Protest against Sweden social services
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Sweden Alleged to Kidnap the Muslim Children

Sweden is facing a backlash for its forceful separation of children from their parents. Now, this issue has taken a religious angle with allegations of Swedish Social Services kidnaping Muslim children from their parents. Parents are protesting against this trend and even the Nordic Committee for Human Rights criticise it. “They are kidnapping Muslim children, Read More…

Muslim women
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Islamophobia: Impacts on Muslim Women

The project “Forgotten women: the Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women“, implemented by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) examined the harmful impacts of Islamophobia on Muslim women. It highlighted many shocking findings regarding violence, hate crime and employment discrimination against Muslim women. Muslim men and women are assumed to have the presumption of guilty Read More…

Uyghur Muslims
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A Modern Uyghur ‘Genocide’ in Xinjiang China

What is Happening in Xinjiang, China? China’s authoritarian regime operates under the Chinese Communist Party (CPP), which systematically represses human rights. The CPP regularly arbitrarily detain human rights defenders, civil society is under tight control, and China deploys invasive surveillance technology. These abuses undermine the right to privacy and freedom of expression for those forced Read More…

Rasmus Paludan burning Quran.
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Rasmus Paludan is racist, Ignoramus, provocateur,and liar. Muslims shouldn’t  get entangled with such a person

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem 25, April 2022 Seeking to become a publicity hound before contesting elections in Sweden, scheduled for September,  the right-wing Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Baludan has apparently decided to recruit supporters and fans by resorting to an unlikely and un-classical method: Setting copies of the Holy Quran on fire. The racist Read More…

Hindu Extremists
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Will the second most horrible Holocaust in history take place against the Muslims of India?

The attention-grabbing title of this article is not meant to sensationalize or hyperbolize an otherwise normal or even quasi-normal situation. Quite the contrary,  It could be a realistic and timely prognostication of the end game of the fast- metastasizing Hindu fascism against the Muslims of India. Also Read: Religious Fascism in India & Israel: Tweedledum Read More…

Houses of Muslims demolished in India
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Bulldozer (In)Justice and the Plight of Indian Muslims

Destruction of Muslim-owned buildings in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh Credit – Manish Madahar Recently, the festival of Ram Navami was celebrated in India. The events surrounding the festivities have polarized the country. Muslims, who are a religious minority in the country, have been left to suffer from economic, social, and political fallout. The festival Ram Navami Read More…

Rohingya Muslims
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Rohingya Muslims: Citizens of Nowhere

A deadly crackdown on ethnic Muslim minorities forced them to cross dangerous seas and paths on foot to save their lives. United Nations called this genocide a perfect example of ‘ethnic cleansing. Rohingyas are an ethnic Muslim minority group in majority Buddhist Myanmar who follows Islam and speaks the Bengali language. They are around 1 Read More…

Man holding a banner that says Muslim Lives Matter.
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Islamophobia in India: The Hostile Treatment Against Muslims

In the diverse multi-religious and multicultural nation of India, over 204 million Muslims live in panic and fear due to the Islamophobic hate crimes committed by the followers of the extremist Indian right wing, who see Muslims as economic hardship. In addition to blaming them for crime, violence, and Islamic radicalism.  Also Read: Religious Fascism Read More…