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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: The Unforeseen Environmental Cost

From attacks on high-energy nuclear power stations to sparking forest fires, the environmental damage of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis is worsening with every passing day. But, what exactly is at stake? And is there a way out? Bombing Residential and Industrial Areas: The Real Consequences A non-profit organization in the UK, Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS), Read More…

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Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Losing the Information War?

On 24th February, Vladimir Putin unraveled a disastrous military intervention in Ukraine. He termed it as, “special military operation“. As the death toll is increasing and the Russian military is making its way deeper into Ukraine, Moscow is using harsh tactics to hide the information about the war. It includes banning Facebook and free-form journalism Read More…

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Ukraine Crisis: Has the World War III Started?

Amid the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, ballistic missiles, warnings of nuclear war, and the largest conventional military invention since World War II, many fear the escalation to evolve into the most cataclysmic war ever fought. Also Read: Ukraine War: Understanding the Roots and Cause of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis As the tension ramps up Read More…

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Russia-Ukraine Invasion: The Escalating Tensions Ringing War Bells

Once again, the simmering tension between Russia and Ukraine is taking up the form of waging war. However, the circumstances this time are extraordinary. As the Russian military continues to squeeze Ukrain from all three sides, the USA and its NATO allies are working towards de-escalating traction of the increasingly volatile situation. What is happening Read More…