Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia Reflects Deep-Rooted Gender Inequality Within Society
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Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia Reflects Deep-Rooted Gender Inequality

Background: Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Somalia reflects a deep-rooted gender inequality. Somalia has a 99% prevalence rate among women aged 15-49 years. Most girls are subject to FGM between five and nine years old. Thus, Somalia has the highest rate of FGM in the world. These were the latest Read More…

Gendered violence in Kashmir
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Gendered Violence in Indian Administered Kashmir

Indian administered Kashmir has been torn apart by conflict for more than 70 years now. Kashmir has become a hotbed of strife between India and Pakistan, who each control a portion of it since 1947 and have fought multiple wars over it since then. While war brings to mind the images of uniformed men fighting Read More…

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Hijab Controversy in India- A Dent on Education Right of Muslim Girls

For decades Western European nations are struggling to decide whether headscarves or Islamic attire should be banned or tolerated. Now, India is dealing with the same question. India is home to the world’s second-largest Muslim population which is 200 million as approximately a combined population of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. The current ruling of Read More…

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The looming threat of a COVID-19 baby boom

International organizations are warning about a possible baby boom due to COVID-19 and restrictions on women’s reproductive girls, which will have significant implications for the world’s economy. In the age of global warming, the pandemic could lead to an additional 7 million unintended births, accelerating the growth of the world population. A woman’s rights issue Read More…