Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery Still Exist

Even in 2022 human trafficking is still the worst reality. Men, women and children all over the world are trafficked and exploited in the worst forms of harassment.  Around 6000,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked each year across the borders to get forced into illegal occupations and labour. The United Nations Office for Drugs and Read More…

Drought in horn of africa
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Human Rights on the Brink of Tragedy Due to a Severe Drought in the Horn of Africa

Twenty Million People at Risk of Hunger in the Horn of Africa Twenty million people are at risk of severe hunger due to a drought in the Horn of Africa. A climate-induced weather emergency has delayed rainfall. Four consecutive failed rainy seasons have led to the worst drought the Horn of Africa has witnessed in Read More…

Afghan women in Burqa.
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Afghanistan: Taliban Orders Head-to-Toe Coverings for Women in Public Further Defying Human Rights

What do women’s rights look like under Taliban rule? Taliban order women to wear a mandatory Islamic face veil and only leave home if strictly necessary On the 7th of May 2022, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) stated deep concern in response to a recent Taliban announcement. The Taliban held that women should Read More…

Protest for the right of abortion
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Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court Ruling Could Imperil Women’s Abortion Rights Around the World

The US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade decision The leaked decision by Politico shows how the US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v Wade. In an unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court decision, a majority of justices have voted to end federal Read More…

Muslim women
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Islamophobia: Impacts on Muslim Women

The project “Forgotten women: the Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women“, implemented by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) examined the harmful impacts of Islamophobia on Muslim women. It highlighted many shocking findings regarding violence, hate crime and employment discrimination against Muslim women. Muslim men and women are assumed to have the presumption of guilty Read More…

Women holding up a sign at a climate change rally.
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Climate Change Deepening Gender Inequalities: A Reality Check

How today’s most critical matter, the warming planet, and worsening environment is, linked to the long-existed issue of gender inequality? And how can women’s empowerment help combat climate change? How Women are Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change Climate change is not a male-female issue. On the contrary, it exacerbates already existing vulnerabilities, many of which Read More…

Domestic Violence Featured Women

Sexual Assault of Women By Police & in Military: Protector to Perpetrator

The cases of sexual assault against women by the police and in the military have skyrocketed. So many blood-curdling incidents have been brought to light, but nothing much is seemingly changing. So, what options do women have when the protectors turn into perpetrators? Sexual Assault by the Protectors Women are constantly let down by the Read More…

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Ayesha’s Suicide: Islam is Against Dowry, But Some Muslims Aren’t Ready to Let it Go

It’s high time to introspect our community’s practices. Practices followed by our very own community have created an ugly picture of this beautiful religion. Ayesha’s suicide broke me, and I have been waiting to write about it since then but couldn’t process my thoughts. But it’s never too late to talk about this because data Read More…

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“Age to consent to sex in France: 15 Age to consent to Hijab: 18” – A ludicrous statement is up for debate!

France’s attempt to make the lives of Muslims harder by bringing up so many restrictions targeting only Muslims is not new. Muslims are facing so many restrictions already, mainly in Europe, and it seems like even more is heading our way. This is why we shouldn’t stop raising our voices in all possible ways.  These Read More…

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Powerful Palestine Women That You Need to Know

With all the inhumane activities going on against the Palestinians through the never-ending conflict with the Israelis, we witnessed some of the powerful women of Palestine who have stood up and spoken against the violent attacks and the unjust activities towards the Palestinians.  Here are a few of them we need to know : Janna Read More…