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Did Life on Earth Originate for Outerspace: Staggering Findings by a New Meteorites Study

Are we alone in the cosmos? Is there life out in the vastness of our universe? Over 3.7 billion years ago, life first emerged on the blue planet. However, with all the technological advancements, the origin of life remains a mystery that has puzzled the scientific community for centuries. But, the recent finding by NASA Read More…

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: How Anonymous Cyber War is Undermining Putin’s Invasion

Soon after Russian president Vladimir Putin launched the “special military operation” on Ukraine, unfolding the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, the popular Twitter account named “Anonymous,” a hacktivist collective declared a cyberwar against Russia. Also Read: Ukraine War: Understanding the Roots and Cause of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Since then, the account with over 7.9 million followers with about Read More…

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Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Losing the Information War?

On 24th February, Vladimir Putin unraveled a disastrous military intervention in Ukraine. He termed it as, “special military operation“. As the death toll is increasing and the Russian military is making its way deeper into Ukraine, Moscow is using harsh tactics to hide the information about the war. It includes banning Facebook and free-form journalism Read More…

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Techno-Racism: Technology Automating Racial Discrimination

Humans are flawed decision-makers. Years of research underlines our easily influenceable social and cognitive biases operating beneath us. Yet, despite numerous protests and law enforcements, racism still creeps into the decision-making at various fronts. Also Read: The psychology behind racism in the Americas That’s why tech giants are embracing digital technology to make the decision-making Read More…

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Online Dating Scam: Is Your Virtual Date a Scammer?

Pandemic loneliness is pushing thousands towards online dating applications, searching for a love connection. But, how many of them have found a true connection, and how many of them got scammed? Online dating scams are costing unsuspecting victims millions of dollars every year. The pandemic has made the already dire situation worse. Let’s look in-depth: Read More…

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Tiktok Blackout Challenge: The Resurfacing Danger Taking Lives

Tiktok is no stranger to dangerous and life-threatening challenges and pranks on its platform. From climbing a tall stack of milk cartons to eating the hottest pepper, Tik Tok users have long been participating in provocations for a long time. Now, adding to the treacherous challenges is the resurfacing “Tiktok Blackout Challenge.“ What is Tiktok Read More…

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Metaverse: A Horrifying Virtual Layer to the Real World

Can (or should) Facebook’s new “promise” offer more than a simple virtual extension to our existing abilities and functions? Can we even benefit from it? Our physical and virtual realities are getting increasingly entwined. Internet of Things, VR, IR, tech-wearables, guides us to a new world with tech enveloping every aspect of our lives. From Read More…

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Space Junk: Why Should You be Concerned About the Increasing Space Debris?

In the past couple of decades, humans have succeeded in penetrating the atmosphere and reaching their technological arm out in space. Today, with over six thousand satellites revolving around the earth, and thousands more sequenced to be launched, an enigma feared while the human inception into space is resurfacing, Space Junk. But, how did space Read More…