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2 Billion Muslims must send a Stern warning to India’s Nazi-like government to stop its anti-Islam discourse

The extreme right-wing government of India, headed by Narendra Modi of the openly fascist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is carrying out a vicious campaign of persecution, vilification and terror against the country’s large Muslim minority. The real but undeclared goal of this manifestly criminal racist policy is to bully the estimated 200-250 million Muslims of Read More…

Featured India Islamophobia

Hindutva Pop: Anti-Muslim Music in India 

Hindutva Pop is calling the youth for Hindu nationalism and religious warfare. It again fuels the sentiments of islamophobia. Hindutva Pop Triggering Contemporary Hate Politics  Indian pop stars like Laxmi Dubey are singing songs with lyrics like “Every house will be saffron!” that depicts a colour for Hinduism.  She yells that “We have to make Read More…

Gyanvapi Masjid
India Islamophobia

The movement to demolish the Gyanvapi Mosque will hurt India

The attempts to demolish the Gyanvapi mosque in India will hurt India. India is a country of many religions. However, Hindu right-wingers are targeting the Muslim community. The present developments in the case have surprised everyone. Hindutva activists want to demolish the mosque. Gyanvapi Mosque in India- Its history The Gyanvapi mosque is located in Read More…

Kashmir Files Movie Poster
Featured India Islamophobia

Indian Media’s Neglect of The Ruthless Opportunism in “The Kashmir Files”

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus in December 2019, the process of the gradual reopening of the Indian economy through various forums has begun. With lockdown now easing, content creation and distribution appear to be restarting, albeit with small steps. With the reopening of public events and cinemas in India, the Indian public has been Read More…