fields of biodiversity. Thus, last year, scientists were able to discover Read More…

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Converting carbon dioxide into jet fuel: A revolutionary breakthrough

The world keeps advancing in many magnificent ways as technology continues to provide solutions to save our planet. For a while now, climate change turned from a far-fetched tragic future into a catastrophic reality. Moreover, with air transportation accommodating to a vast portion of the emission, scientists started exploring some better options. Thus, Carbon Sciences, Read More…

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The Earth and its Environment is Not For Sale so Hands Off

Human Consumption and Greed is Hindering the Earth and Leaving it Destitute The Earth and its health is our fundamental right as human beings, but the health of the Earth is being seriously undermined.  And I wonder, have people become so ignorant that they have sacrificed their own intelligence? The Egyptians and their Connection to Read More…