Hindutva Pop in India
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The mainstreaming of anti-Muslim Hindutva Pop in India 

Ever since Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in India, there has been a rise in the production of Hindutva pop and anti-Muslim music. What was earlier fringe has now become mainstream. Blazing anti-Muslim music that caters to Hindutva ideology during Hindu festivals and other functions organized by Hindutva ideologues is very common. Every Read More…

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Gun Violence: The Urgent Need to Rethink the Silent Genocide in the US

Call it madness, call it a cycle, or call it a script. But, the death of nineteen innocent children and two adults gunned down in the recent texas school massacre is not new in the US. In fact, over the years, gun violence has killed more people than the total fatalities recorded by the country Read More…

Israel oppressing Palestinians
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Israel to embark on the largest ethnic cleansing drive in West Bank

The extreme right-wing Israeli government has decided to raze at least 8 Palestinian villages in the al-Khalil, Masafer Yatta. (Hebron region) and expel their inhabitants as what is known as “ethnic cleansing”. The Israeli’s decision means that hundreds of families, including children and elderly people, will become homeless. Also Read: Israel having free season on Read More…

Israel's aggression against Palestinians
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Israel is and will always be a crime against humanity

Israel, the misbegotten Zionist entity,  on Wednesday, May 5  celebrated the 74th anniversary of its birthday,  an allusion to the usurpation by brutal military force of the Arab-Muslim land of Palestine. In the process, Zionist gangs, armed and funded by wealthy Jews and colonialist western powers, such as the UK, carried out a well-devised terrorist Read More…

Israel-Palestine conflict
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Repudiating anti-Semitism must not imply condoning Israeli Nazism

For the sake of telling the truth and  Calling the spade a spade, especially if we find the proverbial implement in the hands of our grave diggers, we must admit that Israel has succeeded to a large extent in obliterating or at least blurring the line of distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. As Israel had Read More…

Uyghur Muslims
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A Modern Uyghur ‘Genocide’ in Xinjiang China

What is Happening in Xinjiang, China? China’s authoritarian regime operates under the Chinese Communist Party (CPP), which systematically represses human rights. The CPP regularly arbitrarily detain human rights defenders, civil society is under tight control, and China deploys invasive surveillance technology. These abuses undermine the right to privacy and freedom of expression for those forced Read More…