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#indyref2: The Similarities Between Trump and Sturgeon

Nicola’s Sturgeon’s driving motivation is #indyref2 within Scotland, but how is this different from Donald Trump’s obstruction of democracy and his insistence to come back? The scenes, or rather-the tweets and the accusations; that have faced the American public of recent-lay bare the fragile political ego. Donald Trump and his cronies have not stopped short Read More…

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Vitamin C And Diet: Why Is This Not The Covid 19 Vaccine?

Significant studies are finding vitamin C could cure severe cases of coronavirus, but why is this and diet not the government’s first protocol? Whatever stage of life you may find yourself in-the truth of the matter is, your diet counts. It contributes towards the well maintaining of the immune system. If this wasn’t obvious-then think Read More…

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MP Puts Everyone at Risk by Travelling With Covid

Margaret Ferrier-a Scottish MP, tested for coronavirus, then travelled Glasgow to London to attend Westminster. What was she thinking? Margaret Ferrier will be contemplating the past week with careful trepidation. She has been suspended by her party because she decided a trip down to the House of Commons-despite symptoms, was a really good idea. Margaret Read More…